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The truth always surfaces; watch this video and have a clue. Whenever the dept. chair of all the agencies comes out and makes this statement, all nurses should pay attention and this is more related to N.P.s so you advanced practice types pay attenton a little more!

Trust yourself and stop the madness; Stand up and be heard. Nurses please sign petition promoting honesty.

To the one who saves a nurse, saves the world!

Nancy Barto is always in working for nurses. Lets Keep her there.




Government doesn’t create prosperity – you do.   But too much government can impede economic growth.  Low tax and regulatory environments attract investment, creating the jobs that enable families to thrive and provide stable state revenues for education, public safety and infrastructure.  Nancy’s record speaks for itself.

  • Arizona Free Enterprise Club – A+ 2017-2018 average
  • Arizona Technology Council 2018 endorsement
  • Americans for Prosperity “Friend of the Taxpayer”
  • National Federation of Independent Business’ 2016 “Guardian of Small Business” – More endorsements here
  • Her continued legislative grind to perfection those dangers threatening all health care providers. SB 1452 has many revised statutes to help shield providers from lynchings.

The Phone Call From Hell AZBN

Interview with an old nurse.

I first started nursing with not a lot of civilian experience as much of my prior medical experience was in the military. There is a big difference by way of who does the monitoring, but most important was the ability of military training to incorporate teams to work together. Civilian medicine was effective in team organization when working in the field but management was a total loss when it came to hands on bedside nursing. Be that as it may, I would frequently call nursing boards to get advice on issues I was unsure of which was generously given with pleasure. This was in the 1980s. By the 1990s I was clinically tuned up and my only connection with nursing boards was reading nurse practice acts which over the years grew like bamboo.  I once was given a warning by a nursing board for allegedly accessing computer info that I shouldn’t have.  Fifteen years later when I applied for Arizona nursing license the questionnaire asked about any disciplinary actions in other states. The list of choices for declaration didn’t list warning as a requirement. This was in 1998. In 2002 I get a notice that I needed to contact the AZBN at a designated time, they would call me between such and such a time.The phone call from hell was on time and from the start I knew the bitch was a bitch, whose tone reminded me of a drill sergeant; she asked me why I didn’t declare the disciplinary action 3 years earlier. I simply said the questionnaire never asked for warnings and it wasn’t a disciplinary action. To this day the bitch at the AZBN remains in the top ten, and number one, of the most stupidest conversations I’ve had anywhere in my long life.  She said, “Don’t be so arrogant and next time answer all the questions properly.” Tax payers money hard at idiocy. One of our fearless leaders.

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The Best Defense AZBN

Lorie Brown is an experienced nurse attorney whom can give you some very good advice to prepare yourself if you need to appear before a nursing board.

Lorie Brown discusses the 5 Fatal Mistakes that Nurses make when they appear before the Nursing Board or talk to investigators without legal representation. The Fatal Mistakes include oversharing, not knowing how to object, what evidence you need to present, not knowing or understanding the ramifications of any settlement you agree to, and how to possibly mitigate discipline on your nursing license.

Much research and interviews with nurses in Arizona has made it fairly clear that Colonel Custer stands a better chance at a walk than a nurse with the AZBN.

The best one is the nurse whom upon calling the AZBN “Crazy” at a hearing is escorted out. The nurse immediately left Arizona and went back to his home state and started working there. He worked for two years before getting revoked by AZBN. Penna. put him on unrestricted probation and he was able to continue at the same job. Their over regulation has caused enormous delays and errors for the incompetent to lead the unwilling to do the unnecessary.

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Most Arizona residents don’t have a clue to the corruptors governing their lives. The attorney general is a liar. Being a crook is a job requirement.