Arizona Judge Patricia Starr Allegedly Signed Illegal Order from Kelly Warner Law Firm

You think justice exists in your career? You think the Adm Law Judge determining the safety of patients is accurate? Justice is for sale.


3 thoughts on “Arizona Judge Patricia Starr Allegedly Signed Illegal Order from Kelly Warner Law Firm

  1. This is just more Arizona evidence of the corruption there. This should make much of judgments not probative. But its business as usual.


  2. STARR is one big hot mess, time to go , she is in the appeals court, but still runs it like the unorganized “mistakes ” of the BON , without even knowing what a case is about she can rule . she should have been a nurse like grandma , she’d kill someone , what a cluster F. mess .


  3. While those nurses who fall victim to the ‘ways ‘ of those who mistakenly were put into these positions, it may help to know that they are “known” to be Hard Hearted, unrepentant, appearance of righteous, judgemental , shaming, when things happen to these types , for instance a rape occurs to a woman, they are taught it is their fault, and to be silent so therefore doubly abused. Spying on others is a way of life in this cultish group and is strongly encouraged , no wonder it comes natural to them to dwell on finding fault with others, to dig for that gentile sin that must be there, their contentious ways, then look at you and think , what a misguided soul, a spiritually weak person, we must judge them because any approval must come from us, and we cannot go against that fact if your not like us, you are a nobody so therefore you must be punished . Speaking up for a patient or something that isn’t right, you must be punished , silenced and we will further ‘spy on you and ever aspect of your personal life, and keep you in our control , which they are calling ‘regulated” . Yes “THE Regulators ” , while they think of themselves as better than the worldly ones , One of the biggeest lies is ” of course they are so naturally beautiful they don’ t need to hold priesthood positions .” (see how the keep the women out of the real decision making , false flattery , what thinking woman would believe this murmuring, and who would ever question the rules ! Try stepping outside of this well defined circle , and you will be labeled ‘crazy” , of course don’t tell anyone about Erza taft Benson was mentally unable , but the rest made it appear that ERZA was ‘capable” Kinda like those who speak for the head heifer, and answers to no one. Last time I saw a witness stand , if they ever make those fibbers show up in person, you go one at a time and by yourself,that is where the real test will be .


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