Rebel With a Cause AZBN

There were zero surprises for those of us who’ve gone through the political process AZBN when this posting came online. Its annoying not knowing who it is.  Perhaps it would be brushed off as just another nurses’ rant about political nursing, The lastest bad evaluations for the AZBN in social media makes this post more potent in that it defines volume, how many more??

Post From Rebel Nurse

 OK guys and gals , anyone who has been to the crazy board of nursing office, and met with an “investigator” who pretends they don’t know what you are talking about, but has in their hands your statement ! Short term memory problems??? Ok so at the end of this waste of time, the ‘investigator ‘ says , do not talk about this to anyone, except an attorney that you have hired. I looked like , excuse me ? Looked as if I agreed, but got to thinking , this “investigator is talking with who ever they want, and I will talk to WHO EVER I WANT ABOUT ANY FACTS OF THIS NONSENSE THAT IS GOING ON AT THE BOARD OF NURSING ~!!!! How illegal !! Wow if that is a peek of what is to come, they sure think they can do what ever they want ! Rude awakening with this gal !

Well Missy, You are well on your way to being immune to their tear gas.



18 thoughts on “Rebel With a Cause AZBN

  1. For a while many nurses were strong advocates towards regulatory agencies, that period of naive ness has rapidly dwindled in recent time of 2 years. Basically the Bd can do its job without this bullying trash. Actually stiffly demanding a respondent to do this is unconstitutional in the first amendment violation.


  2. The concept that nursing adm is going to get it right is seldom looked upon with optimism. Most nurses of experience easily give stories of the power trip nurses in adm that simply don’t want to work. We all know nursing is hard work, and the politics in the back room is their bread and butter. They’ve got no idea what is happening to the patients. Nurses sooo abuse one another, WHY??


  3. To the newbies to the gas chamber of the corrupt Az board of nursing. You do not have to go to those ‘meetings ” they have set up. It is to ask you questions to hold against you later. <watch the big *sses jump to grab a certain chair, that is key to where the camera is ! Stand behind them ! that will throw them off . Or just don't go , they are on a fishing expedition anyways. *Note , there will be two of them , (both willing to lie their heads off ) and one will sit in the ENTIRE TRIAL , as a witness, which the other one testifies what the first one says is true. ! Does that seem like covering their butts before being accused of lying ? You must fill out the questionaire, but not how they ask you to. The look back is FOUR YEARS , before that the Corrupt AZ BOard of Nursing nazis do not have jurisdiction and better not be sending out supeonas . They just do it and border on the nurses not knowing what is going on. Hey your nurses, and now you have to read the laws and the crazy BS , that the AZ board of nursing has gotten passed . WHERE is the lobbyist for nurses ?? And NO not the AZNA, they are NOt to be trusted !


  4. For those who have not really had an ‘experience ” with this corrupt az board of nursing. Do not judge those who are exposing them to assist those who never know when they will be victim to this corruption. Apart from license renewal most nurses , NP, CNAS have no involvement with their state nursing licensing board, and its operations . And so most really have no idea how nasty and complex things can become in these dealings. Some of us have delved pretty intensively into understanding their unchecked power and the mind boggling cost and effort required to challenge their false allegations and deliberations. While trying to preserve all of one’s due process and civil rights , and the boards unwarranted interruption of work, we seem to come against opposition or others nurses . Those who should be for changing a unbalanced corrupt system. I guess you could all take a lesson from the teachers. Imagine if the nurses marched and protested, for safe staffing laws. While nurses can make a living, they have horrific working conditions , with mgrs acting the same as the opponents of civil rights for nurses against this corrupt board of nursing. Its time to search what is really going on. Not just reading under the nurses name the biased , and ‘cherry picked ‘ statements to defame a nurse, mostly unrelated. IT IS TIME .


  5. I concur ! What you thought you knew about fairness, ethics , and transparency in dealing with such agencies can turn into a third world circumcision of females going on in this country. At first , you think such hostilely malevolent dealings was unique to your case . But finding others who went through similar experiences and realized that not only are there a significant number of nurses who have been similarly mistreated , these agencies have capitalized on the nursing communities ignorance of their workings and the presumption that those called before these authorities would be treated fairly. Unwarranted investigations based on ‘anonymous complaints”, mandatory psych evals (which you can refuse , it only bolsters their case going to one of their ‘listed ” psychs willing to write what the bd wants for a stream of high priced referrals. While you are paying for the eval , to pad the chart against you ! In their ever lying mouths , “safe to practice” . All done with complete denial of due process.


  6. Used him to “witness” then dumped him , all predicted . Could not possibly be ER material , no floor experience, Banner would just fire him / or quit in lieu of being fired and not turn him in to the BON . “selective reporting “. Management figures out that he can’t be trusted . THIS IS why you never sign off , you won’t sue the AZBON , you never know what will unravel in the future. Banner just got caught and 18 million dollar fine. the Whistle blower Cecelia Guardiola is now herself a millionaire. While most whistleblowers get turned over to the AZBON to silence them , sometimes it comes back and bites them .


