History of AZBN Education Pamela Randolph

Sometime around the spring of 2011 a then Bd staff member Pamela Randolph R.N.(Amongst several other credentials) wrote on the Bds’ webpage the history of the AZBN education. The staff member mentions the Nightingale Model but concludes it could not be researched on the net. 

The founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale anonymously wrote ‘Notes on Nursing’ during her tending to veterans of the Crimean war during the 1860s. It was initially anonymously penned as nurse Nightingale didn’t want attention drawn to herself as she was a noble and the wealthy nobles did not work in nursing. This 75 page volume was the initial model for modern nursing. Many of its advice indices are still considered the foundations of nursing. A strong advocate for nurse education through hands on instruction. Much of her work was the foundation for the now outdated ‘diploma’ trained nurse programs which was the mainstay of training until the monopolized invasion of the for profit industry of health care in the early 1990s. From the 1930s through the 1980s the U.S. remained always in the top 10 of quality health care in the industrialized world. Today the U.S. is next to last. An Operating Room trained nurse under the Nightingale Model spent about six weeks in training, and once graduated could step into an operating room and immediately be a well trained part of the surgical team. By 2000 modern day for profit education programs allowed for 1 day observation. You can figure the rest out, which leads you to the cold facts that the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is the health care system itself. Well documented and has now made it to Hollywood via “The Resident”; promoted by the book, “Unaccountable” by Surgeon Marty Makary of Johns’ Hopkins. Is the AZBN regulatory agency regulating public safety or something else?? A bizillion nurses will tell you the Board, “Knows Nothing”.

So Pamela Randolph your description and AZBN educational history represents a political and financial arrangement between big businesses and government that ultimately causes injury to the general public. The very people you were hired to protect. Nurse Florence Nightingale has rolled over in her grave many times since the for profit carpetbaggers and your kind took over. There are many more solidifying facts to support this but I do not want to confuse you with these facts as we know your mind is already made up for money.

P.S. There are many copies of ‘Notes on Nursing’, you just need to know where to look. We have one and would gladly send you one but are trying to avoid more retaliations.

PSA That Whirr you hear is Flo rolling over in her grave.


Jelly Spines of Politics AZBN

For many nurses who have run afoul of the AZBN the knowledge held within their cases, by them, is remarkably corrupted to adhere to a political structure that has very little connection with the actual field of nursing. Meaning there can be connections outside clinical practices designed to eliminate the nurse from practising and done so without substantial or legitimate evidence. When this happens it is a known entity of fabricated evidence for political favors. This of course has in many cases interfered with public safety. And if you think that the deaths of many patients from undocumented and unnecessary actions isn’t 100x more than the now fashionable mass shootings you’re ignorant. The following letter informs many and defines this principle.  A nurse of many years with a good record gets toasted to a crisp by nothing but pure politics and revenge from an incredulous process.

Favoritism Is The AZBN Middle Name Ann Totsch Imposter


Sort of like Joe Arpaio, House of Cards. The Ducey Adm you don’t know about. In a real non-fascist adm the following evidence would immediately make Totsch’s testimony incredulous. In Phoenix these kinds of carcasses rot in plain site and nobody cares. The carcasses are all over, stinking.


TO Governor Ducey,

State of AZ

RE: Compliant AZ Board of Nursing


I gave the AZ Board of Nursing “BON” , a complaint in person to “sue “,  at the desk during one of their meetings April 2017 (right after discovery ) , concerning an individual named Ann Totsch. And by mail along with others since the SOL is 4 years now instead of 6 .                       Ann Totsch,  presented herself as a “RN” , signed her name RN, signed an affidavit she is a “nurse paralegal ” . Testified; under oath ,  that she is a “registered nurse ” “nurse paralegal ” .  That is the part that concerns the AZ BON.  Ann Totsch does not have a license as a nurse in AZ . Nor has she ever had.   She is/was employed at Yuma Regional Medical Center for 13 years in risk mgt dept signing all memos/ letters  with “RN” “nurse paralegal” .   She earned wages.  This constitutes a class 6 felony.  She must be licensed IN THE STATE OF AZ, and current. Totsch has an expired license in Missouri, and current one in Illinois. Neither state “compact ” agreement.  The AZ BON did nothing . No action was taken.

I contacted the Dept of Licensing, they wrote back , not their interest to contact the AZBON.

I filled out online complaint with the ATTY Gen office, who wrote back , “why not file a medicare fraud complaint “?   I wrote back and suggested why not just do your  job? As if the AZ BON referred the complaint to them. 1)cease and desist 2) prosecute and fine her 3) notify other states 4) put her name on the nurse imposter list.  Nothing has been done .  The two agencies responsible have not acted .

I contacted Illinois, approx,  DOH / BON , I recieved a call on Jan 23, 2018 from the investigator who got the complaint stating they do not have jurisdiction until AZ acts “contact them ” . I explained the situation, they were not doing anything and the entire matter about this woman Ann Totsch, who has told many lies one being  she worked for the DEA and  was a DEA agent. To which she had to admit she never worked for the DEA, when asked if she ever recieved a pay check . “No” .


The AZ BON state agency is in existence to protect the public , they maintain a “nurse imposter ” list on their web site .  The AZ BON has put peoples names on the list for just using RN, or a CNA stating they are a nurse.  The ATTy GEN office has fined two nurses for earning money while impersonating a nurse.

I would like some action to be taken on this person , and be informed what if any has taken place.  Absurd that two states agencies are ignoring felony violations , and not taking any action to stop this practice ! Filed this in good faith,

cc: multiple , DOH State of Illinois

This fact of incredulous witnessing is the results of years of doing the same in many cases. The arrogance gained by repeat felonious testimonies is allowed to sit comfortably with this adm because of its outer veneer of power. In order for the power to be accepted one must have the courage to not be faulted by anything. The only demonstration of real power and courage in my locker is the 19 y.o. Marine who douses himself with diesel fuel, lights himself on fire to draw fire away from the rest of the platoon. If Sully knew these peckerwoods were pissing on his grave by abusing the rights for which he died for, he would haunt them over & over&over.

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