Sleepless Injustice

The continuing review of posts & comments deletes any comment mentioning the name specifically of any spiritual group.  1/9/2018

When this first came in as a complaint it did strike a cord of truthfulness and honesty as the accuracy, at least in a single view, is true. A Respondent from a AZBN complaint writes to Watchdogs:

 I have changed my mind about meeting with you or anyone from your group.  My belief system is different than yours. I have seen where your group put things on the web that was disturbing, things like calling that J. Dahn a queer, you put the headstone over that J. Ridenour’s pic, you called that lawyer ugly and posted her DUI on your web page, and you make very rube statements about Mormons, and that R.Quinn.  I am not against gays, people who make mistakes, blacks, nor can I post things about peoples children on the web, like I saw your group put on the web about that N. Austin child.  Do not contact me anymore via email or FB.  I do not know how you obtained a copys of my hearing date, but if anyone of you come to any of my hearings I was ask the Judge to remove you. 


First off, the fact that a nurse would have a complaint pursued by the Bd after same nurse filed a civil safety complaint against the originator of that complaint, is pimp action. The slandering of religion connections has zero to do with their religion, beliefs, only naming them as the go between, a social bridge used to silence. Dahn appears queer as the term applies to odd, in that same nurse so out of shape couldn’t do 10 mins. of CPR. We call that odd, as in queer for her to pass judgement on other APs when her clinical skills have major issues. These character assassinations are viewed by you now as that. When you get at the end of your case your knowledge bin will be enormously filled with evidence, that only you know which the truth really is, & that bin is now empty. The knowledge you are about to gain and the faith you loose is a mere automated overlay off your case, details aren’t required. Being two yrs into it and headed for Adm Law Hearing? AKA The Green Mile. You Only Know What The Truth Is. The System Doesn’t Care What The Truth Is: It Only Follows The Money.

N.Austin wrote up a cheeseburger delivery to a cardiac pt. & put it as a violation on the Adm Law hearing site. This is a classic witch hunt for political reasons.

Injustice Never Sleeps. Some of the ‘need to know’ is satisfied here.


Chicanery AZBN Style

At a\this moment in time most nurses working the field maybe totally unaware of what is happening to their fellow colleagues that they’re standing right next to. Many of us would be the last to know that the Jane Doe, R.N. who helped start an I.V. left the unit after the shift and helped herself to a diversion drug act that allowed for a euphoric rush before escaping to dreamland. The count was correct and it was an uneventful shift without any major complaints. The following week Jane Doe, R.N. tests positive for HIV, methamphetamine, morphine and cocaine after an auto accident which caused the death of a child of another nurse whom worked at the same facility. The case is a criminal matter as well a AZBN case.

A nurse stays home with a spouse after a cancelled surgery for a spinal fusion because the physician wanted a ENT consult. After four days, at home, the patient suffers respiratory failure because of airway perforation with subsequent mediastinum infection creating a sepsis like condition. Not long afterwards the attending nurse discovers spouse was released home with known problem that physician denied knowledge of. Nurse complains to every known agency of concern and is fired for complaining, although termination disguised as nurse creating a hostile environment. Physician perjures self at AZBN Adm Law Ct hearing by falsifying evidence, with no evidence. Nurse, with a good history, turns license in as the suborning perjury AAG prosecutor smiles. Physician testifies in another civil complaint against same nurse for slander and when questioned about two different answers for same issue, states, “What difference does it make?” This is Arizona (TIA). Not Africa, but Arizona. It really is.

The governing body is you. Working in Arizona as a nurse may go well for you, many get caught in Satan’s net simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The above two cases are the extremes of the good and the bad. There are many more defining our lives as nurses.  Does not matter what bills the legislature passes; you can not legislate morality.