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    A Few Bad Nurses 

    All one has to do is check the AZBN website for the disciplinary action review and get quite the eyefull of alleged violations committed by nurses that have been disciplined. Some of the most egregious cases make it seem that many nurses are so out of control. Speaking to many of these nurses, at random, which takes a certain amount of persistent research as direct contact information is seldom available can bring the flip side into view. Many of the nurses have exercised their own values as well as the value of their mentors to end up on this disciplinary page and whose own story often is a long stretch from that viewed on this website. Information that is tainted beyond the reality of what actually has occurred is common. Why would a nurse who completed probationary stipulations in another state, be forced to repeat the same monitoring regulations in Arizona? Once declined and fuck off Arizona and go to another state, why would that discipline action remain on the Az. web page for better than ten yrs.?? The case was over in the previous state of Washington, and closed, so when a potential employer searches the web they find the Arizona review which carried the ‘out of state’ evidence in their deposition which the nurse refused to accept; case should be deleted. One of many cases that expose over regulation and under management.  Where are the bad nurses?? The truth is well known but can not be handled.

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      Actually the truth about this Bd is well known, and considering the value of good health care it is evident that their regulating the system completely the wrong way. Few people today are without major concern for their own safety when submitting to treatment. I doubt the azbn can take the full brunt of the poor health care in today’s’ market place, however, its integrity related to nurse disciplines is well established in mockery.


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      When a Nurse says she hears of cases of nurses being railroaded by this az bon , she said “i just look on line and see they deserved it” WOW !! You mean that you actually believe 1/2 of what is written and do not question the 1) investigation 2) what was the complaint about in the first place (ANYTHING to get it opened ) and witch hunt the records 3) the fact that ANY nurse would be revoked if investigated by this board . IF the nurses who have NO CLUE how this Corrupt board of nursing operates , they need to learn and make plans to EXIT the state if they value their license !


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      All this board does is retaliate against nurses for hospitals.
      Either the nurse spoke up , talked back , and wasn’t obedient , or was fired illegally and may have a case on the hospital, or cost them money some how.
      Public safety ??
      If you are before this board you will see Randy Drag QUinn, shooting from the hip on every case ! SO NOT QUALIFIED to be messing with peoples lives ! He might THINK , he is in control and runs the show with the women bowing down and voting to obey, a real pompous *ss.


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      This corrupt nursing board needs a good defamation suit to make them straighten up and fly right. Yea , the white shirt wearing , tie toting , moron looking goon, thinks he is 10 ft tall and bullet proof, a real messed up mind on that dude. ! Randy Drag Quinn – good one , like I said it’s all woman on the board!


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      the really ‘bad” nurses are on the board of nursing . they know exactly the illegal things they are doing. Discussing cases is VERY obvious. obtaining records they have no reason to obtain or legally . Spending HOURS and hours on certain cases while hardly looking at anything else in cases they have no choice but to hear. Just a focus on the complaint which usually gets dismissed . A back door meeting before they put on their very clumsy meetings. Very sad what they do to shame only CERTAIN ones, very unfair this corrupt board. Sad that they follow money trail , to come up with crazy ideas about each nurse.


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      some of the cases are down right jokes, while the ‘investigator ” is trying to make the nurse out to be a complete failure., it appears the ‘investigator ” aka snoop dog , is the failure . Any nurse that knows their stuff will say hey wait a minute there uh Michael Pilder . Who thinks that a diastolic b/p of 97 is extremely high. what was normal for this person was it recheck manually was it rechecked and trending down. After walking into a medical facility and being upset with white coat syndrome. Everyone who has WORKED BEDSIDE and not Monday morning quarter back look at a record knows you get out of norm, once in awhile. what were other symtoms ??. Then Pilner who appears to be a bookworm and no common sense., says that the nurse “failed to notify family’ geez maybe that is because too busy running for the patients ? LOW PRIORITY . (oh that’s what the BON does , call family members for dirt !) As if that isnt the most pathetic reason to drag a nurse through the mud Pilner goes on to say a patient has a really LOW b/p 102/60 , really ? compared to WHAT , what was the b/p trending ? and they to say ‘because he was on coumadin he was concerned about ‘internal bleeding ” but mentions NO heart rate ?? No other signs ! While Pilner can ‘wow ” any idiot judge , he makes a fool of himself. And when an INR is elevated , the nurse tells the patient to stop coumadin (im sure until they recheck it or see the Dr) but instead the BON jumps his butt for this saying it wasn’t up to him. ! BUT if this patient were to bleed out you bet this BON would blame it on this nurse for not telling the patient to hold their coumadin until recheck or see the Dr. AND then you really know this dude been hanging with the gang too long when he says the nurses reaction was BLASE’ . That ‘s a new one ! , BLASE’ !! really. Actually he was probably looking at this left over hippy as ‘are you for real dude ?” Absolutely the biggest waste of time , ever ! Taxpayers are paying this guys salary ? WOW. While medical errors are killing patients. Pilner should lose his license , and never be allowed to tell anyone he is a nurse . Scary. Take your MSN and hang it on the wall it is just BLASE’ . educated idiots. And this is your BON folks getting paid to scour records . What did this accomplish ? And where is the RN who is over this LPN , ‘who lost his mgt skills. ” since when do LPNS have ANY mgt skills ? CRAZY !!


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      If not for the nurses and cna who get dui’s and test positive for drugs , this board would not have an existence . Why is a BON handling these cases ? That’s what courts are for . Unless drunk at work. And not the boards bullsh*t of ‘eyes pink, talked to fast , slumped in chair, looked blase’ , patient complained, they smelled of alcohol. When you search the members of the BON and employees , and former employees a large number have bankrupts on their record . So what is up with that ? Just as IRRESPONSIBLE , what do they have this ? What are they spending their money on? Why can’t they manage their funds ? Do they have a gambling problem? what are they spending it on? porn addiction? Buying opiods on the black market to avoid detection ? Do they have some other reason they are not responsible ? Something is not right with these people . If you cannot manage your personal lives how can you dictate to others ? UNPROFESSIONALS parading around as the epitome of how everyone else should be .


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      Anyone who has searched a case and looked at what is really going on , knows not to read what the board puts on the web sight , and to “‘read between the lines” . The author has a ‘style” of hateful, irrelevant , biased, insensitive, unnecessary commenting, that they know are lies , and don’t care. If someone says it then , this author thinks they can put it in print and who would think that anyone could put something untrue in print ?
      This author, is a very evil wicked person, someone you would not want around your children or even have to tell your children these type exist. On the nasty side, they have some real thoughts of sick behavior . No one can trust them .


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      People who want to have leverage over other peoples lives are considered to have ‘sickness of the mind” Whether mental, emotional, or physical control over other peoples lives , have a classic sign they have “sickness of the mind .” Aberrant in nature . I think a few of the smart ones who have left this azbon , may have recognized what was going on and decided to exit or they verbalized it and were helped out. While some are just plain incompetent , and took slandering to a whole new level .


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      Pursued a lifelong dream and also own 2A Tactical LLC, a Class 07/SOT 2 business catering to providing training, gun sales, manufacture of customized rifles and NFA items. Military, police, fire,corrections, emergency medical service, and medical personnel friendly.

      Finished BSN and have been working in acute care as an emergency room nurse, relief charge nurse and preceptor. Currently working on MSN-FNP and look forward the the future.

      Attained licensure as a practical nurse in June 2014.

      Have been in the medical field since 2010 and full time in 2011 after approximately 14 years as a police officer. During my law enforcement time, I served in many capacities from patrolman, field training officer and police supervisor. Areas worked in law enforcement covered, patrol operations, traffic investigation, impaired driver investigation, fatal collision investigation and strategic reaction team (SWAT).


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    • Joseph and Eve (really) 3:53 am on June 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I agree they are worse than mgrs who go against nurses . Mgrs who will not staff properly so they can keep their job . None of them could or would do what the nurses before them do . SAD , all of them pathetic !


    • Norm 5:14 pm on June 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Gonos , is a ‘preceptor ” they found someone dumber than him? What is he pre-cepting on guns? Or how to screw other nurses ? A “lifelong dream to have a store for gun sales??” sounds like a night mare waiting to happen. who stops one career when so close to getting a pension in that career ? he forgot to put on his resume about his getting sh*t canned at the last job . as a cop and then as a nurse. Maybe someone should contact his school, that is one I learned from the BON, be sure and fling as much dirt as you can in every direction. How can they frown on this, when this is their style. Gonos fit right in with the pussies at the board David Elson . . Another one loves to see women taken down . And willing to jump on the bandwagon of volunteers , hateful bastard too.

