16&17 November AZBON Bd Mtgs

For the unfortunate nurses caught in the web of an over regulated cult of witch hunts; today when you go before this unit our prays are with you. However, this is your government. You are about to have your jaw lowered of what these antiquated agents of doom will do, You may not connect with other cases as their deceitfulness is very well tuned, but you, yourself, as a respondent will know the truth. Our hearts go out you, the truth is yours and remember, you are not part of their world. The woman standing in front of me is not in violation of anybodys’ act except their own cultish sense of creating a view of judicial perfection.


“Today, when a Pandora’s box full of vulgarity, obstructionism, and authoritarianism has been let loose upon the political landscape, when spin has tucked tail in the face of bald-face lies, when people from every walk of life and every political persuasion feel like the deck has been stacked against them and the dealer is cutting cards to boot, the fight for justice is more important than ever”. Clara Jeffery Mother Jones.