‘Rino’ Administration

Most experienced nurses have a solid understanding what the term ‘confidentiality’ means in relation to patient privacy without needing a 10 week course in relating to what the general public has access to. It is relatively simple, or was before the massive governmental regulations bored itself down on every comma, period and sentence ever printed on health records.

What about the nurse who gets investigated by the AZBN and submits themself to evaluations by providers and pays for that evaluation themselves. Being of sound mind and body the future of those records are guarded from release to the public, most of the time, depending upon the politics of the case and, more importantly, what that nurse agrees to on a consent agreement. The access to those evaluations, even for the nurse who bought and paid for an evaluation, is blocked by the attorney general, violating federal law. Siting some rinky dink state law sponsored by AZBN. As many Arizonians now are aware of the overburdened government is overburdened by the overburdened government. That isn’t a typo. Rules, laws, laws,rules and the continued monster growth of a government is so far removed from the Goldwater foundations there isn’t enough sky up there to float another bond to pay for this overburdened monster.

Any consent agreement you sign for the AZBN is about protecting the faults and errors of the AZBN and the attorney generals’ office. This process has zero to do with protecting the public. However, it does not over ride Federal law for access to those who have paid for an evaluation and the record can ALWAYS be made available to that person. In the ‘Rino’ state of Arizona you’ll need to file suit to get your own records that you paid for.

The predictable response from the most predictable AAG

From: “Cindy Rollins” <dr.cindy.rollins@gmail.com>
To: “lynnreichle” <lynnreichle@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wed, May 16, 2018 at 7:06 PM
Dear Ms. Lynn Reichle,
Please read the email below from Elizabeth Campbell, Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Arizona Board of Nursing, regarding your request to obtain materials used in the psychological evaluation conducted in September of 2015 which was requested by the Arizona Board of Nursing.
Cindy Rollins, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist #4220

1680 Iron Spring Road, Suite 103 Prescott AZ 86305

(928) 458-5817              www.drcindyrollins.org

Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message and attachments.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Campbell, Elizabeth<Elizabeth.Campbell@azag.gov>
Date: Wed, May 16, 2018 at 12:20 PM
Subject: Lynn Reichle
To: “dr.cindy.rollins@gmail.com” <dr.cindy.rollins@gmail.com>
Cc: “vsmith@azbn.gov” <vsmith@azbn.gov>

Dr. Rollins,


As you know, I am one of the Assistant Attorney Generals who represents the Arizona Board of Nursing.  Although I do represent the Board, please note that I do not represent you and cannot provide you with legal advice.  I understand that Ms. Reichle has requested documents from you related to the evaluation that you performed on behalf of the Board in September 2015.


In connection with your evaluation of Ms. Reichle in September 2015, Board staff sent you documents from the Board’s investigative file.  Under ARS 32-1664(M) and (N), documents received and maintained by the Board as a result of its investigation are confidential.  Because you were acting as a consultant for the Board in performing the evaluation, documents provided by the Board remain confidential in your possession.  Specific items from the Board’s investigative file are available to a respondent under ARS 32-3206, but that is only in connection with an administrative hearing, and those items would come from the Board (not the evaluator).


In this case, instead of pursuing an administrative hearing, Ms. Reichle resolved her Board case with a consent agreement in November 2015.  Ms. Reichle did not comply with the consent agreement and, pursuant to its terms, her RN license and AP certificate were revoked in January 2016.  Ms. Reichle’s Board case is closed and she is not now entitled to receive documents from the Board’s investigative file at this time.


If Ms. Reichle has requested documents not addressed in this e-mail, please let me know, and I will provide further information with regard to those specific requests.  Also, if Ms. Reichle were to take any legal action to obtain confidential documents, please let me know so that the Board can take appropriate action.




