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It hasn’t been too long since the azbn has moved downtown in the government center in an attempt to consolidate the regulatory agencies. A move which is evidently the creation of an administration wanting to reduce costs. Several new bills which deregulate the Board’s power have been signed by the governor. Protecting the public is a phrase so commonly heard at Board meetings as to say it over & over is believing it to be factual. You feel lucky today?

Security is seldom a concern of the honest, I’m not a terrorist and really don’t know anybody that is even close to that definition. You know how that goes. So at the new Board Home the entrance is guarded by armed guards with a personnel metal detector. You feel safe going into the building. Although you notice in the long line waiting for entrance @ 8 am people are emptying their pockets and putting personal items through scanner. The lady in front of you has a fairly large metal necklace and the next person has a metal belt; no bells or whistles sound. Another administrative convenience bypass to avoid big delays. You feel lucky today?

Protecting the public starts with the laws put out by the legislative structure. Getting the legislature to understand that their orders are ignored may not equate rapidly enough to protect anybody except azbn staff. One of the major goals of this group here is to get the word to the executive branch that the Board is ignoring their orders. Many nurse interviews focus around ‘self will run riot’ at azbn. The Board does whatever it wants and the so called public protection laws are manipulated for Board convenience. New revised statutes  are ignored. What law? There is no law, just Randy Quinn & Joey Ridenour’s law. 

Tracking the law on AZBN website is ineffective as listed revised statutes are not up to date. DO NOT assume statutes listed are the end all of current laws. There is an entire new bill missing. A bill many nurses and law makers & governor spent three years getting into law. These new orders are anti lynching orders which the Board & Attorney General IGNORE.

If your going through the weird process of the AZBN investigations. Read the new law and don’t share too much information.


Its a long read but could save your career. What is very apparent is the Bd has all the power within their Venue to do whatever they want irregardless of what the law is. Getting your case away from them & in another venue is your only hope in establishing the rule of law.

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  1. This statement could be converted to something more powerful as courts and court officers who ignore orders, as stated, create unethical events that can lead to disbarment. I’ve heard about this Board back east and to avoid Az for work, I will take that advice seriously.


  2. American Nurses Association responds to the defeat of the MA safe staffing Ballot question:

    “we are pleased that the Massachusetts voters soundly rejected Question 1.

    —Pamela F. Cipriano, PhD, president” WHO WOULD BE PART OF AN ORGANIZATION THAT IS AGAINST SAFE STAFFING PRACTICES, POLITICAL HACKS. !! Stop joining this group , paying dues to join and be a part of this !! Just like the corrupt board of nursing they protect hospitals , and do nothing for the nurse !


  3. A board of nursing who is there to make sure people with a license are giving safe patient care. It would make NO sense , that this same organization would be teamed up with a political group, who’s name implies they are an association of nurses who work together for the betterment of patients they are taking care of. It makes no sense they would be in with the AZHHA, too. ANd makes no sense that a BON would be against unions for nurses. UNLESS they are not doing what they are suppose to be doing. No room for politics. NONE.
    What kind of ANA would write a comment about voters rejecting to have saver staffing. ANA , AZNA is the enemy of nurses. While some nurses want to ‘work together with them for the improvement of the pateints , ” it will not and won’t work. The AZ BON and the AZNA appears to not give a two cents about nurses or patients , just collecting money , and making polices against them . Horrible organizations both of them .


  4. I have seen a few people who have been suggested to follow the ANA legislation for staffing.

    The reason we fight for a safe patient limit is because that legislation while looks good on paper is not actually useful for patient safety in application. There is NO accountability to hospitals with that legislation because there is no penalization process.

    In short the ANA legislation is a carrot 🥕 to wave infront of nurses to make people think they actually are for supporting nurses and patients… when in end it is weak legislation that allows hospitals to manipulate the process and allow them to maintain the status quo of staffing to their budget.

