Medical Mafia Live

Most experienced medical personnel  have probably  heard the term, “Medical Mafia”. The term represents a state of mind that corrupts the health care system with lying lawyers, alteration of medical records to avoid litigation, ignoring medical errors, victimization of medical mal victims, manipulation of regulatory agencies like AZBN to destroy whistleblowers and anybody else that threatens their money train, promoting staffing shortcuts to make more money, and much more. Unlike the Mafia so many are aware of you don’t know this organized crime unit exists and is designed to make money and lots of it. The largest incidences of white collar crime is disguised as the most caring & righteous  event you could ever hope to have, only to wake up irreversibly damaged for life. The new mafia lives well on our insides and the expenses are high when it comes to real quality.  


11 thoughts on “Medical Mafia Live

  1. unreal , part of the ‘medical mafia ” is the Corrupt Board of Nursing in AZ , that makes sure hospitals are protected. Anyone thinks public safety is going on, well think again. Great points you bring up .

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  2. There is no doubt that crime now exists in our health care systems; and a lot more than the general public is aware of. I think the AZBN knows.


  3. This Board of Nursing is not “protecting any publlc ” they are ‘attacking ” anyone who goes against them. What ever sick kind of thoughts they think up for nurses is just absurd . It seems anyone who stands up for themselves and says the actions of the this board are illegal and out of control. Calling every employer to ‘verifiy employment ” is an excuse . while on the line tell the person trumped up drama mixed with bullshit and add to the things the BON is not suppose to have their nose into. Putting nurses out of work , is their first motive , starve you out, they can use taxpayers money, with a huge budget to spend lots of money on legal , time in courts and sending tons of papers to intimidate that make a nurse look like a ax murderer . ANY one who can think this is ok , has a problem !

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    1. over regulation , and doing things over the top only on SOME . Certain ones, they cannot dispute this . regulating things they are not suppose to regulate, and digging into someone’s past beyond what is law. This corrupt board will keep doing what they think they can get away with . Been getting away with corruption for too long .


  4. Well im sure the new one will be doing Corrupt Board of nursing cases soon. Jenna Clark , worked for ecomonic security , like one of the board members . Only one male judge left, amazing how females so backseat all of their life to men, every step of the way , will say ‘girl power” ‘a women can do anything ” see the backwards ways, not so long ago not able to vote it was the male who voted. In medical it was the men who became Drs, and women mostly hand maids to Drs, it is nurses who cannot get along , make working conditions hard, male nurses all put in charge and still make more today, but yet , when it comes to doing damage it is another female who will stick it to another female every time. Look at Elizabeth Campbell, Emma Mamaluy, Kristi Hunter , Jo Ridenour, Lori Gutierrez, Sunita Krishna , JANEEN DAHN, valerie smith , susie flores, Delores hurtado, trina smith, ruth kish, stephanie chambers gail carroll naira kuterian . All witch hunters , game players , nasty girls in good standing. And the real sad thing , is they are paving a bleak future for their own daughters .


  5. UH , yep looks like Jenna baby is starting her lie of bull , she is looking to forward to hearing cases FAIRLY and IMPARTIALLY (ROFLOL ) that will not happen I can assure you , not in that kandaroo court . Tammy is such s dork , what the hell kind of judge INTERRUPTS someones closing arguments ?
    A incompetent one . Notice Drs cases are ‘contested” but nurses cases are not . Drs do seem to fair better , do they have more invested ? Don’t think is slipped by that Elizabeth A Campbell the lying lawyer, did not take a case of a male who was outspoken about the corruption . She can’t take someone who goes against her, she only wants the meek cases , so they brought in a THIRD AAG !!! a male , im sure chicken shit Campbell made up some s BS about ‘busy ” . Mamaluy protecting her , because it takes 6 months for the state to find some other sucker to do this crooked nasty evil collect a paycheck just show up the outcome long been decided ?


  6. The knowledge of these behaviors is spreading and one must remain diligent in research for accuracy. In spite of Barto’s success with the new bill she cannot legislate morally correct Bd members to follow or not to follow the new rules. The Bd should gleefully embrace this new bill as it reduces lots of ancient hx.that can no longer be used to prosecute. However, much of medical mafia evidence involves more entices not directly related to Bd. but maybe involved elsewhere.


  7. OMG . love it . Certainly even if they are those who ‘believe in absurdities , and commit atrocities ” they cannot ignore this .


  8. I cannot speak YET !!! but want to tell you , your EXPLORE and EXPOSE , is very much appreciated. Please clone yourself , a few more with guts , and things will happen , unfavorable to this corrupt az board of nursing !


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