The Best Defense AZBN

Lorie Brown is an experienced nurse attorney whom can give you some very good advice to prepare yourself if you need to appear before a nursing board.

Lorie Brown discusses the 5 Fatal Mistakes that Nurses make when they appear before the Nursing Board or talk to investigators without legal representation. The Fatal Mistakes include oversharing, not knowing how to object, what evidence you need to present, not knowing or understanding the ramifications of any settlement you agree to, and how to possibly mitigate discipline on your nursing license.

Much research and interviews with nurses in Arizona has made it fairly clear that Colonel Custer stands a better chance at a walk than a nurse with the AZBN.

The best one is the nurse whom upon calling the AZBN “Crazy” at a hearing is escorted out. The nurse immediately left Arizona and went back to his home state and started working there. He worked for two years before getting revoked by AZBN. Penna. put him on unrestricted probation and he was able to continue at the same job. Their over regulation has caused enormous delays and errors for the incompetent to lead the unwilling to do the unnecessary.

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Most Arizona residents don’t have a clue to the corruptors governing their lives. The attorney general is a liar. Being a crook is a job requirement.



2 thoughts on “The Best Defense AZBN

  1. The next best one is a respondent, who is being railroaded by a system, and an attorney who is willing to go along with corruption ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL, she told the judge in the court room “she’s making things up , again, she’s CRAZY. !!” To show you how, corrupt this court (ADMIN LAW ) and the ATT GEN office is, the statement made on the record did not appear on the record. So they have the court reporter who is will to do illegal acts as well. !! Campbell likes to use an OLD TRICK very OLD and outdated since they have been hanging women in Mass, ‘she’s crazy” . Although smart enough to figure her lying butt out !


  2. UNBELIEVABLE !! Susan Brnovich , appointed to Federal bench. Arizonians screwed by the Atty Gen office in Az do not have a chance. Nothing like putting short stops out there. Brnovich comment “he was shocked ” really , shocked , or was this in cards for allowing other cases to be done in an ILLEGAL MANNER ! NO Due process , allowing biased hearings, unequally applied sanctions on licenses, While everyone is watching Cat fight with Sinemama and Mcsilly, they slip in back door uneithical at Fed level ! shameful justice !


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