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      • Burt 1:45 am on June 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        So true Norm. He states he looks “forward to the future”. He will be 50 when he graduates. How many 50 year olds state they look forward to their future?


        • Burt 1:56 am on June 30, 2018 Permalink

          Actually how many of us look forward to turning 50. And as a fairly new nurse at that age (as a man) looks kind of weird.


        • nightingale1 1:07 pm on June 30, 2018 Permalink

          I think you do what you can, no matter the age.


    • Maddie 3:47 am on June 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I think ALL we really think about when we turn 50 and the years beyond is just “staying alive”. Let’s play that staying alive song from the movie starring John Travolta. LOL.


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      People can put in complaints , but it is the stupid members of this board (AZBON) who do not have a clue , and are very gullible . none of them should ever be in the position they are in , no common sense , they drill the person in front of them as if they are the liar when the biggest liars are the ones who made up a big story . Seems like these members were raised in a closet and no exposure to a balanced life , which makes them judgemental , and do many nurses wrong. No insight , reading what a drama queen investigator writes that soups up the lies to be so rediculous , they even change them , because no one would believe them , unless your on the AZBON , gullible 1/2 wits


    • JR 10:01 pm on June 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Then they lie about reading the transcipts , they get a ‘report” from a sick mind, who is guiding them how to make a motion and vote and what they are looking for . they have even staged ‘fake go around votes ” to make it look like they were ‘trying to save the license ” . BAD actors , and BAD people . Certainly not worthy of being on a state board. The ‘meeting before the meeting ” . SIck minds can be a number of people but you can bet Mamaluy , Dahn, Smith , Campbell and Ridenour head that gang up .
      ALL of it highly illegal , those coffee cups heading in different rooms .


      • nightingale1 10:22 pm on June 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Its so confusing as a respondent to know both sides of events that end up for the Bd to review; and the ones that dont get reported? So much politics!


    • Dale 10:07 pm on June 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Whoever wrote that pile of FICTION ‘meeting over view ”
      Notice is says “approximately 3 weeks ” before the board meeting is held the board members begin receiving the investigative reports . Such lies , my my . not even THREE DAYS .
      As well as meeting begin at 0800am , that is if the BOARD doesn’t screw up again , and not follow the laws ! I swear these people would someone if ever allowed to work beside . scary groupies . liars .


      • nightingale1 10:27 pm on June 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Had to edit a word out of post;me? I dont care, but big brother is tempermental about threats.


    • Dr Wolff 3:03 pm on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      AZ BOARD OF NURSING MEETING : Hello everybody I am here to tell you all to go home. there is no real board and there is no real board members . You are all just regular people who have tricked into committing crimes against humanity. I would run if I were you.


    • Nottingham 3:08 pm on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Now that would be the ONLY truth said at a BON meeting ! Of course these regular people have been duped all of their lives. Brainwashing is a powerful thing. Admitting all done in error is the first step. But the non admitting is carried over into their professional lives , “you are the elite they are the bad guys , you are always right never admit wrongdoing no matter what ” They are sinners not you , you are worthy. To outsiders a very sick brainwashing game for money.


    • Mark T / Wilson 3:24 pm on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a weak case and a good example ” (with a big mouth)


    • Andersen 1:05 am on July 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      In this country we punish people for what they have done not what they MIGHT do . Otherwise we should take all of the boards licenses away, everyone is a potential , wake up randy Drag Quinn. You have cost the state a ton of money through your inexperience .


    • TEEN 1:08 am on July 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      IF you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor .


    • Mr. B Smith. 1:14 am on July 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      A perfect example of the Peter Principle , with the AZ BON , that those on the board have been elevated to the highest level of their inefficiency . The incompetence within this bureaucracy is too evident .


    • watcher 5:59 am on July 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The Bad nurses and BAD lawyers are with the Board of Nursing. AZBON HARASSES AND DEFAMES NURSE WHO HOLD BON ACCOUNTABLE FOR VIOLATING OUR LAWS AND CIVIL RIGHTS ” AZ BON DETESTS EXPOSURE OF THEIR CORRUPTION AND ILLEGAL ACTIVITY ” Using every method they can think of , using guards to intimidate . Thinking they can run a public state agency and not follow the laws . Numerous violations . Special thanks to Honorable and honest , integrity of the AZ DPS who could see right through the intentional known false accusations and misrepresented the facts and law to an investigative detective . The bon acting like the gang in Yuma, starting rumors and drama getting others involved, intimidation , and retaliation a big game with a few willing game players . David ELSON, Kirk Olson, Glenn Cook, Robert Ellis (thug gang ) Naira Kutnerian , Bonnie Richter to name a few. gone out of their way collectively mobbing ,and bullying . Encouraging others to join in . Hall of Shame .


    • Advocate targets 2:58 pm on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      They “appear” to be ‘normal ” but when you are a target I believe they would go so far as to kill someone. Certainly trying to put someone in a bad light. Vicious , while trying to make out that everyone else is dangerous . The ones above , running their mouths but what could they say right in front of you ? All pap, all ‘sky is falling ” , but they choose to get involved . Be careful of those back room rumors . Dale got out, he heard enough, joined in , ‘pretending to be making a call ” got called on it. Like Naira does sneeking around the back of the building . Why would people go outside to make calls ? Why would the ‘dirty looks” ? ask yourself . very gullible , sad , puppets , Are you treating others as you want to be treated ? Someday they will wonder why? why did I join in? What did happen , what was true , ? was I persuaded by gossip , and each one put a spin on it ? Or is this how they are taught ? Brainwashed into believing. . How do they get rewarded for their ‘extra curricular activities while they are suppose to have their nose to the grind stone working in their job description. What makes one volunteer , promotions? titles ? who is dumb enough to bail out Mamaluy ? who ? is it YOU? who is dumb enough to bail out Ridenour , ? who you? They made their beds , and your gonna help they out of the hole they dug ? That is your choice . Choose wisely.


    • Bette 2:49 pm on July 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      yes watcher heard about the gang in Yuma , didn’t matter that the nurses were all on probation or caught stealing drugs or threatening someones life . (and the non nurses and lying ). This crazy bon can ignore that ., unless it is their ‘target” , and hey advocate, look at Naira Kutnerian , looks like she got promotion so there’s your answer why she is doing it . Her title of ‘investigator” with the translation she must have thought she was a ‘spy ‘ now . amazing what some people will do for money . They get rewarded by “joey” aka Jokey somehow.


    • i Peacock 2:55 pm on July 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Wonder if Elson thinks he is climbing the ladder, idiot not even a nurse. Sure likes to testify against woman and take them down . Seems like it is just in his nature. He has a lot to answer for . They all do , especially that randy quinn, dopey looking one. Looks like he should have a twin and ride a bike , and have the door slammed in his face. But what he is doing here is easier , he “thinks’ he is in command , actually presents well . UNTIL HE OPENS HIS MOUTH !


    • Lavendar 4:42 pm on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      hey Bette was there last winter , wow what is this world coming too. between Dana , and Ashley Harrell getting married, tattoo every inch of their large bodies , if that isn’t enough . hanging out in the pool two women making out , like really you need to display that , bumping p., what ever . Such low life , wouldn’t want any of them for a nurse ! UH! From Tenn, both got fired in Fla so come to AZ . dang , real display of affection hippos bopping in the hot tub. even heterosexuals don’t put on the show like these two. Imagine either one of them doing a private parts exam or —— got sign off , getting sick thinking about it.


    • Barbie 4:45 pm on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      They will fit right in that hell hole Maybe they can get on the Arizona Board of Nursing, another area they’ll make a ‘good fit” then judge others on what is professional !! like calling the kettle black .


