The Phone Call From Hell AZBN

Interview with an old nurse.

I first started nursing with not a lot of civilian experience as much of my prior medical experience was in the military. There is a big difference by way of who does the monitoring, but most important was the ability of military training to incorporate teams to work together. Civilian medicine was effective in team organization when working in the field but management was a total loss when it came to hands on bedside nursing. Be that as it may, I would frequently call nursing boards to get advice on issues I was unsure of which was generously given with pleasure. This was in the 1980s. By the 1990s I was clinically tuned up and my only connection with nursing boards was reading nurse practice acts which over the years grew like bamboo.  I once was given a warning by a nursing board for allegedly accessing computer info that I shouldn’t have.  Fifteen years later when I applied for Arizona nursing license the questionnaire asked about any disciplinary actions in other states. The list of choices for declaration didn’t list warning as a requirement. This was in 1998. In 2002 I get a notice that I needed to contact the AZBN at a designated time, they would call me between such and such a time.The phone call from hell was on time and from the start I knew the bitch was a bitch, whose tone reminded me of a drill sergeant; she asked me why I didn’t declare the disciplinary action 3 years earlier. I simply said the questionnaire never asked for warnings and it wasn’t a disciplinary action. To this day the bitch at the AZBN remains in the top ten, and number one, of the most stupidest conversations I’ve had anywhere in my long life.  She said, “Don’t be so arrogant and next time answer all the questions properly.” Tax payers money hard at idiocy. One of our fearless leaders.

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6 thoughts on “The Phone Call From Hell AZBN

  1. There are many ‘bitches ‘ at this board of nursing. It’s like a jet flying in from communistic country, parachuted them to the BON , the males are real ‘company men ” too, they will bend over for anyone, JR Randy. Oh hey the top dog of the Temple told the WOMEN , not men the WOMEN to stay off social media for 10 days. !!! funny. So the snoop DOG mamaluy should not be ‘looking ” . who lives their life looking for dirt on others . Do they really think they have never made ‘mistakes ” . ?? OH YEA , the dirty laundry will get laundered .


  2. This article is no surprise to me and I think many employees at this agency are enjoying simply being mean. However, nurses are well known for eating their young, and not new news.


  3. apparently the employees at the board of nursing , and board members think they can talk anyway they want to anyone , and then deny it, if it comes up later. While I have seen RN’s being reprimanded for being “rude ” to a patient these nazi nurses think they can talk like prison guards to nurses who have been sent a letter ? Unprofessionalism is UNPROFESSIONALISM . talking down lying (something this bd does to many , over stepping their authority , with no common sense . Really need to clean house on this outfit . Most practicing nurses who have never had a board member contact them or complaint have no idea how they operate . They read the names in the magazine, and think , no one can lose their license for no reason, but after Kavangh case and the accusations, the far fetched , no evidence people are more aware. Unfortunately for the BON , everyday and in large numbers.


  4. There is a prison nurse Milhaskey , I can see her doing body checks EW ! !!! Not to mention psycho who thinks she is expert in anything, has been surely never was , just hot air, Harell. went to prisons, those poor inmates ! She comes up with CRAZY notions and has to talk 50 words to try to justify her bizarre statements . Pretty much the same way they try to sell those golden plates bs . But there are a few you can get to believe anything. No matter how far fetched and rediculous. This BD has to be the worst in the nation !


  5. Any Nurses who are members of the AZNA , should know that they have endorsed Rick Gray AND HIS OPPONENT Kathy Knecht . So they are gearing up to USE these people . IS that clever if no one notices , support BOTH candidates . So who ever wins, they can approached “we supported you “., and leave off ‘we also backed your opponent ” , hehe But you can only vote for one, so which is it? Why is the AZNA political ? Why is the AZ BON political ? Why is the BON member who was on the BON over eight years , suddenly the lobbyist for the AZNA ? A lobbyist who got another DUI so made her law license INACTIVE . Nurses can’t do that , agree not to work again in their state , (or any state for that matter ) the BON has to smear your name so you never work again in any capacity. Wake up nurses and see what the AZNA is really all about , they are bad mouthing this site, because it is a threat to their underhanded tactics !! “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time ” .
    so true in this instance.


  6. what organization or group is there for nurses ? so out numbered and nurses (AZNA going against other nurses!) who would work in AZ as a nurse ???? horrible state of affairs . ! I am WELL aware of how this operation works . Only about 1 in a hundred do .


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