Phoenix Fraud AG

If I know fraud, work with fraud, touch fraud and don’t say fraud then I am a fraud. You just entered ground zero of the Attny General’s office. Many here are well aware that these behaviors of lying and tampering with evidence and suborning perjury proves that evil exists and the devil is real. Its on the record and many know.

Wouldn’t consider signing an active petition if you know about nurse victimization? Like don’t be part of the fraud.

To the one who saves a nurse, you save the world.


Wasted Tax Payers Dollars.AZBN

A woman who spent her life dedicated to nursing and delivery of compassion to those in need, AKA Giah Cruz. The system used to eliminate her from delivering nursing care was and is corrupted by people with a bankrupted moral compass who’ve got little knowledge of active nursing and are ruling this nurse unfavorably out of pure political arrangements whose agenda is related to $$. This nurse was under the anonymous online persona of Giah Cruz instead of her real name Carol Schaeffer; trying to stay safe from the AZBN who is well established in filing motions on its on complaints about on line personas. So if you ladies are showing too much leg, or tell a pimp off==beware the AZBN will find a way of backstabbing you after laying down a welcome map.    

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The $$ Dreamworld of Nurse Management/ Kathy Malloch AZBN

Malloch, K

Petition about lying.

There is little or no doubt that the huge gap of professionalism and colegial respect is seldom bridged between the career bedside nurse and upper nurse management. As early as we can remember there have been political horrors between management and direct care nurses which remains continual as well as pervasive. Bedside nursing requires a constant flow of concerns that doesn’t wane away from the side of the patient. Management has a constant flow away from the bedside of the patient.

Management jobs have long been noted as more $$ with seemingly less physical work; bedside nursing requires you use your head as well as your body. The huge growth of nurse regulation seen in the 80s could easily be considered $$ generated when one considers the careers of that management when assessed against the value of U.S. health care compared to the rest of the world which is almost useless. 

The career of Kathy Malloch defines uselessness at a high cost. Nurse Malloch and her career spans 4 decades of achieving one academic success after another. The concept of authoring academia texts, and some are required by academic institutions, whose costs are simply outrageous, and represent some of the worst student reviews ever seen. There must be something in the water at the AZBN bubbler as when you listen to these Ta-Ta educated mouthpieces you get educated in just how many words can be used to say very little; and in some cases nothing. When you sit and listen to AZBN staff, and the likes of Kathy Malloch, it is so easy to see the horrors facing the governor trying to eliminate pissing money against the wall. Good luck mister governor. “Show me a rich politician, and I’ll show you a crook”, Abe Lincoln. He said that long before McCain flew around the countryside in one of Charles Keating’s private jets. How many millions did that cost the U.S. tax payer? But he was a great man, of course. How much does a nurse student pay for academic leadership instruction that doesn’t have a clue of what  the real world of nursing is about? 

Amazon Reviews;

worst book ever!! Hard to understand what she wants to say… going in circles , unnecessary ,fogy sentences…
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Couldn’t tell you what the book was about. Bought it for my graduate call and never even need to open it. Go figure. I guess they have to have a required book for each class.

The student reviews are on fire with displeasure for not only contents, but publishing woes or poor organization. In her early works Nighingale defines the need for specific individuality of each patient’s needs, most being different. The wordy world of Administrative paths, ‘one size fits all style’ , fails many.