The $$ Dreamworld of Nurse Management/ Kathy Malloch AZBN

Malloch, K

Petition about lying.

There is little or no doubt that the huge gap of professionalism and colegial respect is seldom bridged between the career bedside nurse and upper nurse management. As early as we can remember there have been political horrors between management and direct care nurses which remains continual as well as pervasive. Bedside nursing requires a constant flow of concerns that doesn’t wane away from the side of the patient. Management has a constant flow away from the bedside of the patient.

Management jobs have long been noted as more $$ with seemingly less physical work; bedside nursing requires you use your head as well as your body. The huge growth of nurse regulation seen in the 80s could easily be considered $$ generated when one considers the careers of that management when assessed against the value of U.S. health care compared to the rest of the world which is almost useless. 

The career of Kathy Malloch defines uselessness at a high cost. Nurse Malloch and her career spans 4 decades of achieving one academic success after another. The concept of authoring academia texts, and some are required by academic institutions, whose costs are simply outrageous, and represent some of the worst student reviews ever seen. There must be something in the water at the AZBN bubbler as when you listen to these Ta-Ta educated mouthpieces you get educated in just how many words can be used to say very little; and in some cases nothing. When you sit and listen to AZBN staff, and the likes of Kathy Malloch, it is so easy to see the horrors facing the governor trying to eliminate pissing money against the wall. Good luck mister governor. “Show me a rich politician, and I’ll show you a crook”, Abe Lincoln. He said that long before McCain flew around the countryside in one of Charles Keating’s private jets. How many millions did that cost the U.S. tax payer? But he was a great man, of course. How much does a nurse student pay for academic leadership instruction that doesn’t have a clue of what  the real world of nursing is about? 

Amazon Reviews;

worst book ever!! Hard to understand what she wants to say… going in circles , unnecessary ,fogy sentences…
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Couldn’t tell you what the book was about. Bought it for my graduate call and never even need to open it. Go figure. I guess they have to have a required book for each class.

The student reviews are on fire with displeasure for not only contents, but publishing woes or poor organization. In her early works Nighingale defines the need for specific individuality of each patient’s needs, most being different. The wordy world of Administrative paths, ‘one size fits all style’ , fails many.



15 thoughts on “The $$ Dreamworld of Nurse Management/ Kathy Malloch AZBN

  1. A book about nursing being a “sustainable value ” , being in the mix . is very telling . A resume , of one who writes and writes , catchy titles , that ‘s it. but also includes TWELVE years on the AZ BON . Really , just keep re treading the ‘safe ‘ ones. “like thinkers” and back again this time in education. Like a disease that is never wiped out by the anti biotic, the same ones keep popping up in different holes.


  2. “When a nurse tells me years later what I said at the BON meeting , I know it makes an impression.” KM Yep, either that or rings for a long time what fools are running the show now. Making comments such as “you had your 5 mins, now WRAP IT UP” . After 34 years years as a Rn, in the same hospital, worked with the same Drs, watched each others kids grow up and become parents themselves, opened up a new wing, watched many come and go . Then they want to cut spending in bring in an ax woman, and to have it end like this and have a board talk to you in such a manner , is despicable. Discusting Randy, Malloch past Pres, Quinn will never fill her shoes, maybe that is why she is back so she can ‘assist him “. No amount of ‘sustainable value ” will work .


  3. It appears that Ms Malloch , identity is about her being a nurse, wonder if she has ever given real thought to how much their flippant statements affect a RN NP CNA . Not sure if this is all new since Quinn or the stick has been lingering . A real dark under current , anyone who treats nurses this way is unworthy . How did they become such adversaries ? Nurses Abandoned on the battle field , going through one of the sickest feelings of shock and bereavement a human can experience.


  4. Very obvious, the back room talks by the board employees and Bd of nursing members is discussed very openly. If HIPPA , was in place against defamation on a nurses reputation , many would be sitting in a prison cell. ( not the first time a nurse went to prison for HIPPA) . Why else would someone in education be like taking a ‘look ” , uh huh , pointing people out , is what this bd is about. Forgetting she is not a part of that end of it , and has no business being involved . This is just one example of the unprofessional behavior of employees/ bd members. Do all those initials behind her name , make her doubt their tall tales, rise above the little girls gossip or is she right in there with them ? Seems like the later.


  5. As a former ANA ‘award ” member , and closely tied with NCSBN, AZNA, she is in the same ‘think tank ” as the current members . Singing the same old tune, “public safety ” , while taking care of sisters wives.Ignoring unsafe, stupid mistakes they did . Some kind of connection there with ASU to put her book on the ‘required ” for class list, how much in the AZ Nurses Foundation , went this way or that way, what scholarships went for what , what grants were received or given to friends of friends . While taking licenses of those not in the click. ALways taking care of another one who is a part of the organization. Public Safety is just our stand by excuse.


