Signing this petition will help put the nursing world on notice what is happening in Arizona.

Two petitions headed in the same direction, and guess what? The AZBN needs to be stopped from setting nursing back 100 yrs.

Perjury is considered a felony in most states when the witness, under oath tells a falsehood that effects the outcome of a defendant getting convicted. It is a serious offense that usurps court integrity and can pervasively infect the entire system. That is the general outlook from the law books, but if you are involved with the AZBN and the administrative law court your chances of experiencing perjury against you is pretty good. The significance is that knowledge of this behavior is not only well known but common. Very odd. There is not much of a defense as this perjury is often sustained from incredulous witnesses whose adamancy of tails of out of school are gleefully swallowed up and supported by azbn staff, if not created, by those in case delivery. What is in print is believed over and over when in fact it can easily be erroneous, and often is.

A nurse charged by AZBN, and refuses probation will likely experience perjury at the hands of the Adm Law Court. It is a very unique experience to listen to people lie about you under oath. The intentional concept they create will forever be remembered as as act of evil with greed of self or $$ is the motive. This can easily be said as there are presently at least 20 nurses claiming perjury in their cases. With solid evidence.

You can save yourself by immediately leaving the state when a complaint has been filed against you, not sign anything and claim the azbn as crazy when they revoke your license 2-3 yrs later after you got licensed in another state. Get out do not sign anything.Clarence Darrow can not help you.  Perjury is pervasive here, and you will experience it.

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  1. Jesus is very clear on the seriousness of causing others to stumble stating, “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!” (Matthew 18:7).

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  2. There is no room for liars running a state agency. They will all lie when it comes to question and answer . It is in their upbringing and character .


  3. It will also make headlines one day when the recorded version differs from what the court reporter put in the record. This is perjury in itself . The company used seems to be biased towards the bon but changing records for whiner Elizabeth a Campbell is down right dangerous. Falsifying minutes is bad enough, but court records is another story .


  4. OPR Review of Proposals to Refer Non-DOJ Attorneys to Bar Disciplinary Authorities

    Pursuant to Section 1-4.150* of the USAM, allegations of misconduct by non-DOJ attorneys and judges must be reported to OPR for a determination of whether to report the allegations to appropriate disciplinary officials. The Department has established a protocol that accommodates the Department attorney’s obligation to report the unethical conduct of an attorney to state bar disciplinary authorities, and the interest of the Department in protecting confidential information. See USAM § 1-4.150;* 28 C.F.R. § 0.39(a)(9);** ABA Model Rule 8.3(a) (link is external). OPR will determine, in conjunction with the Department component that referred the matter to OPR, whether to report the unethical conduct of the non-Department attorney or judge to the appropriate disciplinary authorities. See also Non-Department Attorney and Judge Bar Referrals


    1. I personally feel, from my experiences, that, reporting an attorney for unethical behavior in Arizona is like try to straighten out out hunchback, not going to happen. Crooked plus


  5. It is the judges in AZ that need to be straightened out . The Omsbudman. Make them actually FOLLOW their mission policies ! Thank you for the article . ALj’s that are not members of the AZ BAR have no ethics rules to follow. Ducey needs to follow up on this . Like one lawyer said , ‘you want to be re elected? this is what you need to do ” . A director of the AZ BON can serve a life time as long as the Gov , keeps re appointing , I’m sure no thought goes into it, who cares about nurses. ? Just do what the ill informed Gov before him did . WHO would ever get a nursing license in Arizona if they knew how the deck was stacked ! THIS is what brings in unions , and takes out nurses who had worked 2 years and get out . Keep up the good fight they can’t ignore us all ! Need more nurse attorneys.!


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