What It Is & What It Isn’t AZBN

Too bad nurses can’t get organized to be a one powerhouse.  Sign the petition please. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/423/443/415/end-all-board-of-nurses-denial-of-civil-rights-and-due-process/


Many years ago a veteran was laying in his hospital bed when he was served by two marine guards in dress blues a series of ribbons & medals with a company citation for having served in a combat situation where the yellow man, the popular enemy at that time, was dispatched in large numbers. It wasn’t until forty years later that it hit the veteran, that he had served forty days in jail for trying to save one patient. They said he went about it the wrong way. Oddly, in the meantime, producing 32 lbs paperwork, 27 court appearances, a million two in lost wages, fines and medical bills causing bankruptcy. Strange, a few ribbons of honor and a piece of paper for killing lots of men, and an avalanche of paper work, enormous lost $$, jail time, lost nurses license, lost health just for trying to save one. This is Arizona. You think I am making that up??

After Governors Duceys’ state of the state about three weeks ago wheels in the Vendettas against the Regulatory Agencies by calling them “bullies” and then intimidating them with questions like, “Who would miss you if you were gone?” That kind of a statement, and other demeaning statements, can now be added to the present day horror of the Ivory Tower judges trying to figure a way to protect patients in a vegetative situation from vicious predators.  You can not create a reasonable reporting mechanism as you become a victim of reporting illegal practices. The field is full of defunct nurses who’ve become victims of the AZBN and the Medical Mafia for selective reporting. You may get super Kudos for reporting an abusive CNA but we guarantee a jail sentence, AZBN discipline, perhaps a swat team as well, a psychological evaluation order and lost wages and fines for incompetence reporting. Nurses do not report anything anymore except those doing favor for AZBN. You see where this going? Reporting a bad physician is a jail sentence, guaranteed. So its where the front end meets the back end. You got vile nurses like Nathan Sutherland and what would you do if you caught him? Every responsible person, that isn’t a nurse, would turn him in immediately. You lawmakers would openly ask all care givers to pay attention and report suspicious activity. You can tell that to a lot of people but not to licensed nurses of AZBN. SCARED TO DEATH of a board that doesn’t even come close to following the rules of the state. The modern day nurse walks away and says zip. You got victims you don’t even know about. Many are nurses, you think I am making this up??

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