  7. looks to me like Banner should have paid more attention to their corrupt billings practices instead of reading what nurses are sharing with one another ,. While we aim to assist in protecting other nurses and informing them of the “pattern of corruption” . Of course this corrupt board of nursing agency certainly acts as if it is partners with all the hospitals . Silencing nurses is protecting the public? By the board doing what they want , like paid hatchet women , true partners in crime. If the hospital cannot do enough to them, send them on to the BON. It also seems like this is the way it works, : that Ridenour gets the call, and tells them ‘submit it like this , we’ll take care of of that nurse” . ” You stab em we’ll slab em” technique .


  8. Then once tangled up with this corrupt board of nursing agency. you can hardly believe some of the ruthless conniver tactics . We have been inundated with a psychology that has us viewing these people as what kind of undiagnosed problems they really have ? Most of us generally hate to think of ourselves as callous and insensitive people . We hesitate to make harsh of negative judgments about others . We want to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they don’t really harbor the malevolent intentions we suspect . But on every encounter and with everyone of members and employees , that egomaniacal thinking disordered character comes out. Several times it runs through your mind , how can they be so disturbed, and then they prove themselves over and over. It comes as no surprise that they do not want the ones who have figured this out to mingle with the newbies!


  9. Hopefully these corrupt az board of nursing members do not think of what they are doing , as the “perfect crime” . ANd untouchable ! There are many layers of protection and a huge lack of over sight , seems like it may have started out a good thing weeding out the ones who really are down right dangerous, but then , they got away with corruption once, a second time and now think they are 10 foot tall and bullet proof now.


  10. How can it be that all of the circumstances are much different , but once at the corrupt AZ board of nursing , gets a hold of it and twists like a jaded roller coaster , they end up all the same ? Isn’t that strange how there seems to be a pattern of deceit in every case . The corrupt board of nursing is suppose to prove their case, but no matter how much evidence is presented to counter their strange accusations, it is all ignored and the focus goes on whatever liar they want to believe . usually the one who can tell the tallest tale , and really soup it up , exaggerate or just pull made up pile of wild lies . And that is what they call their evidence . The ASSistant atty general , who give a report to the corrupt board of nursing , is so far fetched , and carries no truth amazing how these animals can talk with a straight face. Actors . Power tactic manipulators using one another to push their own agendas., and justify their behaviors. The liars and the AAg are like peas of the same pod , no different .


  11. So many strange connections Sunita Krishna , father Krishna on medical board also on board of regents, J Ridenour dir of bon, for way too long , mistake back then mistake still today. Appointed , re appointed by lazy gov, mostly the big R , ticket, like Brewer , who’s son worked in Wm Ridenours office. Wm “wild Bill “ridenour Chairman of the AZ Nurses Foundation, if that isnt a conflict. Scholarships given out, Board of Regents over ASU, all connected , while the President of the ASU , is speaking to a group with a big sign in front of him BYU, now Klein who was on the board of regents just appointed treasurer. by the Ghost Gov who pays not attention to what the BON is doing. The AZNA of which robin schafer is dir of in Az and idaho, (interesting, looks like this is how Nikki Austin became acquainted with the BON , in AZ , but bowed out , causing quit a stir. Then there is Kathryn Busby who was on the AZ BON for 8 years then immediately is the lobbyist for the AZNA ! Gov took the lobbyists away from state agencies, a good thing, but if Busby isn’t getting ‘tips ” i’d eat my hat ! IF that isnt a conflict of interest. While Harris still crawling around the Beus, campus and 1740 Adams checking on old friends. the buzz is all about cleaning up the books , and bringing cases within 4 years ! (well the auditor general does say “7 MONTHS AVERAGE” , so who’s counting , when it hits the 4th year! . SO many employees , picking out the cases to they are going to investigate , like the person is applying to work in the white house, while others skate by and don’t even go to the bon meeting . amazing how that works !


  12. maybe if bahama mama wasn’t snooping reading fb and spying on private parties they could get something done. Make better decisions. How much does she make an hour to read everyones’ facebook ? Is THIS part of her job description ? A real cheese head for sure.


  13. Glad to hear that the investigators are watching , once they really read what is going on , they will take action. Just like the holy holdings , it will all be exposed. They want the money, but want a secret society , like oil and water don’t mix . Cheese head, for sure, and one big male jar head sitting in the middle of the women. Oh don’t get me wrong he does not have the guts to be in the military and become a man, he hides behind a desk , talks like a one man band show, taking those who are already in a lowly position down. Like he has some kind of morally pure thoughts in his jar head . A joke to those who have seen the theme more than once.


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