Wasted Tax Payers Dollars.AZBN

A woman who spent her life dedicated to nursing and delivery of compassion to those in need, AKA Giah Cruz. The system used to eliminate her from delivering nursing care was and is corrupted by people with a bankrupted moral compass who’ve got little knowledge of active nursing and are ruling this nurse unfavorably out of pure political arrangements whose agenda is related to $$. This nurse was under the anonymous online persona of Giah Cruz instead of her real name Carol Schaeffer; trying to stay safe from the AZBN who is well established in filing motions on its on complaints about on line personas. So if you ladies are showing too much leg, or tell a pimp off==beware the AZBN will find a way of backstabbing you after laying down a welcome map.    

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16 thoughts on “Wasted Tax Payers Dollars.AZBN

    1. I worked at the bedside. I did what I was told in 2010 nursing staff was being cancelled weekly as compared to been cancelled one or twice a year. When I complained of staffing issues and other issues like nurses were told to clock out at 330. Nurses would clock out and then clock back in to finish their charting. That means they were working for free during that time. Nurses were being called out who didn’t finish on time and if you left on time and didn’t finish you were accused of incomplete charting. The problems were not being addressed. I was now labeled a trouble maker. It is cheaper to get rid of the trouble maker than to solve patient and nursing issues.

  1. Probation 8 years is very telling of this corrupt board of nursing .Unorganized , just shoots from the hip and run but a maniac Randy Quinn, who speaks for all of the woman on the board. After 34 years of service to a hospital , friends with all the Drs watched them become parents their kids grow up , become grand parents together . Then after all this at her revoke hearing Randy the insensitive jerk that his is, tells her you have 5 mins WRAP IT UP . RAP IT UP RANDY. This creep is sub human .

  2. these dirty underhanded low life scum sucking board members ordered a psych evaluation which came back perfectly normal, (the azbn usual way to take people down , and place a stigma at the nurses expense ) . She did everything that was asked. Then the loose canyon Quinn, orders a skills eval, knowing full well not one nurse has passed the skills evaluation , not one . Of course this crazy board is going on a field trip to be sold on it again to check it out and surely super man sicko quinn will say he passed . uh huh. Just keep ordering high priced tests for the nurse to take to build evidence against them . In this case a FARCE . Just like this board one big cluster Fk .

  3. Of special note is the President of the AZNA who worked side by side with her , wrote a letter on her behalf . Anything positive about a nurse, they IGNORE . means nothing. I remember this case at the BON . A nurse goes in and so nervous, and hopeful that they will see the truth, but they just do not , except in a case of a brother , or sister . You do not serve on a board and vote to keep other board members happy. ! You are non biased and try to keep good nurses working , just like they have the opportunity to do. None of them are ethical.

  4. The sad thing here is no students will think it can happen to them . It can and does happen a lot . One board meeting without seeing the nurses side of their nonsense , watching a kangaroo court proceedings , Lawyers telling you to sign the probation or you will lose your license. They are probably right but do not sign these things. You will lose your license anyways and then they turn it on YOU. It s it HER FAULT , she did not follow probation , although they know the terms of the probation no one can follow. So now you signed and you are at fault. Requiring to work on probation is just plain nuts, the probation was nuts but working 36 hours a week when the board knows you cannot get work , and if you are working will get fired. Decent boards try not to destroy a person. Not AZBN !!

  5. directly from coworker :”” ‘we had a new mgr, Lassie G***** , who was willing to ax people who were top of the pay scale. A manipulative wench. She tried to get me fired , I saw it I got disability and got out . this mgr came as a traveler, sucked up got into mgt, they transferred her around tons of complaints, when in OR , Drs complained , she got fired. But while she was working her husband was in the newspaper breaking into the neighbors houses. She tried “separating” from him, got him sent to prison for raping her , (check out Florence prison) oh she’s a good actor. Then her son up for prison this person got the clergy to tell the judge he was sober. He went to prison too. She spends a lot of time at ‘wine tasting ‘ meets. Then she puffed her application and went to Southwest surgery, got fired from there. OH but she is still working and BS her way around, while Carol is the victim here. ” ” You can’t make this sh*t up folks. AZ. Do not work as a nurse in AZ . Protecting the public or protecting the lying sociopaths who put in the complaints ?

  6. What a waste of money for the taxpayers of AZ ! How many hours in 8 years were wasted on the ploy of “protecting the public ” bull ! how many other cases like this. Very sad to think we live the united States and have a few miss guided , poorly trained , ruining lives costing hard working families money so both parents have to work , on messed up stuff like this. Government waste of time and money. This is stuff that happens in countries where the women are circumcised and wear veils to hide their faces, just a different kind of weirdness that makes this organization a Zion basis for their inhumane ways , and lie about it.

    1. Exactly….the nursing supervisor made it known to Carol that she was there to start “cleaning house”. Smeaning that the hospital wanted to get rid of the higher paid nurses. I know the name of that supervisor but for now I will not divulge her name
      She knows what she did and I hope Karma chews her up and spits her out……long story short …there were other nurses who knew Carol was getting screwed and would not speak up

  7. This is very sad. Why is it 1/2 of the population can do things like this to other humans and the other 1/2 wouldn’t even think of it. ? EVERY board member and joke ridenour and prosecutors Krishna and Campbell and staff attorney mamaluy are responsible and every member of the board who joins in and backs their evil ways .

  8. Nurses have no clue how this corrupt board operates. If they did they would never have a license in Arizona ! OR go to school for nursing. Get involved and get others involved is you have a license already, this practice needs to stop . Unethical ? illegal !

  9. This is my sister whose life was destroyed by the ASBN. It’s not easy having to watch a family member be treated so disrespectful and unfairl by a board of unqualified members. Her story encompassesmany years of red tape, bullshit, run around by this “board”. Please watch her video and share to make others aware of this boards disgusting behavior and unprofessionalism.

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