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Link is petition identifying activities of AZBN felt to be perjurious and has caused many nurses to fall prey to collisions between hospital adm and Board to eliminate nurse activists. Please Sign



NURSE’S COURT is an innovative, nationally recognized Nursing Brand supported by a dynamic group of Legal Nurse Consultants, Nurse Attorneys (including Non-Nurse Attorneys) and NURSE’S COURT’S signature robust services, to support nurses throughout any challenge in their career. It is specifically designated here as this Group has an understanding of the new wave of nurse disciplinary actions related to non clinical issues centered around over regulation, as seen in Arizona.

It is important to grasp the confidentially issue when you contact any legal advice counselors trained to represent you. This organization is focusing on some modern day nursing challenges that all information is only for the union of only those in this legal unity. The organization networks with many in this unity for search of justice. `

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7 thoughts on “Home | Nurse’s Court

  1. Amazing that to work as a nurse companies have found the need to create a business to help nurses who have board complaints. When you have a case with the Board, (that may or may not reach to a ‘case’ , they manufacture cases . When you are dealing with sociopathic board members you will experience some type of emotional, financial , and psychological abuse. Realize this is the Boards goal, keep a case ‘hanging ” so you have that over you . Then all of a sudden phone calls 4 times a day, a ‘tree’ of paper work, certified and regular mail , an invasion into your personal life.

  2. Try calling the AZ BON the phone is unanswered , rings off the hook, on their FB account the negative comments were over whelming , the Bd just ‘deleted ” it . For nurses licensed under a board to put negative comments , it has to be really bad. No way to run a business , (of protecting public _ of course this is extreme sarcasm , the protecting the public , is the least of their worries . )

  3. when you look at the messed AZ board of nursing. they are scrambling to clean up their books. A case of patient abandonment , leaving a critical patient , without coverage or report off . DOC !! OH the incident happened aug of 2014 ! and the nurse signed on march 2018 ! WTH . This is messed up , lazy, employees , too many breaks, and spending too much time on ‘cases ‘ they are manufacturing. Going after targets. Some of the ‘cases are just plain nuts but if this is true and FOUR YEARS PASSES , crazy . ANd how is THAT protecting the public . It is barely covering the boards mandate !

  4. Another case , this nurse complaint at MIHS 2012 and 2013 unsafe medication administration, 2014 Kindred , unsafe , falsified records, broke sterile tech, 2015 Honor health. It was not until 2017 when the nurse self report a dui . 20 BAC level . That this mismanaged board of nursing looking into her case!! Something definitely wrong with the organization. Need to shut it down , stop the waste of tax payers money, and get someone else in their that can focus on the unsafe nurses / np and not the ones who refuse to cow down to this corrupt organization !

  5. Its a unique ad which leads to an interesting group of nurses and legal experts creating answers and demonstrating protection needed for nurses. And that is sort of sad when you listen to this video it makes it reasonable to think nurses eat their young.

  6. When a government agency is allowed to run wild and do what ever, legal or not , violations of laws , rules violations of laws / procedures are rampant , all while calling themselves “nurse leaders ” and like the AZNA who are politically paid off and protecting the hospitals , take full credit of the poll “nurses are one of the most trusted professions” . It certainly seems like a joke. When the actual bedside nurses doing all the work, on the frontlines and being abused by Drs, family, patients and public. Yes nurses eat their young and old , they have never learned the blue blood brotherhood. You do not have to go far to find a ‘rat’ who will turn on another nurse . Just look at the Board ! they have sick thoughts in their head, if I report you (with NOTHING to gain) then I look good. A real sick thought process for sure.

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