    • anonymous 5:07 am on July 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      forgive anonymous but who wants this nasty crew going against them if they have a license in AZ .
      First I want to say I do know nurses who have been victims of this board and for the life of me cannot figure out what they did that warranted revoke, so I will say no they did not warrant revoke at all in fact should have been dismissed.
      second , since this happened to someone I know and it bothers me the ones who are down right dangerous , I ‘turned in a few over the years before and after i found out how the board operates. and in each case NOTHING was done . NOTHING !
      you be the judge case # 1 ) Friend of mine in tears every night because a new Rn hired at her hospital . I listened , then she mentioned his name , I did not recognize it, but then she said he used to work in Casa Grande . WHOA . It clicked . When i was there he was escorted out by security for ‘getting fresh with a young female patient ” I guess the hosp never turned him in. They should have he was fired, and inappropriate. Then I remembered a patient I had. Young man playing basketball he came in very embarrassed his shoulder was dislocated. It was hanging down , lot of pain. When this RN “joseph” came over , thought he was going to play “Dr” and put it back in . I stopped him . Got the Dr. THEN when it was put back in, this big dude actually told this 17 year old he needed to go home and lift weights, that part of his problem was he was weak ! This was MY patient , and I was furious about him saying such stupid stuff . Not reported, just told the kid do NOT lift weights , it can come back out easy since it came out once. Many stupid comments by ‘big dummy” . So my friend is having a hard time at her job , and I wrote the two incidents up sent them to this board of nursing , and there is NOTHING on his license and he was never investigated or answered to anyone . That is one case . This board is worthless. I hope this hard *ss is nurse for their son or grandson , see if they think this is APPROPRIATE in any manner , and their daughter have him as their nurse, and make sexual remarks , and touching. SO my encounter was as a complaintent if I did not have license I would have went in and wanted to know , who is running this “public safety” mess !!


      • nightingale1 12:00 pm on July 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Many are very well aware of the short comings of the Phoenix group, and tune ups by new bill this year will greatly reduce the time limit on cases as well as reduce Bds busy work, I think it’s not conclusive to include the AAG as a source of dubious actions and confirming, at least to yourself, it is illegal. Your story isn’t unusual as it defines bad nurses walking amongst us which in spite of these obviously dangerous behaviors they still walk amongst.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:06 pm on June 4, 2018 Permalink  

    Are We Really Protecting The Public?? Its All About The Money 

    The following is an older post but supports a long standing fact of the unequal disciplinary actions nurses are subjected to. There is a nurse right now helping herself to drugs meant for the patient. She is well known to be an addict, but slips by because she is somebody’s somebody.  Sorry for its length, at the bottom actual decisions of AZBN.

    It be us, the nurses in the field, to promote patient safety. Troubled nurses and physicians can be impaired; the % of complaints related to drug abuse and alcohol related issues is 38% of total complaints. 37.75% won’t help themselves and lie to the AZBN. Pay attention, it’s up to the nurse in the field to put a dent in this epidemic. Nursing in Arizona could be a governor’s campaign issue. Of course not D. Ducey, doesn’t care about nurses, or nurse abuse. 

    The actions and results of Auschwitz were well known from the start. Don’t know what it takes. To the one who saves one nurse, saves the world.


    Imagine working a good portion of your life as a nurse practitioner. You’re settled into your own practice, established in life. You have the latest BMW SUV out there, a beautiful home, the best dogs ever….and loving parents who are bursting with pride every time you come up north to visit. You would think that graduation day was just yesterday by the way they beam at you over the dinner table during every Sunday dinner.

    The seasons come and go in a small northern Arizona town. The leaves are boldly beautiful in the fall, the snow sparkles in the winter. As you sit in a cozy living room having coffee and homemade cookies with your parents over a holiday weekend its hard not to breathe it all in…..this is your reality, your life. Everything is preciously simple, predictable…. and yet so peacefully, unbreakably, enduring. You take pride in the fact you can care for them, oversee things to make sure they are well provided for. There is nothing in this world you can’t give back to them after all they have done to help you through school.

    Life. Is. Great.

    Until it isn’t.

    Until it won’t be anymore.

    Until all that remains of your life are just fleeting embers floating away in the wind……


    Such is the story of one nurse practitioner I began corresponding with in 2013. He had been following my case for quite some time and was frustrated with his counsel. It seemed to him that his attorney was more interested in placating the Arizona Board of Nursing than representing his interests. A short time later he would take his defense into his own hands by doing all the legal work himself in order to ensure that his own bests interests were being kept front and center.

    He stayed up many days and nights at a time doing legal research, studying other nurse’s cases, emailing back and forth with me. The following are highlights of this nurse practitioner’s journey battling the Arizona Board of Nursing.

    Val Smith Multipurpose Board Staff, Investigator

    Valerie Smith: Special Consultant to the executive director


    Joey Ridenour Director of AZBN

    Joey Ridenour, Executive Director of the Arizona Board of Nursing

    Noteworthy is that the nurses involved in bringing this story to you are not listed here to be their real names. Nor is Nathan. Scary when you need screens to tell your story without fear of retaliation

    As most nurses know, it’s  easy for virtually anyone to file a complaint against one’s license. In Nathan’s case this was no different. In August of 2011, a patient who became angered by a question Nathan had asked him during a psychiatric assessment, filed a complaint against his license. The patient would later contact the board to “quash” the complaint, advising the Board of Nursing that he did not want Nathan to be disciplined for no reason. Nathan recalls “The guy filed a rambling similar complaint on a NP co-worker at the same time. Hers disappeared… mine didn’t. The only difference I could see was an ASU connection. She was a grad and a preceptor and had good connections there.”

    The complainant’s request fell on deaf ears…the Board of Nursing would continue their hunt into Nathan’s past…and into every private aspect of his life. Instead of dismissing the complaint against Nathan, they came up with 12 “Factual Allegations” UNRELATED TO THE INITIAL COMPLAINT to potentially charge him with.

    images (40)

    For a period of 13 months Nathan’s case sat on a desk and was passed off from investigator to investigator until it landed on the desk of University of Phoenix Assistant Dean of Nursing and 2014 RN.com “Giving Excellence Meaning” Award Nominee—a Nurse Practitioner herself, Janeen Dahn. From the point she picked it up, Nathan recalls, everything went to hell—AND FAST.

    As per usual for most nursing board investigations, (depending on who you know) the state uses all its time, technological, and financial resources to delve into the life of a nurse. Nathan’s case was one that required the “special knowledge and tactics” of Valerie Smith—the on again off again retired consultant that me and others believe is “brought out of retirement” for the more “problematic cases” such as Nathan’s and mine. The AZBON’s hired gun, Valerie Smith has a background primarily in psychiatric nursing (no general med surg. just psych.) and is notorious for “diagnosing on the spot.” (She did as much on the stand during my administrative hearing when I cross examined her)

    The common denominator among nurses who come to me with their stories is their interaction with Valerie Smith. Nathan and I were similar in the sense that we fought the charges and sought to secure our constitutional and/or Civil Rights during a process that ceremoniously strips them away from a nurse. HIPPA does not apply to ANY NURSE under investigation. The Arizona Board of Nursing has within its grasp the ability to subpoena any and all legal, medical, and psychiatric/pharmacy records. They can, and will, use what they find within those records against a nurse whether it is relevant to a case or not.


    It’s well known by now that a nurse’s personal life, their entire career, their physical and mental health history are all fair game. In many instances, the Board of Nursing pads its investigative reports with defamatory false “statements” from “coworkers” to further their case against a nurse. Sometimes—they go too far in their attempts to inflict harm–Most recently they made the mistake of publishing a nurse’s personal address, her email address, her social security number and date of birth on a public site. There is no maneuver that escapes them when they are in pursuit of a nurse’s livelihood. However, it should be noted once more–they apply the shock and awe approach to specific cases, and not all cases.

    images (33)

    During the course of his investigation Nathan was shocked to learn that his medical records had been subpoenaed by and reviewed by Investigator Dahn. During a meeting with her, Dahn (allegedly) quizzed him about his sexual preference and his sexual practices as per what was written in his primary care physician’s progress notes. The words “high risk behaviors” were (allegedly) used by Dahn. He described to me the “three religious medals she wore” on her clothing as she interrogated him and how he found it ridiculous.

    You see, Nathan is gay. “I outed in the 80’s…” he recalls.