    Here is an example of what I mean. A travel nurse who worked in a state That already uses their legislative staffing methods… Illinois.
    She was smart enough to keep record of her experiences and she even went as Farr to try to get it corrected by the state… no change occurred… shocking I know.

    Still a hard #YESforSafePatientLimits

    And I will keep fighting with many other nurses until we are heard and make the needed changes to protect our patients.
    Following the AZNA is like driving off a cliff . 5% of nurses are members of the ANA , so 95% are NOT members . While the ANA AZNA does some minor representation of APRN’s and Nurse EXE the do not truly represent bedside front line nurses . Just a Medical Moneyball.


  5. The AZNA supports this Corrupt board of nursing , and they are SUPPOSE to be “Separate ” but obviously are not. ! Scratching each others backs. With the BON member of eight years being the AZNA lobbyist, KATHYRN BUSBY, very telling. As she could not be on time for a board meeting , by 0800am, and then again late after lunch. Late twice in one day, when it is brought up on many nurses “they were late many times ” . WTH? When Tory was exposed and ‘backed out ‘ ‘ quit” ‘replaced” or maybe still has her sticky fingers in the mix. The AZNA stating ‘this is what the nurses want ” WHAT NURSES ? your vote is corrupt as the election polls in Broward Cty.


  6. I have filed a legitimate complaint through the board of Registration in Medicine and can tell you that went no where. The fact that the BORN follows up on BS complaints while the BORM dismisses complaints with legitimacy is a big part of the problem in Massachusetts. While a Dr has to leave a wrist watch in your abdomen or assault a patient to be investigated and a nurse just doing their job is subject to investigation is troubling. Matt, RN Mass.
    This is happening in AZ in record numbers , and it is not just a nurse doing their job , but nothing to do with nursing in any manner shape or form and not illegal activities. Just a controlling board who thinks they rule every facet of anyone who holds a nursing license day to day activites or free speech. when your dealing with those who learned their behavior but running inside the sunday halls for how to run their own lives , and ratting out others who belong to this , gang of ‘reporters” they actually think this is normal .


  7. it’s extremely painful to bring necessary change to a corrupt system. The people who are courageous and speak up are targeted in the most vicious ways because those being exposed are sending a message to others that the same or worse will happen to them if they speak up. So far, this tactic by the medical mafia has been highly effective. The truth is if more can summon the courage to expose the corruption, the house of corrupt cards will begin to fall. The powerful will panic when they realize they’re becoming powerless. It is inevitable, they will begin to turn on each other in an effort to maintain their standing. That’s the moment when change is inevitable.
    I can only speak for myself, holding on to the secrets, looking the other way, and being an indirect player in the medical mafia is contributing to the harm and death of patients and painful aftermath families absorb. That guilt is worse than being wrongfully convicted on death row.
    If the depression becomes unbearable and a decision to end my life will also be the decision to end some of theirs before completion. I’m crazy, right? Damn straight.


  8. here is a perfect example of how Drs skate and nurses do nothing wrong and lose their licenses .
    November 12, 2018 at 1:08 PM CST – Updated November 12 at 2:36 PM

    GRAND JUNCTION, CO (CNN/RNN) – A doctor, formerly of Colorado, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of harassment and received a sentence of community service for dying his patient’s genitals purple.

    An online petition with Care2 is calling for Dr. Barry King’s medical license to be revoked in response to his October sentencing for the January 2017 incident. The petition has nearly reached its goal of 50,000 signatures.

    After a female patient accused King of dying her genitals purple as a “joke” for her husband, the doctor was immediately suspended without pay from his job at Colorado West Woman Care in Grand Junction.

    In court this year, the victim, a breast cancer survivor, told the judge that she went to the gynecologist because she was worried the cancer may have returned, this time to her genital area, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports.

    She said, after her exam, King said her husband, whom the doctor didn’t know well, should take a look at the area. That night, she noticed a purple color on her toilet paper, which she recognized as gentian violet, a medication used to treat some types of fungal infections.

