AZBN Tampering With Lives

For that group of nurses whose lives have been unnecessarily cremated by the AZBN which have no clue who these nurses really are. You all know who you are so if you sat there at the Adm Law Court with a chest full of U.S. medals, with the scars still showing, means nothing. Or the R.N. who came up from a C.N.A. over a thirty year period who raised three children on her own after her husband left her, one child blind. How about the nurse who may in fact be the only known person to successfully perform CPR under water. Or the nurse who carried a croupy peds 3 miles through a New England blizzard for treatment. As you sit there at the Adm Law Court hearing you are nothing, a nobody designed for abuse, lies and intimidation. Many of all the good things you’ve done as a nurse vanish if you get caught up in their corrupt world, the Bds live in a dream world and we all know who they’re not. They are not nurses, and never will be. You are a good nurse, why else would you here??

Lynch Mob with a dress code, and slave to two masters. 1. The favors to big businesses to eliminate whistleblowers whom are busy exposing poor patient care issues.2. Their appointed missions to really protect the public. Someday the bottom will drop out!


6 thoughts on “AZBN Tampering With Lives

  1. The accuracy of this post attempts to show those that have been destroyed by the AZBN are really good nurses, of course they are. Why else would you be there?


  2. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW COURT is a farce . the only case “Tammy ” heard that she tried to let the person off was tom horne. every nurse who goes before this corrupt , politcal hack has been been sentenced by this sociopathic judge. Sits there and writes during the whole trial !!!! like she is paying attention!!! the case is decided long before you get there !!! A joke sitting at a desk


  3. The reality of the false front the agency has been using to protect the public is about as honest as the devil. There are so many cases of nurses fetching up on adm and physician trash its a wonder there hasn’t been a major catastrophic event in Az. Also this page has singled out issues that once mentioned on other sites some uninformed monitor removes comments. Thks for your dedication.


  4. Hearing the enrollment down in Nursing schools, even with all the ads. Word on the street do not allow your future , your career, your livelyhood be in the hands of this nazi nursing board in AZ. Many young people required to go to the BON , who LOVES to be intimidating, and saw cases that were just weird . NO wonder the BON wont allow students to ask questions about cases !! and NO RANDY Q, it is not that you want at all to be fair to the nurse!! OR on the bullsh*t you would allow the nurse to write on the web site their version of the “story” and what really happened ! While people are so naive they think that the BON cannot print lies that happened or took place ! WRONG , They do it all the time !!! NO QUINN , NOT you and your unbalanced side.
    Then many students attend the BON meeting and have no clue to what REALLY went on. So many things you can be right there and think they are acting as a bd should . And then there is the student who scares the hell out of me, because this is how they get through school. “I think the Bd meeting was terrific and you are all so fair and that I glad you are there , and what would we do WITHOUT YOU , and it makes me feel safe they you are taking down these bad nurses , I love you AZ BON. ” Many sites carry disasters of this corrupt board, who discipline is ALL OVER THE MAP . Nauseating, to hear VULNERABLE , PATTERN, PATIENT SAFETY , all it takes is ONE anonymous liar to end your career, your savings, your reputation. SHAMEFUL BON !!!! DO NOT TRUST THEM !


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