    Within all the medical records reviewed, Investigator Dahn (allegedly) included in the investigative report a one page progress note from his physician that discussed his gay status and his negative HIV status as well as other personal particulars irrelevant to the initial complaint lodged against his license:

    images (34)

    “She (Investigator Dahn) (allegedly) made a big deal out of a few things: that I graduated from a diploma RN program. That my medical record said ‘high risk behaviors’. The investigative interview was a sham, she wasn’t even listening to me…conclusions were drawn. It’s a kangaroo system with zero objectivity. I was sure I had the justification, the rational data, and expert emails to justify my actions in the complaint. Then she (Investigator Dahn) hits me: “Why did you quit this job without notice? Why were you given a written warning at ___________? (I’m an NP) Why did you write yourself 2 separate anti-biotics in 2011? And a few more totally unrelated to the initial complaint. The board meeting was last Monday. Four days before that, my lawyer called to say the original complaint had not even mentioned that there were 12 items stating unprofessional conduct and failing to maintain minimum standards. I was like WHAT? I didn’t even get to answer to them. I still don’t know what they all are-I have an idea. They are now trying to railroad me into a 12 month probation… I’m not sure I even want to remain in the profession-I’ve been in clinical practice for 15 years.”

    Janeen Dahn Advanced Practice Nurse Evaluator & Investigaor

    Janeen DahnPhD, FNP-BC: 2014 Nurse.Com GEM Award Finalist and Assistant Dean of Nursing at University of Phoenix


    Nathan felt strongly that they were using his sexual orientation as a basis to establish that he wasn’t a safe practitioner, that somehow his sexual orientation would translate to him providing unsafe care to patients. Over the past few years, Nathan has had to go back and forth with the Board. It was his full time work searching for jobs, strategizing and reading up on the law in order to find ways to secure his constitutional rights throughout the process. It hasn’t been easy to do, as there are blocks to Constitutional Rights when you are a nurse under investigation in Arizona:


    “It’s in the 4th amendment to the Constitution, due process, searches of private matters, probable cause , double jeopardy all to protect our liberty=right to practice chosen profession from government action=AZBON. They claim they have to balance with public safety -no member of the public was at risk even if the crap they are claiming against me was true. There are checks in place so government or government agencies can’t make up things against you, to take your protected health information, to delve into personal private areas of your life. I was born and raised in Boston where all these crazy ideas began… it’s in my blood. I think around here people like to feel they can make up their own rules. I beg to differ, we’ll see. Odds are against me but I love a good fight.”

    images (35)

    When Nathan requested discovery of all evidence the Board of Nursing had against him, they denied his requests. One would think that a nurse can appeal to other government agencies for another set of eyes, an impartial party—to take another look. In Arizona such an agency does not exist. Nurses, patients, and other attorneys have appealed to the State Ombudsmen’s office numerous times (without response or resolution), the Auditor General’s office, the State Attorney General’s office, and state legislators themselves. The media itself—will not investigate the Board of Nursing’s actions against licensed professionals. They will however—investigate the Medical Board and the Dental Board. Go figure.

    Former House Representative Steve Gallardo "came out" in 2014.

    As the years go on and Joey Ridenour continues her “Command” role over Arizona’s version of “B613”– the Arizona Board of Nursing soldiers on in its effort to impede upon the basic Civil Rights of nurses. In my case—freedom of speech (my social media accounts are still monitored by the state) and in Nathan’s case—his status as a gay man who happens to be a nurse practitioner. Other cases involve nurses who are older in age. Yet, nurses with multiple DUI’s or multiple drug offenses are gently set free from the proverbial investigative web of wonder to resume their careers unscathed. Their records fiercely protected from the public’s eyes like the B613 files in Scandal. At one point, Nathan took note of several cases against ASU nurses that were dismissed by AZBON officials, but he and I were too busy to investigate further. The question still lingers.


    Nathan has experienced other challenges on his road to justice. He lost his home. He lost his vehicle. He was unable to secure a job, but was finally able to get Circle K to hire him. He had to quit after a short while due to his declining health. His health status has taken a significant hit throughout this process. He has also watched his parents’ health decline these past few years as a result of the ordeal that has impacted not just him—but all of his loved ones and friends who have been on this road with him.

    …..Just one day prior to his hearing before the Arizona Board of Nursing his father suffered a stroke and Nathan was unable to be with him because he was scheduled to do his own defense the following morning……

    During the years we corresponded back and forth, supporting each other in the middle of the night as we struggled to put together our own cases and cope with our losses, he shared with me how he felt on one occasion he had gone out of state to visit his parents: “When I went back to MA for a job interview I saw my parents for the first time in 18 months and I couldn’t believe my eyes… they don’t even look the same. I think this has had an effect on them. They are both in their 80s. The last time I saw them they were vibrant and active, now they appear withdrawn, almost defeated.”

    images (9)

    There is a lifelong guilt, the responsibility one bears upon their shoulders, when they choose to battle against the Board of Nursing’s injustice. It’s no longer about just you, everyone around you becomes a part of things. Everyone around you suffers with every hit you take. Your family, your friends, your significant others. In some way or another,  to some degree….they are affected by the point of impact.


    I have not yet heard back from Nathan about the outcome of his case. My guess is he is in MA caring for his ailing father and supporting his mother. I hope he triumphed. I hope he is able to recover what is left of his practice… more than that—I hope he is able to get back to living his life, one with peace and the self-realization that he is bigger, bolder and better than the process that has not just engulfed him spiritually, physically, and mentally—but has taken a good portion of his hard earned life from him.

    tree (2)

    I don’t know what I would have done without those emails back and forth in the middle of the night the past few years…..our experiences and feelings mirrored each other’s in so many ways. I consider him my friend, my colleague, and a brother in all this….and I am proud to finally tell his story. Because he was and is so brave where others are not. Because he chose to keep getting up no matter how many times he was knocked down. Because he wanted to set an example and establish a precedent for all gay nurses.

    images (41)



    THE DEFINITION OF A NURSE…..should not EXCLUDE people on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or sexual preference. The question is, just how far will state lawmakers allow ANY STATE to go when it comes to persecuting nurses on the basis of these very factors? More importantly—how low will the profession allow itself to be taken down before making a stand that supports acceptance, tolerance, and the high standards we’re expected to uphold as touted within the Code of Ethics for Nurses?

    untitled (28)

    Maybe—this case is a sign that our profession has arrived at a point in time that The Code, The Oath, and the very tenets that Nursing was built upon no longer matter…

    Arizona Board of Nursing: Letters of No Concern

    The following are from the September and November 2014 AZBON Minutes

    McCormies moved Busby seconded to issue a letter of concern for refusing to place a patient on the bedpan, instructing the same patient void in her brief, and for forcibly moving the patient up in bed on or about July 25, 2013 while working a shift through dependable nursing at Avalon Southwest in Tucson, Arizona, and for sleeping on duty while working a shift for Catalina in-home health services Inc. in Tucson, Arizona in or around July 2011. After further discussion the motion failed. Busby moved Quinn seconded to retry board option number two, to issue a letter of concern for refusing to place the patient on the bedpan, instructing the same patient void in her brief, and for forcibly moving the patient up in bed on or about July 25, 2013 while working a shift through dependable nursing at Avalon Southwest in Tucson, Arizona, and for sleeping on duty while working a shift for Catalina in-home health services Inc. in Tucson, Arizona in or around July 2011.



    Busby moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for working outside the scope of practice for registered nurse while employed at back in line spine health and wellness from in and around September 9, 2014 through September 17, 2014, and for continuing to work in an advanced practice role on or about September 17, 2014 after he had been advised by the board staff that he was not authorized to work as a nurse practitioner. After discussion, the motion was amended to include upon meeting all license requirements grant licensure.