    The woman worked in an administrative side of King’s practice but said she hadn’t heard of that particular dye have been used for years, according to the Daily Sentinel.

    The next day, when she asked the doctor about the dye, she said he told her it was “a joke” for her husband.

    King was ultimately charged with a misdemeanor count of harassment, to which he pleaded guilty Oct. 26. He was ordered to complete community service and kept his medical license.

    Those signing the Care2 petition are asking the Colorado Medical Board to look more closely at the incident and not allow King to practice medicine.

    “In my mind, doing that to somebody’s personal parts is no different… than molesting them,” said Grand Junction resident Buffy Lake. “I’m very shocked he has his medical license. That’s a person that you’re supposed to trust, and that’s just way over the line.”

    Court records show King last worked in Louisiana at a military hospital. The hospital says he doesn’t work there anymore as of Oct. 31 but did not say why.

    A nurse can make an off cuff statement to a co worker , like they all do and Drs are the biggest abusers , but putting purple dye on genitals as a joke , is kinda ‘out there”.


  9. Az board of nursing meeting for Nov , and another new board member. LISA SMITH , a hospital mgt background, nursing admin , just what this board does NOT need. From school GCU, remember her ‘mgt style” you just want to avoid these people in nursing. AND as if it isn’t Captain Obvious enough the gang on the board, she is Dean of Grand Canyon Univ . {remember Melanie Logue, she took her place at gcu and on the board.) They will be ‘taking care of another one ” and still are. Any patient who puts in compliant can kiss any chance of it making it past dismiss . They just cannot seem to recommend to Ducey a bedside experienced floor nurse and the duce , could care less.


  10. BSN; Lisa G Smith lived in Fla until August, and she is suppose to dictate nurses careers in AZ . Lots of laws are different . She should not even be on this board , as she got( DOC) degree of censure , and presented a case about a student GCU getting a needle stick. Like the Board has accused nurses of “over vigorously defending themselves ” (yes you read that right !) the Board of Nursing, disciplines nursing schools, is she going to be hard on them to make her school (CGU ){where she is dean} look good ? This board if already partial to GCU grads. This is not someone Ducey picked this is someone the board picked ! think a-likes .


  11. some things never change , i see a pattern with this corrupt board of nursing, still judging from the pulpit it is ingrained since birth , they do not know any other way than years of brain washing. Nothing has improved, they just become more secret society than ever. Still doing the same things, and taking money from the Government . What was happening years ago is still going on. Smith back to help Ridenour dig out of a hole she dug. But not helping matters, still responds with the throw your head back then your whole body , your whole self backwards, open mouth WIDE open and give a hahaha fake laugh. {usual procedure when you have nothing concrete or educated answers . https://nurseinterupted.wordpress.com/tag/valerie-smith/


  12. sitting here this nurse is not too happen they made a mistake in the schedule and she was here yesterday, her husband too the day off yesterday too, the board if like “oh well” it will be heard on Thurs because it was put on the schedule Thurs, in keeping with the law. But when she brought up that JANEEN DAHN was told about the wrong date she IGNORED IT . Why change it or tell the nurse we will hear it Thurs , when she just does NOTHING and inconveniences many people and come back the next day because JANEEN DAHN was too lazy to take care of it. But a nurse who is before the board gets grilled, “WHY didn’t you do anything ?” This board sure seems to have problems doing every day things and getting things right , when this is all they do and seem to be WELL over staffed. A whole lot of people that don’t know what the other hand is doing.