Elizabeth Campbell

Assistant Attorney General

Assigned to the Arizona Board of Nursing

(602) 771-7859

The roaring lion needs to go back to law school. Law allows provider to decide. Suppose to. The dedication of this post, and other posts, is in direct evaluation that the A.G. office is directly noted with obstructional actions. Can it be confused with being legally correct.  It is when you don’t have to answer to anybody. Confused about the legalities related to health care records?? If there is a law it doesn’t matter when you are with the A.G. .


On a lighter note, rumor has it Stormy Daniels is challenging Joe Arpaio for the vacant senate seat.



22 thoughts on “‘Rino’ Administration

  1. Campbell wouldn’t even make a good secretary. But she is always doing “extra’ things. Many violations , This is giving legal advise, and encouraging to do more . Betting Rollins getting a phone call. We’ll get that too on subpoena. Dumb and Dumber .


  2. This Board of Nursing who want to have a communist country in the worst way are always hiding RECORDS . Keeping things from the nurses to defend themselves ! Watch it nurses when they tell you to sign, you cannot use the investigation report in court . WHY would anyone sign that ??? Because that report is packed with lies ., and you can unravel it. The truth sets you free. This is what goes to the pysch to get them against you. These psychs just cannot figure it out on their own. The board has to direct them what they want as a final outcome.


  3. Looks to me like this Campbell will have to answer questions like , WHY DIDN”T the Board attorney who is paid full time year round respond to this. Busy. OH NO , NOT an excuse , because nurses before the board cannot use that excuse ever. I bet that Mamaluy is busy, seems to be quite the busy body. On things that do not concern her or the board , both of these pettifoggers need to put on their big girl panties.


  4. What makes this better is V Smith involvement ! Laughable . You know the VALERIE SMITH who retired three times from the board of nursing ! She Must have missed the part where you punish another human , watch nurses cry, go through the worst time of their entire life. Occasionally tell judges a line , when the judge questions it then she says ‘good catch” complimenting the judge, instead of admitting, she was trying to pull a fast one. The one who goes to the NCSBN so she can save the dwindling down the drain reputation of this board ? thank you for this got a chuckle !


  5. Unreal, where is the AZ legislature in all of this ? Seems to be a lot of violations going on . Attorneys threaten if you do not sign , you will lose your license BUT you will lose it anyways. The way these probation’s are designed (for some) . Signing makes the nurse admit guilt, to keep license . something the cannot adhere to . Very Very corrupt . The consent agreements are as detailed as a criminal case. even though it is written out. Nurses are not used to legal terminology, and the board loves to put a nurse out of work so they don’t have representation for an attorney, IS this what attracts lazy lawyers to do work for a Board of Nursing. ? Drs fight harder have resources , imagine pharmacists do to. These people are to be shamed !


  6. Roaring LIon. or bad actor . When she knows , already proven that the ‘witness’ for the state is lying and she asking them questions to get their lies on record.Even when brought out and disproven , she goes along with it. NOT an oath that she has taken to uphold. This is not a matter of he said/ she said/ and reasonable doubt this is proven the person is a liar in most cases. Campbell should be disbarred for this , prosecutorial misconduct. She said a bunch of words when she got married too , based on how a person acts in one area of their life , once the lie you can’t trust anything they say to have any truth. once a liar always a liar .


  7. NURSING STUDENTS are so wearing rose colored glasses and have no clue what is really going on. ! If these nursing students ever knew the real truth to what happens, how unqualified, what low life scum tricks this board if up to , they probably wouldn’t believe it. Go to a board meeting after a year or two and watch them you will have a much different perspective. Then get someone who is evil revengeful and put in a false complaint on you, and you will soon figure it out. In the mean time , keep your mouth shut, you have no idea the jabs you are giving in your uneducated opinion are only screwing yourself. Then when unjustly, unfairly treated, if your naive enough to get a license in AZ , speak from the mountain top !


  8. How much do they get paid for doing this dirty work , profit off of humiliation. Spreading the word about psych evals, which are handed out like hot cakes , now that the bon does not pay. When they were paying , not so many were ordered. Just the tough cases where they had nothing. Scare tactics . stop signing those papers.