    Busby moved and it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern for on or about April 4, 2012 instructing a CNA to place a hot pack on patient without a current physician order and not documenting the action or doing a pain assessment and for sleeping while on duty on or about August 7, 2012 which resulted in a confused patient wandering who was not supposed to be bearing weight after surgery


    McCormick moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for testing positive for marijuana in a January 3, 2014 preemployment screening at Flagstaff medical Center in Flagstaff, Arizona


    McCormies moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for her November 16, 2012 conviction pursuant to a guilty plea of extreme driving under the influence, a misdemeanor, in Phoenix Municipal Court in Phoenix, Arizona and the December 17, 2012 violation of St. Joseph’s Hospital medical administration policy when she failed to waste a controlled substance that was removed for patient from the Omni cell until three days later when she returned to work and her June 24, 2013 violation of St. Joseph’s Hospital medication administration policy when she failed to return controlled substances to the Omni cell after the medication was not used for patient during the procedure


    Busby moved and after discussion for complaint number one, it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for receiving a DUI on March 4, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona, and for bringing a family member to Tuscany McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, on or about March 16, 2013. Busby moved Machesney seconded and it was unanimously carried to dismiss complaint number two


    Busby moved and it was unanimously carried to grant licensure upon meeting all requirements to issue a letter of concern for her February 13, 2013 misdemeanor conviction of driving under the influence a misdemeanor. Both occurring in Prescott city court in Prescott Arizona


    Busby moved and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for his misdemeanor conviction on or about April 15, 2013 for attempted stalking/ domestic violence in Gilbert, Arizona


    After discussion, it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern to respondent for documenting she performed a sharp debridement where patient A’s wound bled more than normal, but failed to document the debridement in the nurse’s notes, causing a delay in treatment while employed at Cornerstone Hospital in Tucson, Arizona


    Busby moved Berrigan seconded and it was unanimously carried, based on the information in the investigative report to issue a letter of concern for testing positive for cannabinoids on a preemployment urine drug test on or about November 22, 2013 at Scottsdale healthcare in Scottsdale, Arizona


    Quinn moved and it was unanimously carried to grant licensure upon meeting all requirements and issue a letter concern for his June 7, 2002 DUI conviction Mesa, Arizona and January 5, 2013 DUI conviction Phoenix, Arizona


    Busby moved and after discussion was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for her May 25, 2013 conviction for DUI misdemeanor in the city court of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona and respondent’s admission of marijuana use without a medical marijuana card


    Busby moved McCorvey seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for abandoning her patient assignment in Prescott, Arizona, on or about August 27, 2013


    Busby moved and after discussion, it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for failing to submit to random urine drug testing on July 31, 2014 and August 22, 2014


    McCormies moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern for initiating a propofol infusion on a patient in the intensive care unit on or about March 15, 2014, who was not mechanically ventilated and for failing to follow facility policy on bypassing the barcode medication administration system prior to hanging propofol while employed in the ICU at the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration hospital in Tucson, Arizona


    Busby moved McCormies seconded and after discussion, it was unanimously carried to issue a letter concern for failing to remove nitroglycerin patches from patient A on or about December 2, 2012; December 3, 2012; December 4, 2012; and December 5, 2012 while on duty at the Hacienda at La Posada in Green Valley, Arizona and incorrectly documenting removal of the patches in the medical record


    Quinn moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried to grant certification upon meeting all requirements and issue a letter of concern for July 7, 2012 attempt to smuggle Crystal methamphetamines into the United States, which was never charged on September 20, 2012


    Quinn moved. Busby seconded and it was unanimously carried to grant certification upon meeting all requirements and issue a letter of concern for the October 6, 2011 conviction of domestic violence. A misdemeanor in the Municipal Court of Phoenix, Arizona, and on November 27, 2013 conviction for DUI and misdemeanor in the Municipal Court city of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona


    Mcormies moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for testing positive for marijuana in a return to work drug test on or about December 20, 2012 while employed as a RN at Scottsdale Healthcare


     September 2014

    Snyder moved it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern for medication errors made on or about November 8, 2009 and July 31, 2013 while working as an RN at hospice of Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona


    Johnson move Snyder seconded to issue a letter of concern for tampering with the prescription label and submitting the label as false evidence. In response to a positive urine drug test for oxycodone a drug for which she did not have a prescription after discussion motion filled with five opposed into in favor Dalton moved Berrigan seconded based upon the findings of fact and statute, rule violations identified in investing date of report offered a consent agreement for decree of censure


    Johnson move Snyder seconded and it was unanimously carried to grant registered nurse anesthetist certification upon meeting all requirements and issue a letter of concern for applicants April 4, 2013 conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol content of .144 at 20 to 50 hours


    Quinn moved Terrell seconded and it was unanimously carried to allow responded to continue on consent agreement and order, issue a letter of concern, while under consent agreement and order number for failing to complete a psychiatric substance abuse and anger management evaluation of the PhD level board approved evaluator within 30 days of the effective date for the order and for failing to make an appointment to undergo a complete the nursing ethics counseling or submit a syllabus of proposed ethics course work to board staff within 30 days of the effective date of the order


    Snyder moved, Johnson seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for failing to obtain relapse prevention evaluation in a timely manner


    Busby moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried upon meeting all requirements grant licensure and issue a letter of concern for the May 2, 2002 arrest by Phoenix, Arizona Police Department for assault, but did not result in prosecution; for the June 5, 2009 misdemeanor theft conviction, for the December 22, 2003 conviction of disorderly conduct a misdemeanor in the Lake Havasu Municipal Court in Lake Havasu, Arizona for the January 4, 2004 conviction of possession of drug paraphernalia, a class one misdemeanor, for the November 22 2005 conviction of possession of drug paraphernalia, a class I misdemeanor, and for the December 19, 2008 conviction of possession of drug paraphernalia, undesignated felony for which was later designated as a misdemeanor in the Yavapai County Superior Court in Prescott, Arizona


    Busby moved Berrigan seconded, upon completing of retraining/ retesting within six months of today’s date and meeting all certification requirements grant certification and issue a letter of concern for the October 1, 2009 misdemeanor conviction of driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage with a blood alcohol concentration of .132 in the Gilbert Municipal Court in Gilbert, Arizona, and for the April 19, 2011 misdemeanor conviction of possession or use of marijuana in the Superior Court of the state of Arizona


    Busby moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried issue letter of concern for mistakenly administering amphetamine salts to the student, MO, when it had been prescribed to another student on or about April 22, 2014 working as a school nurse



    Busby moved. Johnson seconded to issue a letter of concern for being rough and rude taking care of patients while on duty at the caring house in Sacaton, Arizona, on or about February 9, 2013.


    Gutierrez moved Dalton seconded and after discussion, it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern for being verbally abusive to patient, causing the patient emotional distress, as reported by staff and the patient regarding his request for as needed medication during overnight shift on or about January 5, 2014 at foothills rehabilitation Center in Tucson, Arizona


    Johnson moved Snyder seconded to issue a letter of concern for respondents arrest on or about October 4, 2013 for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia in Tucson, Arizona later dismissed; and for her admission to board staff of her periodic use of marijuana and for failing to report the charge to the board within 10 days as required by statute, enrolled after discussion motion filled with five opposed into in favor Quinn moved Dalton seconded based upon the findings of fact and statute, rule violations identified in the investigative report offer a consent agreement for decree of censure, if not sign within 30 days issue notice of charges


    Johnson moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried upon meeting all licensure requirements grant licensure and issue a letter concern for the June 30, 1998 conviction in Maricopa County Superior Court for possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. The November 2, 2011 conviction in Phoenix Municipal Court for driving or being an actual physical control under the influence of intoxicating liquor any drug vapor releasing substance or any combination thereof, a misdemeanor, and for failure to report July 22, 2011 DUI charge to the board within 10 days as required


    Busby moved Dalton seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for submitting a dilute random urine drug test specimen on October 25, 2013 consent agreement and order will remain in effect


    Gutierrez moved Berrigan seconded and it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern for failing to assure that all surgical materials were accounted for prior to moving patient A to the post anesthesia care unit while working as a circulating nurse at Banner Good Samaritan on March 1, 2013


    Dalton moved, Busby seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for failing to check patient’s blood sugar, prior to administration of Lispro insulin 10 unit subcutaneous and failing to notify the physician of a significant delay in patient’s discharge on or about September 21, 2012 at Banner Baywood


    Johnson moved, Dalton seconded, and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter of concern for failing to notify the physician patient A’s blood glucose result greater than 500 and for discharging patient A with unstable blood sugar on or about September 21, 2012 while employed and on duty as an RN at Banner Baywood


    Dalton moved Busby seconded and it was unanimously carried issue a letter of concern for failing to cause appropriate follow-up for patient A’s blood sugar of 500 and directing RN to continue discharge order for patient A on or about September 1, 2012 while employed and on duty as a charge RN nurse at Banner Baywood


    Quinn moved Busby seconded and it was unanimously carried to issue a letter concern for participating in the practice of using a hot pack on or about April 11 and 12, 2012. Without a providers order which caused second-degree burns of the abdomen of the postsurgical patient while on duty as RN


    Snyder moved Delton seconded and it was unanimously carried to grant certification upon meeting all requirements and issue a letter of concern for the April 30, 2012 citation by the Peoria Police Department for shoplifting, a misdemeanor, from Target for which applicant was convicted on August 7, 2012


    Busby moved, Snyder seconded, and it was unanimously carried to grant licensure upon meeting all requirements and issue a letter of concern for the January 1, 2014 incident involving her public intoxication and failure to cooperate with police for which she was convicted on March 26, 2014 for obstruction in Scottsdale, AZ.