  13. So weird how the threatening , wacked out guard who is tongue tied when it comes to saying his name and fumble fingers when it comes to wearing a name badge . well gone off to a new post now the new has been getting instructions from the one who is “going to protect them all legally ” (deep belly laugh here ) how do they think they got into this situation in the first place ? SO now the new one,has his instructions . Still amazing how they can hear one sided story and act on it. just amazes me ! Like the power of suggestion , hits on 1/2 a brain cell . So he calls the imbecile Jason Joseph, who can’t seem to under stand a sentence .take care of business, but is good at ignoring real security threats. Who is as far removed as any security person, can be. taking care of his sister wives . (Yea we KNOW all about it Joseph) !! Who makes the call to get capitol police to sit and waste tax payers money. Stolz , was there , yup hiding in the corner, public safety , but months later cannot tell you the dangerous guards name?? texting yawning, then off to lunch with the ‘girls” where mama BOO , twisted his ear , asking what she was talking about to you???? (she seems to be asking a lot of questions about me, with former atty, even took two of his cases to have the TOGETHER TIME , ) No getting out of this INAPPROPRIATE , UNETHICAL conversation, he has already admitted all of it. backing away . separating from this board. So Stolz , remember , you are not working for the agency, and its all recorded , so when you ask ONE party ‘are you going to cause trouble” YOU ARE NOT PROVIDING PUBLIC SAFETY. Stir the pot. who should I forward the video to ? You may want to think about your self separating, cause this entire agency is toxic , to career, retirement, livelyhood. Just ask any long term good nurse! . Pay attention to the cases you will see a pattern of illegal behavior, on the agenices part. Of course what they want from you is to kick out and arrest , one will be waiting to see just how far you go to please the sister wives club > !!! Public Safety or taking care of another state employee , what does the oath say ?


  14. Got a call tonite, it’s getting pretty cold out, but this friend just saw a woman 101 / Near mall entrance, East of 17 north standing at the exit lane with a sign ” I AM A RN AND THE BOARD OF NURSING TOOK MY LICENSE AWAY ! PLEASE HELP . ”
    We all know how corrupt this board is and once you are in their cross hairs , they do not let up. The worst cases are the one where the nurse is being railroaded and did nothing wrong, and the really bad cases are the ones that do not involve nursing , or illegal , just plain dirty politics. SHAMEFUL !!! think it will bother Ridenour, Dahn, Mamaluy, Valerie Smith, Randy Quinn, Melinda Preston, Harell, Sunita, Elizabeth Campbell, Diane Milhasky , and he rest of the losers on the board , when they stick their turkey in their faces , that they destroyed a nurses livelyhood, And yes they have taken many licenses away ,while protecting the temple turkey trotters public !


  15. Thanks for the post , this is one nurse they screwed over ! Dirty nursing agency. The PA from the medical board , recommended file warrant, she was followed from her Scottsdale home to the front of a restaurant, tackled,handcuffed, strip searched, jailed . All charges had to be dropped. NOTHING happened to the PA who made a huge error . But this shameful Bd could not would not drop it, they have to justify the hours they spent , until they found a minor charting error , not unlike the MULTIPLE ERRORS by this board.! They simply cannot get their board’s meeting schedule right Ever ! Her husband was terminal during the entire time trying to leave his wife with her career intact, He attending many hearings his last days on earth and succumbed to his tumor and passed last year. This was Childrens Hospital who falsely reported this , where Ridenour’s daughter Stacy works, maybe this would happen to HER ??? Oh not not HER. Cause this board takes care of their ‘favored ones” . Watch this video , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqPIB1Fw17E


  16. OH the more I think of how these meetings are run, it is not a meeting at all but a disgraceful group , who think they are suppose to bash the nurse. Between MESSED UP MELINDA, who has a pattern of asking bait type questions , bait them, then CHEW their butts out , like a lecturing bad witch. then Randy Quinn who is a few bricks short of anything professional, accusing what ever nurse sits in that chair is a liar . When this board is so corrupt and biased , and liars if they deny it. they know which ones they are going to ‘let off’ ahead of time, when they are challenged , by aggressive nurse who can hold their ground , yet maintain professionalism, or an attorney who is not “friendly ” with the board,when they aren’t sure what they will do , campbell requests that they bon request a time out for legal advise ! IF that isnt backwards, when the bon is suppose to ask for legal advise . She cant request a private meeting, based on she wants to tell the board what to do , so they get two dummies to make the motions.
    Campbell watching to see if the boards decision will cause a court room battle, one that if a lawyer involved she backs away from. She can’t feel like she’s wearing big girl panties unless some nurse who knows medical end, and the first time in court, doesn’t know the legal end, and a judge who is one sided for the bon, she is out of her league and would never make it in a real court room, where she has to stop her lying , and throwing out little girl squabbles that would be IRRELEVANT to all concerned , she’d have to present herself as a real law person but this is easy picken’s . Suspect the rest of the years of her life will become very disheveled and rocky road.