  9. I like the ‘sincerely yours ” and” love and kisses .” not a sincere thought goes through that bimbo . Sold the soul long ago. like “we are together , against those bad nurses ” when the real crooks have AAG behind their name . Karma is coming really rich. You would have to puke your guts out watching the other fake Joey , signing the students attendance slips , and giving them a ‘smile”. While comments on breaks ‘what a bunch of fake news , like we are stupid and can’t see it ” . Some of them do, some are the passing rate 59% group.


  10. Remember nurses, cna’s when you are board ordered to have a psych eval , at a very pricey cost, you pay for this so the board can use it against you. ! Just remember most states DO NOT pass the fee on the to nurse or the cna’s (who are making 13-15 hour. ANd also remember that is was ROBIN SCHAFER AZNA and her side Kick lobbyist who made comments that ” the nurses do not want fees increased” . SO Robin Schafer is speaking for all nurses in AZ . But she is recommending the BON for against nurses ! The BD cannot threatened to raise fees , because they are using psych to take nurses down , who have clean records. Robin Schafer does not work the bedside. , she wouldn’t know how. She ‘s in an office playing politics with her lobbyists. Who are really lobbying for the bd. (oh but you are not suppose to think that ) . Time to start a REAL nurses organization, like the teachers association not the crooked high paid pencil pushers working with the corrupt board of nursing.


  11. HALLELUJAH , Harells last board meeting . She loves to listen to herself fun her mouth . “Serve on the board ” really ? like your some kind of war hero, Just a old fashioned , unqualified , nasty ole bitch. think she really knows ANYTHing. when it is obvious how randy is telling the others how to vote she always makes a comment that will back up his bullsh*t . of course they are protecting the “mia maids ” . ANd taking everyone else down as much as they can. On one hand Harell says “we are taking too much time with this case, ” or “don’t forget about triggers” Then comes out with , your license is more valuable than your house, the most valuable thing you will ever have over your life time ” But ! Don’t let her go over 5 minutes . IF the courts werent so corrupt this board would be in jail, stealing peoples houses from them . Would love to see one of them homeless , they don’t even think it can happen to them lose their career . Wake up Monday morning looking for work , with it all over the www about your psych babble. Stupid board members still prevail but one at a time, good ridence to old bag of wind . !


  12. OW , that self righteous kook !! As a model of tattoos I wear swim suits, at the board meeting she said ‘do you really think you look professional in that ?” What rock did this old fashioned coot come out of? A real creep !! Her and quinns ‘divine attributes ” , in the wrong pew for that sh*t let me tell ya ! CLEAN HOUSE , Preston is still there ! another messed up mind


  13. Im betting out of 80,000 RN”S about 2% have a clue that they BON moved the expiration date on your license to April instead of June so they would get the money faster for four year renewals. I know of 2 people who put in for retirement for June , and had to pay for FOUR years for 2 months of working . WHO authorized this ?? The bon just vote , the bon would be broke operating in the red if they did not do this. MAYBE the hours of witch hunting on nurses , when you have NO business looking back that far . Witch hunting , going through a NP entire records so you have something on them ?? Contacting all neighbors from last 3 addresses ? Like a murder investigation of the President . Those marathon hours given to investigators are NOT legal , and only done to some .


  14. Notice they are offering a mediation now , like the courts are not biased towards the agencies. !! Don’t mediate anything , let them take the license, and go after them .
    Of course this agency this thread is about , sure seems like many would want to SEPARATE from this crazy board of nursing. Just look at every member , messed up . Jana Machesky, went to some school in Penn , like ‘workfair instead of welfare” type of Little pretend nurse. She does ‘case mgt” , a job they give to lpn s they take pity on cause they ruined their back. Nursing home material . So she is voting and making decisions about NP and RNs’ who actually give medications, write prescriptions. Work critical care . Sickening . WOW she is so not qualified. But I will say at times, she seems, exasperated at the way the others are talking out loud. Frustrated they are ‘going there” . And actually is against them frying a nurse. But on other cases she goes along with them when if she actually read the transcript she she know better. Maybe an ETHICS course?


