Sleeping Vendettas AZBN

Because Nurses need to stand together in solidarity. Because we are held to standards that facilities are not. Because Everyone is entitled to Due Process!

A large number of experienced nurses have erroneously &/or excessively been disciplined by the AZBN. Many have fallen for the specific reasons created by the board and plaintiffs; such as witnesses for the administration who are in fact perjurious if not imposters themselves, neurologicallly compromised witnesses who could not even remember the name of the nurse they were testifying against, a psychologist who you wouldn’t dare light a match near as you know they’d catch fire, ex defunct public servants whose own careers look like swiss cheese, hospital administrators putting cotton in the public’s ears as the sound of the whistle is too loud, on and on and on. Many of these nurses of experience are older and have children themselves who perhaps are also nurses and their parents pain is their pain. They know and remember that indelible mark of pain in their hearts as some clearly remember the suicide deaths of their mothers as miserable and unjust actions caused by the AZBN. The children grow. Many know the truth which is often secluded and surrounded by the shear strength for the human desire to go on. They grow and remember who did what and who said what. They work the hospitals and health care facilities as did their parents; the vendetta lingers until that special day when one of their patients has a name they will never forget. That patient has no idea the nurse is the ghost from the past. That nurse knows that retired nurse from the past. It isn’t something the younger nurse had planned, ever, its just life is risk and random. Do we know how much air it takes as a bolus. No, but somebody is about to find out. How many vendettas are floating in the hearts of present day nurses?

Not really sure when AZBN brought the electric chair back to Florence; Everything has its fallout.


15 thoughts on “Sleeping Vendettas AZBN

  1. When a nurse wrongly accused and tortured by a corrupt board of nursing hears of this story on the news it is a disgusting all over again. The news report did not put this corrupt board in a favorable light for sure. The board lying through their teeth, ‘system is not set up to alert hospitals , it is up to the nurse” SINCE WHEN ? post this story and the real version all over the web ! Sloppy work !


  2. A NP loses her license for not writing prescriptions to a patient they have never assessed . *sshole Sunita sitting there carrying on about she should have ‘bridged ” the medication. Like she has a fking clue. Let her father write RX for someone he has never seen. Redundant statements over and over in OAh, judges allowing the state to do what ever they want , a Dr on the phone repeating himself over and over , wonder what drug he is on. The Jewish center in the same building as the corrupt bon. A pattern of turning NP into the BON, who would work there ?? . The entire bottom line stems from Oregon, AZ cleaned up their cases for them , the connection is clearer now. Same creeps in Oregon, even paid a personal visit . wicked woman workin it together. Guess who else has a kid now ? SUNITA , they grow up so fast,


  3. amazing how this story aired 10pm one nite one channel . Me thinks oh Joey got some friends doing the dirty– S D police Billy Montgomery. which one . ( 2016 and no charges ) hmmm. Kudos to the Dr who came forward. He seems to be the only person who thinks it is scary this thief is still working. “unfortunate situation” how often does Emma Bomma say that . A high paid liar for the board.


  4. HEY AZNA IS THIS THE NURSE YOU WANT AT YOUR BEDSIDE . THIS IS HOW THE BOARD OF NAZIS REALLY OPERATE . Starting to get the picture? Of course the CRNA , who thinks you can take all of the drugs you want and go to rehab follow the rules and your home free, is all for this. Makes me wonder about him. A Sample here and there .


  5. As uncomfortable as this possibility is it is dripping with reality. Being a nurse it would be easy to flush a line with a blast of air that upon autopsy would reveal some kind of respiratory/cardiac insult but would doubt it could alert foul play. kind of makes one wonder if it hasn’t already taken place somewhere. Why would it be such an outstanding evfent in view of the current Arizona known atrocities circulating around the world ??


  6. Anyone ever get assigned this jerk at the board of nursing PETE WITTENBERG, short dumpy looking bald . A real smart *ss , bully . He is a nasty old coot for sure . Trouble maker , and got caught . dirty player . smiling when his bully assistant threw back her head in loud laughter , both a couple of unprofessionals. already captured on camera so go ahead and lie about it. sick SOB for sure . A real man would act like this coward.


  7. A real man wouldn’t act like this especially with a female. LEAVE THE WOMEN ALONE, Needs to get is *ss kicked real good. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Love to see someone give him a fat lip, whiner , pussy for sure . He acts like Joey the JOKE , she needs to be locked behind bars , that would do her right. While Bill plays with his indian dolls.


