On The Road To Infamy A.G., Adm Law Ct, AZBN

Perhaps those days of growing up under the guise of known Mafia influences had results of moral codes that many victims of today’s justice systems would love to see again. So many nurses interviewed would say that the evidence and testimonies used against them was severely tainted with incredulous presentations that were simply false. As one experienced respondent said, “I don’t know, there was an odd part of me that enjoyed listening to their lies, particularly when I knew what the truth was.”  It would not be so profoundly noteworthy if it wasn’t such a common occurrence that these complaints and investigations are nearly at ‘flash card’ level. The intimidation one experiences whenever an investigator interviews the respondent may in fact be provoked about something so simple,’whose pen this is, thats not your pen,’ No, you’re kidding! Unbelievable, that this is the way of our government; sad. At least the Mafia had a code that was reasonable. These people have no code. Frankly, I was embarrassed for them; maybe they should get a country of their own.

The Will Graven case is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is highly significant for our country to able to move in a correct line of following judicial known to the entire public. The Dan Woods  investigations, and stress upon the value of the letter S after ‘investigation’. So one piece of evidence leads to another for the reviewer to conclude, and without prejudice, that the Az. Attorney Generals’ office is shady with Lawyers With Three Names. 

“So what are you now doing, Dan Woods?”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRJB2HcIBhM

Arizona Attorney General Accused Of Evidence Tampering