Rebel With a Cause AZBN

There were zero surprises for those of us who’ve gone through the political process AZBN when this posting came online. Its annoying not knowing who it is.  Perhaps it would be brushed off as just another nurses’ rant about political nursing, The lastest bad evaluations for the AZBN in social media makes this post more potent in that it defines volume, how many more??

Post From Rebel Nurse

 OK guys and gals , anyone who has been to the crazy board of nursing office, and met with an “investigator” who pretends they don’t know what you are talking about, but has in their hands your statement ! Short term memory problems??? Ok so at the end of this waste of time, the ‘investigator ‘ says , do not talk about this to anyone, except an attorney that you have hired. I looked like , excuse me ? Looked as if I agreed, but got to thinking , this “investigator is talking with who ever they want, and I will talk to WHO EVER I WANT ABOUT ANY FACTS OF THIS NONSENSE THAT IS GOING ON AT THE BOARD OF NURSING ~!!!! How illegal !! Wow if that is a peek of what is to come, they sure think they can do what ever they want ! Rude awakening with this gal !

Well Missy, You are well on your way to being immune to their tear gas.