    • Apral 10:16 pm on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      One case the corrupt az board of nursing did not use psych . They hate it when the respondent knows more than them . Public safety , now THAT is a joke, taxpayers think someone is watching, when all you have a over paid , under worked witch hunters.


    • wise owl 1:21 am on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is the case that appears Ridenour took a license away as a ‘courtesy” . Is this how it
      went down?, Nathan complained about Southwest Behavioral Health doing some not so kosher , employee dealings, Bohanske was Chief of Clinical Services ,appears he contacted his connection at the board, and she says , something like ‘i’ll have his license in a year.” In return , and I’d eat my hat if not true, R B , leaves alone the psychs that give diagnosis for dollars types . Old AZ tricks, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Public Safety, oh that’s just what they are paid to do . WHO would be the wiser ? If you didn’t see them at another location , looking like BFF”S of the third kind. OH yea Bd employees , look beyond that ‘grandmother’ at the board for what she is really capable of mafia style mama. When she asks you to do to others the unthinkable. This is the problem not having term limits they think they control who has licenses , sometimes they get EXPOSED . More than DIRTY politics .


    • mobileBSN 4:52 pm on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^what he said, happens in alot of cases . The ‘favor ” line will be exposed. Time to knock the head heifer off her seat . New blood , not just moving people from the BD into education slots, or assoc slots. CLEAN HOUSE, only way to clear out the infection ! The AZNA too, Robin Scaefer another BFF of this corrupt bd .


    • Nathan 5:00 pm on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Bob Bohanske, Ph.D., Chief of Clinical Services/Clinical Training, Southwest Behavioral Health
      Dr. Bob Bohanske is a Distinguished Practitioner and Fellow in the National Academy of Practice. He received his Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Arizona and M.S. in Counseling and Rehabilitation from the University of Southern California. He completed his residency at the Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Institute of Behavioral Medicine, both at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix. He has completed additional Post graduate training in the UCLA School of Medicine Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. Bob has been with SB&H for over 20 years.
      The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners consists of ten members: five licensed psychologists, two licensed behavior analysts and three public members. Board members are appointed by the Governor for five year terms, subject to confirmation by the Arizona State Senate.

      – Janice K. Brundage, Ph.D., – Psychologist Member
      – Tamara Shreeve, MPA – Public Member
      – Lynn L. Flowers, Ph.D. – Psychologist Member
      -Bob Bohanske, Ph.D., FNAP – Psychologist Member
      at the time of my issue at SBH I believe Bob was the board chair. He and JoJo have been seen together often. The coincidences are endless. Its not nice to fool with Bob Bohanske.


    • Lars 3:11 pm on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      it is not nice or legal to use your position as the Dir to take care of your friends if this is how it went down and certainly has the appearance . This is not public safety , this is fraud, revenge and corruption . OF Whistle blower retaliation. Amanda tried to get whisleblower laws , AZ bucked it. Ironically this is what the BON likes to accuse nurses of. Just exposing them , Ralph. Too bad Bobby can’t stop the back lash JO JO got out these actions. She’s trying to stop it by being on the social media NCSBN , to save her . They love to put comments on line under the nurses name that are HORRIBLE , and most people are AGHAST , when they hear about it.


    • MSN, NP 3:17 pm on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Absolutely shocked , that any state agency or person would stoop so low ,as to put the remarks they do , but ONLY to ones who cost them money. ! ANother area of investigation needs to be looked at ! It was horrifying to think someone at the BD would even think this was public safety or had anything to do with anything. As a psych friend said, the person getting chuckles or whatever amusement has some issues with THEM. Who is this person Valerie Smith, Elizabeth “jo” Ridenour, Emma Mamaluy, Janeen Dahn , Elizabeth A “Beth” Campbell , what sicko’s associated with this board , that is one thing for sure.


    • Giah 3:53 pm on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      AW I remember this case , I drove down from Prescott , never met the man, but I can tell you this board is up to NO GOOD. Sitting there first a security guard came in , I had been to other cases and no security guard. Judge was in on it Diane Milhaskey, taking ROLL CALL , and getting the security guards name on the record , odd in itself. I observe things , something is weird …… Then in walks Elizabeth A Campbell, got my answer ! her face was IMMEDIATE rage, she was ‘PISSED” . When she saw people sitting in the court room, now Nathan was not alone, they could not take advantage of this . Then MS Crooked Campbell calls all of her comrades out to the hall, and they have a little pow wow. Apparently ‘calling off ” their plan to talk consistently about matters that had nothing to do with nursing or anything really, try to upset the defendant , and then their little plan which was easy to figure out was to have the security guard escort him out. OH was Campbell hot, she had her little nasty scheme like the most evil and devious but tacitly acquiescing nothing had to be said, easy to figure out . And the Real proof , Campbell knows, Dahn knows, sneaky , but you got to get up earlier in the day. Using the security guards to make nurses look dangerous is a bully intimidation tactic , and is really a ‘pattern ‘ with these low lives at the board and the Attorney Generals office . Then a really great question is why wasn’t the security guard there the next time they met, I mean if you want it to look like you need a security guard you need to play it all the way . Because they did not need one the second meeting , duh. Just hire a security guard with the taxpayers money, to intimidate a defendant , Campbell in on the scheme , only way she can win her cases , oh and having the biased judges helps too , and corrupt board of nursing members. Where is the duty of candor ??


    • Jeff 3:57 pm on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Wow .OMG


    • nightingale1 11:49 pm on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Great post. Makes you wonder, does it not??


    • Beware 2:48 am on June 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      no wonder here , pretty much how it went down. What do you think a mouse in the corner would see , mirror image. There’s more , come back and read what has been going on , and continues. This is why Ridenour needs to go , and clean house. Go to prison, insider ‘trading ‘ . Just wonder about all the ones who left the board, they couldn’t deal with the crooked dealings any more. ? OH and when Ridenour assigns someone to ‘investigate ” the nurse, she adds her little “SIC EM “. Then the assigned investigator gets a promotion. Rewards them with money. And Titles, look at Hurtado. Like Cyndy Lauper says “Money changes everything .” Kinda tells ya what she does with those who cross her . If your retiring anyways, you might make yourself a rich bitch.


    • MS Maricopa 11:16 pm on June 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Looks like the smart ones left. They can see the writing on the wall. The rest do not even know what is going on ! Their minds are controlled by queen of liars,” memos by mamaluy.” AKA Control FREAK, be careful cause she will tell you something and if your dumb enough to carry out her dirty work she will deny saying that . Yes certain people can be manipulated,not by 1/2 truths but bold faced lies. This persons license Nathan, does not even have a complaint , retracted. hmmm , how do police act with that kind of case. NOT like this crazy board, they go with it anyways, knowing its a lie, they just do not care !


    • Freddy 11:18 pm on June 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply



    • B Durham 4:55 pm on June 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That is what the obedient teachers want you to do , just go away. Rule their corruption , illegals B S and not see you again, and do not post on social media against them . Humiliation is the name of their game , but do not want you to do it, guess we are not part of the obedient mia maids. There is nothing in the ‘case” that warrants any kind of revocation, at all , NOTHING. IN fact no evidence of anything . Drama. Do not sign these probation papers giving the board a get out of jail card . Stand up for what is right, this kid of corruption cannot go on for ever. And that lying lawyer you talk about, seems to me she is bucking to be the attorney for the BOH who is taking over . HMMMMM . Good for the nurses cause she gives dumb blond its true meaning.


    • K. Gianneto 6:12 pm on June 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Emma Mamaluy over the department of health , i would like to see that , cause it would be short lived. These cowards come after the nurses who’s personality is OPPOSITE there’s . Genuine nurses who got in as a caregiver , helping people , and have that inner empathy for another human and will do anything to assist the patient, are in shock if they are not familiar with sociopathic personalies. First at the number of lies they just make up. Go up against Doctors who always get attorneys, Pharmacists, who make average $66 hour/ will give them a fight. E Z pickens work at a nursing board, The nurses who’s resources are limited , these lazy monsters will go after the caring caregivers with no thoughts at all of taking a license away knowing their so called ‘witnesses’ are lying, Hurtado gets them to say what she is suggesting. Put them out of work , take away their paychecks so you can outspend them making
      taxpayers the victim as well, and not go against an attorney, the judge is already biased and the outcome has been decided before the case is filed. Go through the same motions, bring up what every morsel of dirt or degrading comment that anyone said , whether true or not. Who does this ? The types who have never bonded with a human , who have some mental block , who can do this to another human being who is just trying to make a living and get through life , being a responsible citizen ? what monster raised these evil dirty lying no goods ?