  15. Nurses in AZ need to wake up what is really going on. After watching this crew , and seeing how incompetent and off the wall they are . When hiding in a gang style arena, they think they are all ‘together” . Basically take one and ask the hard questions , they cannot answer. Like being out numbered, while one is blowing smoke up your rear the other has time to think. The goon , randy Quinn, is a total moron. such a joke. To think this incompetent, stupid comments right and left, is capable of anything. Like a little boy, ‘guessing” , and making up rules as he goes . No wonder they took these meetings off the internet ! Like watching Jerry Springer . Just as trashy.


  16. Wish i had read this, (alot of information) and NOT signed the probation. It was filled with lies but they threaten to revoke your license so I signed. This in itself if unprofessional conduct. Never again ! I would advise anyone , unless you murdered your spouse , do not sign . The probation’s are written VERY controlling. these people , have this better then thou attitude and they do no wrong. We know what they are doing on the board is wrong , sinfully wrong. Image what they do in their personal lives !


  17. Wished I had known that Nic, I went to the board meeting, how UN IMPRESSIVE ! First , you would think they could get things straight ! I was told show up at 0800am , the meeting did not start until 10 am because someone screwed up. (if nurses make mistakes someone could die ). Then I was called about 330 pm , I had to argue me case and say my side in < 5 mins, I did not have anything to eat all day. I thought i'd be back home by noon. At lunch time i did not have any money and sat in my car. I had to pay a babysitter for my minor child . I was to start a job on Monday but now they ordered probation so that went out the window. I am now on food stamps and welfare, this board has stolen food out of the mouth of my 5 yr old and probably our apt as well. I was so up set I tried not to cry when leaving, my mother is dying of cancer and she is only 50 . They have no idea what they took from me , and my ability to warn an income and my dream .


  18. There is a concept throughout the nursing world that regulatory agencies are far from being honest, they are well thought of as corrupt, overburdened, arrogant and poorly trained. Their staff turnover rate is remarkable and mind boggling considering the viable economic potential of that position. Many experienced nurse define the situation as a mere extension of what nurses have been doing to themselves for years. Raising their own self esteem at the cost of others. Stay out of Arizona if you want to live.


  19. makes you wonder if an agency is doing things by the book , doing what they are mandated to do. Why are they so secretive, why are they still using threats and intimidation for nurses , filing false reports, and trying to scare people off. Why are they so scared ??? What ‘s their to be scared of ? If you aren’t doing anything wrong, then, why the using resources for bullshit reasons ? Why do they change what they must discuss at the meetings , the order of things to ‘slip in ‘ when no one watching, why are they , still after screwing nurses over with liars and lies they KNOW were lying but use them anyways. Still using scare tactics intimidation. Bookkeeper bouncers , IT show up to try to intimidate people. ANd why are these two big block heads willing to go along with it, recent promotion ? are they that incompetent they have to do ‘extra ‘ for their ‘boss” . NO back bone, and not really MEN . Bullies .


  20. Board of nursing really is screwing up. Cases that were heard are not posted on the site, and the board of nursing is “PROTECTING THE PUBLIC” really, seems like it is their ‘usual” to put the smear of the nurse plastered all over immediately , slackening . have their minds on other things. Things they are not being paid to do. ! Really crazy stuff happening. , still retaliation by the board . The board the dir and her minions all want to plaster lies , and crazy nonsense about nurses on the www but do it to them , it doesn’t go over to well. WHAT , they do not like being treated they same as they treat others . NO golden rule followers with this board , another belief system, take care of those mia maids , and Fk the rest over .


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