A Few Bad Nurses

All one has to do is check the AZBN website for the disciplinary action review and get quite the eyefull of alleged violations committed by nurses that have been disciplined. Some of the most egregious cases make it seem that many nurses are so out of control. Speaking to many of these nurses, at random, which takes a certain amount of persistent research as direct contact information is seldom available can bring the flip side into view. Many of the nurses have exercised their own values as well as the value of their mentors to end up on this disciplinary page and whose own story often is a long stretch from that viewed on this website. Information that is tainted beyond the reality of what actually has occurred is common. Why would a nurse who completed probationary stipulations in another state, be forced to repeat the same monitoring regulations in Arizona? Once declined and fuck off Arizona and go to another state, why would that discipline action remain on the Az. web page for better than ten yrs.?? The case was over in the previous state of Washington, and closed, so when a potential employer searches the web they find the Arizona review which carried the ‘out of state’ evidence in their deposition which the nurse refused to accept; case should be deleted. One of many cases that expose over regulation and under management.  Where are the bad nurses?? The truth is well known but can not be handled.