    • Marie H. 6:27 pm on June 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This article sounds familiar , Amanda ? remember the short lived disaster at the board of nursing , Nikki Austin, left a real mess, she found that Amanda gave a CHEESEBURGER to a patient while working at Mayo. UNREAL , can you force a patient to stick to a diet you decided was best for them ? Just as crazy as their forced mental treatments , the board has no business forcing on anyone . All based on bull , guess Amanda needs counseling to see why she would give a patient what they wanted on their diet , and because the patient was not eating because they did not like the diet selected by the staff what is good for them, she may have helped them get better faster by eating. I’d like to see someone try and get a cheeseburger away from Nikki Austin ! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Like taking a bone away from a hungry dog. You’d have a real fight on your hands. I remember Amanda or some other victim writing about , Nikki Austin appears to need counseling, how many marriages ? The last guy wasn’t the father to the kids , problems in her personal life . Her friends in Colorado, had a ‘falling out with her ” . Seems to have interpersonal relationships issues and then her exit from the BON , good terms , haha. Campbell had that same “pissed off pouting ” going on with Nikki , of course Campbell has to have everything her way .


    • Sandra tanner 6:38 pm on June 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      don’t forget nikki austin’s SHORT LIVED time at a law firm !!
      a real piece of work that one is . This case posted here is sad, huge impact, and so not fair . to bring up sexuality , well , they have their nerve I’ll tell you , if he wanted to make a case of this , I’m sure lot s of supporters . But then again their a few on the bon and employees who SHOULD relate to this , by their appearance which is most telling . butches for sure. Guess they think they are immune .


    • Glory Be 4:16 pm on June 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      TENACITY is the key to amazing results.


    • truth seeker 7:41 pm on June 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You would not allow someone to dump bags of garbage in your living room, so why allow these liars to put untrue bold face lies out there. Oh yea they do it “legally ” . making statements but not making COMPLETE statements. For instance,” Nurse A told us she had licenses in 5 other states, but FAILED to produce them. ” While this may be true, why does one board need to see proof of licenses in other states ? none of their business, and why would a nurse show up to prove them? although a true , (but unnecessary , statement) it gives the reader the impression the person is lying. AZBN does it all the time.
      In the records , if a person reading , would ‘read WAY between the lines” . you would see the lies. Nurse B “a called complained about a, b , c ” while may or may not be true, what they do not say, is “the person called back and wanted to withdraw the entire complaint, because none of it was true” . The bon does not put a ‘fair representation” or even anything on the nurses side , just all lies, 1/2 truths, and statements that have nothing to do with anything, just meant to cause emotional harm, intentionally. This is how your board of nursing in AZ operates. Very corrupt. Would a cop say person A had a bullet wound and person B was standing over them, when what happened was person A was shot by person c , who admitted it and had a gun when person b never even had a gun, they were doing cpr . .Amazing how the story changes !! Notice how the bon ONLY puts their lies out there so the reader will see only their biased, and incriminating side , sad gang of liars and thugs. They lie about one thing , you cannot trust anything they say.


    • Maxine Hanks 4:31 pm on June 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      How would Elson, Olson, Pilner, Ellis feel about the board of nazis obtaining their medical records , in which a Dr had written ‘he is a anal receptive gay male ” . These nasty girls at the board wrote that statement , and put it on the internet. IS this the type of person you are too? The nurses who are upset , angry at the bd meeting maybe they have a reason. disgusting is what they are DISGUSTING, below the belt , dig for tid bits , and when you take the bitch s to court this is how they retaliate. An attorney who advertises, “to keep your name out of the nurses magazine ” . SHAMEFUL , wicked bunch , liars , NASTY DISGUSTING , invasion of privacy . What does this have to do with anything ? By looking at a few of the dikee looking females , i’d say they have some vivid imagines what goes on in their bedrooms. BON members housemates. Yea this is what you are a part of , which makes you one of them . If this how you act , is this something that you would back up ? BE careful , we know this is an easy job and you certainly do not want to be working the bedside , your above THAT, but are you above this evil workings ? not if your working there and joining in against nurses who have been screwed over. Don’t get ‘report ‘ on what the ‘case ‘ is about, start thinking for yourself. Maybe the first time in your life.


    • Rep Mark Takano D -CA Us House of Representatives 7:22 pm on June 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I cannot imagine a professional organization stooping to this level. Intentional infliction of emotional distress for starters . Of course this is AZ , but still a Board of Nursing , a state agency, is not suppose to be involved in your personal lives. NO one should ever work as a nurse in AZ !
      Time to stop the gay bashing ! This would never happen in a civilized state. The person running this board needs to resign immediately . “Anti LGBT hate crimes are rising ” REP. Takano (I am gay ,metoo)
      Governor Ducey needs to make an example out of J. Ridenour, allowing this to happen on her watch.


    • B . Para 7:25 pm on June 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      OMG , tell me this did not happen Maxine ? Although I can see someone like Kristi Hunter doing this and laughing, about it. Dahn too . aka “professional toe nail clipper ! “


    • Jerry 12:14 am on June 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This sounds like the psych patient was trying to get someone in trouble. Someone wearing diapers at age 27 . A first year detective would know he was really off when he accused him of having sex with diaper boys mother, with no medical reason, that should have tipped someone off , but then again just ignore that ! Of course this corrupt board of nursing does not care what is said in a nurses (NP this case, ) favor they ONLY bring out the dirt. the board of nursing is SUPPOSE to prove their cases . It appears the RN/s NP , CNA”S prove their innocense. Again it does not matter what is said, the fix is in. When the corrupt board uses psych evals to take away careers, they must have had a discussion that this person, would be fine so why ask him to do psych eval and not give the board more evidence for them but against them .


    • Bill 2:41 am on June 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      MY ADVISE , just take them to court . Do not sign your rights away, they have nothing in most cases that is why they keep asking for more info, to scour it and look for dirt to use against you. gypsies and thieves. DO NOT TRUST THem . “send us this and we’ll wrap it up” OH NO< , cause we know what you do with sensitive information , isn't that right VALERIE SMITH< EMMMA MAMALUY ???? JANEEN DAHN , associate = do not trust !!!


    • shannon ,M. getz 6:25 am on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have nurse friends familiar with the boards , but AZ seems the most whacked out of all of them. this sounds like a bunch of crazy stories . Certainly not anything that would rise to revoke. These people are a couple bricks short of a full load. They said that one who moved up to Mesa from down here in Yuma , was ‘not wrapped too tight , Marla Moore, went to join his sister wives at the board, she will fit right in , sounds like she has been their before . ANyone would have to be a very mean type to join this kind of so called work . #METOO does not think any public protection is going on.


    • McKenna Denson 6:17 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Another ‘trick ‘ these public shamer’s like to play is , writing the boards decision or requests to courts for security , by putting the persons name, then putting disparaging information right up front so anyone searching the persons name , would see this . Does this board really think people cannot figure this out. ? Just as proof when one of the boards buddies, who Gutierrez invited to join the BON , did a evil trick, and jeopardized the patients safety by shutting off all of the IV pumps, they put THIS PERSONS name in the minutes spelled wrong , so on search it would not show up or no one would think it was her. Of course this is a real threat to public safety and deliberate , the az board of nursing gave this woman a letter of concern. IF anyone thinks this board is doing PUBLIC SAFETY , they are as delusional as the board members themselves. !


    • Cecil Ashe 9:26 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      One thing that the real TROUBLE MAKERS like to do , is play turn the tables . Make it out that whose who have been harmed by this corrupt board of nursing are the ones causing the ‘Trouble” when the BON , made many errors and stupid mistakes, but want the nurse /np to just “take it ‘ and go away and shut up. Well folks, it seems the stupid ones who not only did evil deeds but got joy from pouring salt in the wound. and having a haha over it . What they did was dirty and nasty enough but to flaunt it around and bring in people and personal information. (see above post) then I guess turn around is fair play . But these mean girls club of playing dirty is for their entertainment only ? That no back lash is expected. This corrupt board did not get backlash for a long time, things have changed , the internet is here, and their are some nurses who are not gonna take it. SO board of nursing TROUBLE MAKERS. you wear your name proudly , you earned it, by lying and going out of your scope of practice !