  8. A NURSE’S Story

    in reply to corrupt board of nursing arizona , AZBN, ” you would like my attorney she thinks they are crooks too and is very vocal about it. Long story short. I had a huge life changing event and became depressed and suicidal. Sought treatment and was hospitalized. Took myself out of the profession until my therapist thought I could return. I notified the BON, and they decided a witch hunt was in order. Decided I needed 3 years of monitoring, 24 UAs a year even though their own testing showed no issue with substance abuse. I just said I was doing everything right and would fight it. The week before trial they dropped the entire case. I really wanted to fight it because I had done nothing wrong. But they backed out. I even had the superintendent of the State Mental hospital ready to testify that I was completely fine. ”

    This has been going on folks , a medical provider cannot and should not ever divulge information about themselves to a corrupt board of nursing ! This board who said, Uh hey folks we don’t have a case here, did the smart thing and dropped it. unlike AZ , not so smart. Of course the above case is not in a mostly mormon state, the ones who think they know it all and are (laughable ) think they are the only ‘truth” . and can judge others by their strange ways. This needs to stop and blessings she got a lawyer who is not afraid to tell the boards what they think of them ! STOP SIGNING THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS!!
    Guess the board all of a sudden had a vision that she was not a danger to anyone after all ! Amazing how that horsesh*t works isn’t it ?


  9. generally people think it is very strange how this crazy AZ Bd has been working their cases , so unorganized and all over the place. First time that I have been asked “who is prosecuting this stuff ” . Yea it is strange a Atty General office is prosecuting nurses ,like they are criminals. When the people running the office have so much baggage. The main ones who do the prosecuting of nurses , (of course anyone asks what do you do, they are not going to say THAT ! The TRUTH. Is not part of their vocabulary . SUNITA KRISHNA ELIZABETH CAMPBELL. a couple of ‘mommy dearest” . Starred by a sociopathic sick mother . And then the real mother Fkr is EMMA MAMALUY . Notice how she raises her voice to that “im just a sweet little innocent and can’t figure out why on earth anyone would say that about me ” do not trust these snakes, and do not think they don’t enjoy making someone else’s life harder. Enjoy getting nurses fired on trumped up drama .


  10. ALL Mormons like to get into politics and run everyone else’s lives . Dummies with mics, actually think they are qualified . Do not vote for anyone associated with the cult . You’ll have a President with a bunch of obedient woman who are second class to males . Breeders is what they are told they are good for.


  11. amazing how people that have been screwed , turn into ‘turn coats’ . that’s when , oh hell no , your not talking to me , gotta separate from this , simple mind who caved, and is trying anything to be the ‘chosen one” and trust is nil to the ground. complimenting investigator , WTF ? ain’t gonna work jack no matter how much apple polishing , no way in hell, taking the “C” word out of title , nope that wont do it either , NOTHING , will do it. time to get it through your head. one who even pretended to be a temple trotter trying to buddy up, nope that won’t work , and the rest will never trust you EVER, ever again, still don’t get it, ignoring the hyena dirty cackle coming from the court room. UNprofessional behavior cannot be over looked , real unprofessional behavior. bullying tactics. They had nothing good to say about you, why are you holding back putting in complaint on them , doesn’t make sense and you cannot be trusted. old A C , icu rn trying to win others now that HER sucking up didnt work no one trusts her and ever will .


  12. that big blabber mouth at the board, you know wrap it up randy, mr rude himself. has the gull to say , sometimes people who sit in that chair do not always tell the truth . LIKE YOU DO QUINN !! the board members who sit on the other side of the room lie through their teeth , not one of them read the cases but they all say they do. lazy , just figure ‘well i just vote like the rest of them ” no wonder they have nothing to say, they haven’t a clue what they are voting on, LIARS , then that talking with major hints to each other , trying to save one nurse while taking down others. Bunch of dishonest corrupt bitches, that includes wrap it up wrandy the weird won


    1. You must remember you’re looking at an organization that allows, and directs, the adm law court to put false statements on court documents and then sends them through the USPS service. Knowingly doing this is a federal felony and is routine. This is how they live eternally and will someday have to pay.


  13. What’s worse is those who are strange bedfellows and join them to “think” doing so , false flattery and going along will gain them anything. Makes the rest of those who really speak the truth not trust those who have been screwed by the board. ! ALL THAT IS REQUIRED FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING.
    Making false compliments about investigator , will get others to separate , that is one thing for sure. now you are without a country because the false flattery got you no where, and lost any support you may have had. No matter how you were dressed. Impressed no one. Cannot be trusted . That little wave in the Mexican restaurant to the enemy who is laughing at you , was saying more than acknowledging enemy who’s unprofessional behavior dirty looks should have been called out but were ignored , now you are cut out by both sides.


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