Governor Christie Moves Big Against NJ Bd.

The reason given in the article for the abrupt overhaul is stated as being slow and understaffed. Working on that motive for such a total removal of previous Bd members, and very importantly, no former member is allowed during the transition process. Oh Tell Us Mr. New Jersey Governor more!!

Public Safety is the goal of all regulatory agencies  & the governor must have had concerns, if not evidence that a ‘clean house’ was in order!


15 thoughts on “Governor Christie Moves Big Against NJ Bd.

  1. WOW,, When will Ducey ever step up to the plate.?? He has the authority to fire all of the AZ board of nursing members , and not just SLOW and UNDERSTAFFED are the problems. Looks like they cant keep anyone on staff, except those ‘favorites ” . But for their corruption , taking cases and using taxpayers money . Ridenour thinks she can “he/she wont have a license in a year ” kind of deals , not as powerful as they THINK , and do not have THE LAST SAY . (be sure and read that three times ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , the puppet for the board , but will find out she is responsible for her part.


  2. Great article except Gov Christie is using the reason putting nurses out their to work that shouldnt be. While alot of cases have to do with nurses doing drugs or giving wrong meds and this is true . In AZ that is not the case, the AZBON is taking nurses down that have down nothing wrong. Just because they can round up a string of “nurses’ that are willing to lie their heads off, and put their lying comments on the www, does NOT make it true. Shake down at board of nursing a complete audit , and not by one of Duceys choosings ! Like the fluk he did . They dont mess around in Jersey.


  3. “NO FORMER board member allowed during the transition process !!! YES !!! Do not allow the “infection” to keep spreading ! Look at employees of the AZBON V Smith “retiring ” haha three times Kathy Malloch with the BON for 8 years and now back in another capacity, Work as investigator, education Bd member just keep playing musical chairs , the ‘infection” thought process never changes, Always a Banner , on their while it is a rule 2 terms they come back and the entire corrupt board never changes. Past pres reporting boat rockers . the dir of this mess can “serve ” a life time , as long as she gets a Gov to re appoint her . Ducey was on committee with Billy Ridenour, friends helping friends. Sweet , until reelection comes along and a couple of has been’s from P V gonna save you? Their pull Mccain who’s WIFE !!! HAHAHA was on this same committee, and now his reputation is MUD, time will pull out the truth , and hopefully things will change eventually. this AZBON cant get any worse so change is welcome !


  4. To do so would be “worthy ‘ . Just some real dummies who vote to file notice of charges , once that happens , they either make complete fools of themselves or admit wrongdoing . This turd will hang on them for a LONG time . Gov CHRISTIE , took notice and is ACTING , and doing something about these stinky old diseased rotted out has beens , who think they can do what ever they want and control who has a license . WAKE UP DUCEY !


  5. Ducey thinks he can do whatever he wants when ever he wants, certainly does not like being told what to do . Hopefully that is not his line of thinking as his opponents LOVE looking over the taxpayers waste of money. Surprised at how concise and the amount of corruption, the records , the facts they cant change, and if they do will only further incriminate . Those who bowed out of this board are not safe, you want to be part of a corrupt organization , and then when caught wash your hands,. NO doesn’t work that way. Come forward , now , is only way to plea bargain to a lessor offense . I know too much., more than you think .


  6. just corrupt and sit there as it what they are doing is fair impartial and normal due diligence. Of course they know and we know it is not . Nurses , Do not put up with these low class liars. You worked hard for your degree and you deserve to keep your title , and not lose it to these losers ! Have you noticed that OB nurses do not seem to be before the BON much , is it because no one on the board has a clue about this area , seems like kinda outdated to have TWO lpns (little pretend nurses ) that are both a couple of pencil squeezers on a board of nursing . Now NP watch out old Kristi the hunter will fixate on you, and focus on all she knows . What she cant dig up , Dahn will . Between the two of them, and money the taxpayers are wasting, on witch hunters. She can even diagnose !!! ha ha She should have had sanctions on her for stating that !! Just mind blowing the magnet attraction of like mindless can all gather in one place , and actually think ANY of them are qualified .
    I bet the Church’s Public Communications Department , is not happy with the ” hey wanna get in my business , then I’ll get into yours ” kind of exposing they are getting. A very distinct authoritarian ideology. The number of people who have been warned about the basis for their queer mind set, and have been alerted and would not have been had the been the type of board that their mission statement says they are . (NOT!)


  7. GOv CHristie you have reclaimed whatever bad publicity has ever been written about you. A man of honor , and integrity , He got complaints on the BON , and is cleaning house. Maybe Ducey can learn how to do it from you. Seems like he is just full of excuses , or something else !


  8. yes like uh no you do not have the FINAL say no matter what happens at the court. The AZ boards day with come, when they have to actually explain their odd thinking. its like explaining how the gold plates disappeared . You can fool some of the people , the rest think they are just plain easy targets.


  9. It is quit possible that Elizabeth A Campbell aka as “Beth ” aka quit a few ‘other ” names , and well deserved. but quite possible that she could be charged with barratry., for her groundless litigation, and persistent acts of harrassing litigation. In cases of attorneys barratry ; disbarment is the usual punishment . Then SHE , “can work someone else ” , in her suggestion for nurses who she steals their careers from . Thief , her picture should be up at every post office , with the stripe suit on, or maybe she would look better in orange ? SHAMEFUL JUSTICE .


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