AZBN Boarding Passes RMS Titanic

When Edward Smith, the well experienced captain of the White Star Line RMS Titanic, plowed full speed into a well advertised and well known iceberg area he did so for what reason? Perhaps under investigation after the “unsinkable” ship plummeted better than 12,000 ft to the north Atlantic sea bed, the few survivors could only say the speed was never slowed. Why would an experienced sailor do what nobody else would do? It took a while before investigators put it together. Owners and builders either forced or convinced the captain to keep on schedule so money would not be lost. The ship couldn’t sink. Arrogance & Greed cost them and better than 1,500 other victims to loose their lives.

Drunks & dopers aside; as a respondent to a complaint from the AZBN you now have a boarding pass to the RMS Titanic. The waters are freezing cold, whatever rules & laws you think are the standard, are gone. They’ll toss you a life vest of unnecessary provisions and stipulations, intimidate you with thin shouldered, smooth faced online educators, whose own experience probably hasn’t taken a blood pressure in years. The life vest has been preloaded with cement. 

A disaster hasn’t happened…….yet.    


4 thoughts on “AZBN Boarding Passes RMS Titanic

  1. This board will do anything , ANYTHING to save a hospital money. What they have done to nurses , in the name of greed, partnership is just plain criminal .


  2. And if they think anyone is taking up too much of their time, and they just don’t want to deal with them anymore, they get real nasty. So many lies , not twisting of tails Oliver, but out right lies to win a case, cause of their own stupidity . nasty bunch of evil doers . The AZ Nurses Assoc , ones that are behind this board no matter what are same thing !


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