  6. while Ohio is discussed as being one of the toughest boards, nothing comes close to how the AZ BON is run. Cases lost for 4- 5 years, SO old the hoe state refused to act on it ! Probation for 8 years, cases ‘on their own motion ” , public smear of anyone who hires a lawyer. ordering psych evals like popcorn at a theater, Having 2 cases on the books for SIX years then send out LOC for both, in the same week ! cleaning out the books for DOH take over? Finally getting rid of one on the BON ,time wise , to find her still there ! Go away dinosaur ! Seeing BON members still listed but haven’t been to a meeting for two years. Board members that have the same address ! People who do not work for the BON , doing investigations . 4 armed policemen at the meetings , along with 2 armed security guards , but the staff atty contacts the bookkeeper to be a bouncer. Weird , real weird . Malloch long term 12 years (not even the way it is set up , 2 , 4 yr terms and your out, but a revolving door, in and out , and back again. Then Mccormies (UH!!! VP 8 years , finally gone, and whallaa , she back in education committee. ANyone gets a license in AZ is crazy to take a chance on this mess !


  7. IF any nurse knew how this AZ board of nursing operated they would never obtain a license or work compact in the state ever. Pay all that money and time and end up with the corruption by this outfit that pretty much has no over sight , doesn’t follow any laws, has the courts in their pocket . It is not worth it , SOME nurses will ignore the advise, 1) they do not think it will happen to them 2)they do not believe that a BON can operate in this manner 3)the AZ NA is busy covering for them 4)the nursing instructors have no guts to tell the nursing students FULL DISCLOSURE , what has happened and what can happen.
    The Court will be called again, one day, except the board who does this will be the ones on trial and we will witness again and then Jesus will be the judge.


  8. AZ sends people to NCSBN to put the fires out when they hear what horrible things they have done . Used to be Malloch, now it is Valerie Smith (a double edge sword ). . Calling universities of nurses who are continuing their education , “she has a SUBSTANTIAL complaint on her license ” . drama queens, when all she did was hand out education material , Dr had meltdown. Or contacting employers “we’ve been investigating her now for 3 years ” . the NP gets fired. Or NP refusing to sign, consent took them to court , they SDT his medical records (illegally ) his Dr wrote in the progress notes “he is an anal receptive gay male ” and the AZ BON put this on the web site ! Smear the defendant . Contacting ex husbands , for statements, calling neighbors, going back 30 years, contacting HOA’s ! , Bringing in estranged relative they thought was dead , no contact 10 years , contacting employers out of state! , non nursing jobs over 25 years ago! , while allowing ‘click ‘ members of the organization to skate on very dangerous practices. Witch hunters, once you are a target , they will not leave any stone unturned and when they find nothing they bring in ‘witnesses ‘ who make stuff up. I do not believe this behavior is new, I think it is a learned behavior and is told to them on day one, if you don’t want to be corrupt and dig for dirt and try to be fair , the revolving door is always there . Ones who are associated with the corrupt az bon , know what they do , eventually it catches up with you, and exposed . (but you cannot complain, because that is what you do ) . Make sure your students know about license protection insurance , unless you are one of the above.


  9. While this may have started as well meaning to eradicate “bad” nurses, it turns out to be something out of the dark ages. Gov public officials violating the rights of citizens. It makes you aware of he dark underbelly of BON’s continue to choose their beliefs are right for society . Even if unethical or violate human rights .


  10. This is well said. disturbing to hear how the agency responsible for someones career is functioning, by a bunch of dysfunctional inept , ‘friends ‘ of friends.


  11. The concept that these types of leaders have thrived within their own system of regulation with very dubious histories of over regulation is very well known and much of the general public is aware and trust is an issue.


  12. Different board, different state, same abuses of power. Throughout the nation, physicians, nurses, PAs, midwives. are all being stripped of our licenses in a host of circumstance that all lead to one final destination? The 90-day ” treatment provider ” that accepts cash money, and demands ” compliance’. If one’s practice is compromised likely all agree with the intervention of regulators, until then…keep your hands out of my bodily fluids, bank account, psyche…and other intrusions of my person. Am I still in the USA? The one I fought for? Not so sure anymore

    using stand psych to ‘assist ‘ the AZ BON with their devious illegal devious scheme . By deviant people .


  13. these people are such rotten liars and sneeky dirty weasels . Call them on keeping bd members who are “old faithful willing to lie for them ” on the board past their term limits so they just TAKE THE DATES OF EXPIRATION OFF by their bios . WELL randy Quinn date is 6/19 and cant happen soon enough . Theresa Berrigan who was never voted as VP , is 6/ 30 /18 SO she should be GONE !! Jana Mcahesky , 6/ 2019 , just there to agree with the rest , and make the vote count. cecelia andersen 5/ 19 waste of money sending her to NCSBN , Lori Gutierrez 6/ 19 not fit to be on any board, and does not qualify as a nurse, M (HAHA Shawn Harrell 6/18 , she needed to GO YEARS AGO < for get to leave ??? Sure knows how to parrot randy . ) dumb and dumber in action. Melinda Preston 6/19 cant wait to send her off the psycho bullsh*tter . Brandon dale (not get this , 2016 !! really , he was a 4 yr sign up, but when he got bored and couldnt keep his mind in the game he left , Boyer , well 2021. getting political is in the family tree.


  14. The one thing we could be seeing is the turnover of the Bd. Lets face it it is an agency that has created sooo many, many rules over the years they begin to fall over one another with additional staff trying to maintain some degree of appearances publically pleasant. Theoretically you could argue members vote ineligible as term outdated??


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