    • Stevie 2:40 am on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hey guys mamaluy is trying to clean house , get cases caught up , what is her motive ? she wants to be atty for the BOH? GOD Forbid ! . SHe cannot keep her mouth SHUT. for admin law her forte’ she really is pretty bad . DON”T SIGn THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS. The bd will add years on the probation, they will all employers and lie their heads off . Trying to get nurses in trouble , sick SOB that is for SURE. What a real mess this one is, in fact all of the attys , they get at the BOn seem to be females and PMS on steroids , all month long.


    • JUSTICE 4 ALL ! 4:37 am on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      THIS story is sad , makes me angry to read that a state agency can inflict so much pain on a person and get away with it. . Seems to me this was the one that Janeen Dahn who is the head trip demands others call her “DOCTOR DAHN” . they sound like a bunch of degree throwers. graduating from a school that does not even have that program anymore. Well it was head trip who told this NP he should have spent his money on this teeth inside of medications! ! WHERE are the boundaries for this board of crazies ??? Like they are the epitome of financial advisors ? and priorities on how to spend ones own money ! Talk about invading a NP personal lives !


    • WM 3:36 pm on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Why are boards of nursing so different . Or better yet why is AZ BON so different ? a good project to undertake , what state to hold a license in ! 1.95% of the nurses are from AZ . And they have a tough time , keeping up . too much time spent doing things they are NOT suppose to be doing ! Any new grads out there or anyone new to AZ needs to find out what this corrupt board is up to ! Keep up the good work !


    • Charles de Montes 3:42 am on June 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      “There’s no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and the name of justice. “


    • Cable 3:44 am on June 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      hey board of nursing ‘simple minded ‘ employees . Paranoid : mistrust of people WITHOUT any EVIDENCE or justification .


    • Lou Ann Ali 12:14 am on June 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      OH I am SO GLAD I did not renew the Arizona license ! Working on a travel assignment and the other nurse was complaining of her mgr, I said you should take it to the union rep. Got escorted out for talking to others about union ! AZ is so back wards so sickening when it comes to nursing, I left with my license and butt intact , something that lot do NOT . Never work in AZ in nursing, go on vacation and get out so not worth it. And alot of these nurses have LOST THEIR LICENSE over this bullsh*t ! wow , Someday , someone will do their job and see what they are doing , or do it to the wrong person .


    • Arieal 4:15 am on June 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Who is going to stop the machinery of destruction by the board of nursing ? joined by the hip with the atty gen office. With the public safety profiteers doing inhuman misery? Land of the ‘free” ?


    • Jan 5:57 pm on June 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      A profession who’s leadership cannot look in the mirror and see it’s faults and address them can not be identified as honest . It s all part of the propaganda to mislead the public so they will enter the system to contribute to the healthcare gravy train. Do not be fooled by ‘shortage of nursing ” a profession you will always have work, nurses are disposable objects , they want a large labor pool so they can keep wages low and treat you like the slave you are. What other occupation that is not degrading and require you to work your tail off , uniform consists of ‘scrubs” ” like the old scrub woman, on their hands and knees cleaning up messes. Why do mgrs wear white lab coats , so they can hang up the ‘germs ” on a hook when they get back to their desk . Caretaker or hand maiden, silenced , and obedient . or speak up and hang from a noose, while being whipped to death , in a public hanging arena , the style of this azbon


    • B E M 3:49 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And in a state like AZ , women are expected to be second class . Take a profession like nursing, a high number of women , and its expected for them to obey especially in this BON arena and up bringing . It would not be that hard to prove no public safety goes on with this board. Reading these cases , so DIFFERENT than other boards . SO different . Feel sorry for the ones who become victim to this torture, which is a selected torture .


    • Dolly 4:01 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Keep records, so many patterns . What are these crazed people looking at when your case is in front of them ? Why do they need to know what school you attended. ? so they can give GCU students favoritism? We all know THAT connection. When you look at the flunky butt school , Machesky went to , a joke she is making any decisions on highly educated , highly experienced nurses. Prison nurse , fits her better. Hopefully the dinasour thinking Harell wont show up in another area , like education ! UH! Rattles on about such nonsense . Like Annoying Little ” Joey” McCormies. NO PUBLIC SAFETY, but they say it often, mouthing the words, like a propaganda tool .


      • nightingale1 11:48 am on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Dolly has that kind of opinion that comes from the front line of observation. Thks


    • Nursie 1:29 pm on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      just one observation of these wicked women (yes their are ALL women ) will tell the observer they are not carrying out their mandate of public safety.
      to all the cnas , Rn’s, NP who have been the unfortunate victim of this unprofessional biased board, I wish you a peaceful life. Once you go through something like this you are not the same person. The person you were has been robbed of their dignity , just as Nathan has. Any person would be emotionally bullied, upset, and devastated to learn their board , did this dastardly deed. The trust in another human, the faith in a public agency that trusted , honest people will be selected and honor that privilege , and do the fair , unbiased , decision based on NPA and not what has been pumped into their brains during marathon mind control Sundays. But that is not the case here . Not in AZ . I hope new grads take advice from the victims here, I can feel their pain. That you get into another occupation , or move out of state . Hate to see you get 20-25 years in and have this happen to you . AZ a back wards state, where the nurses own board cannot accept a person the way they are , with their distorted thinking , they are the only ‘good’ ones , but have to ridicule and continue the mission of hate outside of their own little world .


    • Vanna 3:13 am on June 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone who is wrongfully convicted , had their career stolen from them through this AZBON corrupt ways, must suffer some type of PTSD. The life events scale of losing a job, which has a number but losing ones career and identity, is one big blow . This is abuse , human rights trampled on. A BON “protecting the public” hardly ! Not when these same board members and staff are abusing the nurse. Lies, manipulation, searching into ones private life , these people will pay for their actions in some way some day. I hope they can feel the hate and pain that these nurses have told me they gone through. Nasty all of them , J. Ridenour, is a vicious person, like she was parented by a pit bull, she has been given the power to make things right , but she is too in love with money and power hungry bitch to step off her high horse. Quinn is just plain brain washed too far , he is OUT THERE ! . Strange group all of them , one thing for sure , they will stick together.


    • Vinnie 3:18 am on June 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Things changing even with these groupies, While some are third generation, the latest generation isn’t buying the whole nine yards, A good sign . But the really brain washed ones, you cannot talk sense to any of them, brain washed is the word for sure. Only thing that is regurgitated is what is pounded in to their heads their whole life . Even the fact that they are some how taught and now think they are the ‘epitome of how everyone is suppose to think an act ” WRONG !


    • G R B 3:25 am on June 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Board meeting , ATTY Chelle, RANDY DANDY QUINN ” Deception will not go well for your client ” . Really Randy Dandy Quinn??? Seems to work for YOU !! Stealing nurses careers !! hard to believe that this POS is a nurse himself, how would he like this done to HIM??
      Oh no not him, the mirage image of never to come island chaser . Delusional Randy


    • brett 9:40 pm on June 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Great Site !


    • PURE 1 8:54 pm on June 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      when you look at what is out there in medical mistakes. and they are chasing politics around . NO PROTECTING anyone but the greedy hospitals . playing politics is all they are doing ! SICKENING. Who is paying for this little game taxpayers who have NO CLUE!. Anyone can put in anonymous complaint, even a convicted felon, “she slumped in her chair ” ” her response was BLASE’ ” NOW that’s a NEW one. ! Then an investigation goes into a past of never land . To come up with nonsense ! NO public safeguards for the people paying for this obsurd , game . report, investigate , how through depends on who it is, file notice of charges, probation or go to court , where a norang or court room drama, another big GAME of the judge pretending the listen while the case has been decided before you go. The Sleazeball attorney whether it is Campbell, or Krishna , making comments 98% have nothing to do with anything, just make a big think record of nonsense.


    • Hon 11:08 pm on June 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      very baised, special treatment for some , while others they like to slam . Horrible nasty board , all of them ! when you have a complaint tell them you were a member of a TEAM !!, and they need to talk to the entire TEAM!! , be like they are , this corrupt board cannot answer one question independently . They have to “think it over ” then hash it around and give a nebulous answer. But they want to know your underwear color. they must because when they do UDS in the office two of them look at your ‘junk ” Talk about nosey !


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