  17. You would think that when they make a mistake ,or many mistakes they would *Apology**, and make it right. ?

    You will never see offers of an apology

    It takes a real man to do the difficult introspection, recognize a wrong, and then apologize in public. My regard for this corrupt board has been significantly weakened.

    For one of them to have the humble strength to do so , is a striking contrast to the arrogant weakness of the leadership of the board of nursing. They NEVER acknowledge the damage they wreak. They NEVER apologize. They FORBID criticism even when they are wrong. But love it when the mostly woman come forward , drop to their knees and cry , ” I made a mistake ” . When the very board members who judge them , have never made mistakes ? huge mistakes? They want others to admit, but they do not ? For the most part it looks like they investigate , harass so long the nurses actually start believing they did something wrong. Even if something they did as a teenager, one time , hold it against them years later ? Which is part of their plan. This goes for ADA as well. Shameful , sinful.


  18. got a call from friend , explaining one nurse before this board, she went on a crying jag whining, , the entire time, begging, pretty dramatic , Randy sucked it up ; un- believeable , immediately turned to return to seat and turned it off . That smile when you pulled it off . Wow a real sociopath and actress, you can look forward to seeing her on the board in the future . A few that we will be sending off soon and not soon enough , Valerie Smith , retiring (AGAIN, yes, she gets those have to abuse someone withdrawals and returns ) M.(is M for maniac ) Shawn Harrell, will have going away party we’d all like to send her off , a real psycho wanna be, between her and Preston , they make good clowns, and Frank C. ( he seemed to mind his own business, and not join in the trouble makers little bully party. – something Preston cannot claim. Remember Smith- Harrell , you served NO ONE but yourselves , no one will miss you and you will always be thought of as wicked women , we know more of what Smith did behind the scenes then she will ever know.
    Interesting thought. : “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction”- John F. Kennedy


  19. You really need to wear some tall boots to wade through this crap. This is how the medical boards are run too , liars all of them I personally know of three physicians who have been unfairly pilloried by the South Dakota medical board (SDBMOE) for issues not related to their care of patients. While this was happening, a spine surgeon who killed one patient and harmed many others was given a pass; even after losing a $1M malpractice case, the SDBMOE never touched him and never reported him to the NPDB. In my opinion, state medical boards are simply the enforcers of, and disciplinary agents for, corporate health care and don’t give a damn about harmed patients. This sad situation is likely due to the incredible power of lawyers on the state medical boards (often linked to that state’s attorney general office) and their professional links to the lawyers of corporate healthcare.


  20. yes but they have given too much power to little dumb dumbs .
    did you actually hear that recluse campbell take HER mistake and twist it on to me ? a real psychopath . “Obvious I made an error (God forbid she call it a MISTAKE ) , “she did not reach out to me .” You have a full staff, and you are hired to be competent and find your own mistakes lady , don’t be wiping your buggers on me !


  21. Speaking of that Campbell , twisting things around to make a NP look guilty is so obvious to those who have been this vampire’s blood supply , here are my thoughts on the entire board these are all very sick socio and psychopaths who have no concern whatsoever what they did, live very nice lives–live in nice homes, go to parties and fancy dinners, send their kids to good colleges all as the rewards of this depravity and depraved conduct while feeling and believing their conduct was justified. it is their “family values” it is no different than adolph hitler looking himself in the mirror and seeing greatness, and never lose a single nights sleep over it. This is their personality type.
    What monsters raised these unhuman’s .


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