Grease Fitting AZBN A.G.

The policies of the administrative regulations are presumably followed at all levels of the government which regulates state licensed personnel to be regulated in a specialty field. Most nurses interviewed had additional concerns about a group, who are also state licensed, would openly and without abandon commit perjury that is supported by suborned perjury. Forget the tampering with evidence, however comma documents of same go out via U.S. Mail.  What would be the reason for these highly illegal acts? What could allow someone to force their integrity to do or not do? Somewhere there is grease on the rails between AZBN, the A.G. office and the Adm Law Ct. Respondent interviews seldom make note of total accuracy in their investigative process; Adm Law Ct reveals the location of a big grease fitting where perjury is as common as the chair sat upon to deliver same. Where you need grease frequently you’ll find a fitting marked, ‘What difference does it make’, would be a phrase uttered in open court in response to perjured testimonies. The doctor was right, truth or a lie, made no difference. The only part of his testimony that had value.

There is little doubt that the theme of this page changes much, which alone represents perhaps a staggering view into our people and our own governmental behaviors. For a few years I worked the E.R. and soon realized I didn’t like many E.R. nurses because their ethical codes I thought were illegal. Its not undone by what we all know about nursing in Arizona and subject to the politics of a state that essentially is controlled by money, nothing in Arizona can undo money. Not perjury, felony endangerment nor fraud can roll on Az. Money The safety of the general public is at stake and every day there are losses.

There are so many of these, Ducey Raises to huge salaries, but gives teachers a paltry 1% raise.

a year ago
The Arizona Board of Nursing is a JOKE! Would give a negative star rating if I could. They should embody compassion as nurses are taught. Instead they NEVER answer the phone, and when they find it in their hearts to do so, they are rude and condescending in their response. They do not care, and I have spoken to many new nurses that tell others in the area to go ANYWHERE but Arizona to get licensed, because of their experience with the AZ Board of Nursing. Anyway, if you have to deal with these people GOOD LUCK and God be with you!