The Hard Evidence

There is evidence that speaks for itself, the adm is deaf. And, ‘just so you know’, the Bd answers to no-one. 



Part one: How the Corrupt Board of Nursing in Arizona Operates.


The BON itself can and does initiate discipline actions without evidence or false allegations occurring.  AZBON endorses what ever the ‘investigator recommends.

A discipline matter becomes a ‘charge” and then calls the nurse a “respondent”. A chance to avoid a formal proceeding , by accepting a ‘consent agreement.”

An agreement that you cannot reasonably fulfill and the BON knows this . Most states you must work while on probation, a nurse generally cannot find work on probation, and if you are volunteering you will be fired once this is discovered.  Sanctions can be extended AD INFINITY, and often extended.

If a respondent does not accept “discipline by consent ” , but prefers to defend the charges through a formal proceedings, the BON has a favorite tactic of adding another , unrelated charge against the same respondent. Most of these new charges were never initially filed at the time of their occurrence by the employer. Oddly, there is more than one nurse terminated for drug diversion who was never reported out of defensive action to prevent bad press.

Whether the second charge is justified or not is immaterial to the BON principal motive, revenue , staff AAG counsel need to make a show of earnings its salary by ‘nailing another nurse’.

By shaming a respondent with more trivial charges the BON can at least nail the respondent on the second matter even if the respondent successfully defends the first .  The respondent will be financially wiped out attempting to defend two successive formal proceedings .

Thus a nurse who reacts and tries to defend a bogus or weak charge will lack the wherewithal to do anything other than cave in, when added to the mix it paints a picture of righteous actions.

When ‘discipled by consent ” recites that the nurse “agreeing out of free will without coercion , this is sheer prevarication.  Charge is the BON’s gang -bang-em with charges tactic for victims have little choice.

Adm Law Judge and AAg issue unreasonable orders – the like of which would not be tolerated in the mainstream criminal judicial system.

Once a nurse is disciplined by the BON it has discretion to continue the discipline indefinitely and never bring it to a close.  Perpetual Punishment.

AAG guilty of vindictive prosecution, abuse of process, abuse of discretion, and the appearance of financial impropriety. Doesn’t matter.

(BON Shelters immune nurses : )

Nurses immune or relatively immune from discipline charges include:


2)State workers (i e nurses in prisons if employed by state not private firm)

3)If still employed, from companies like Banner , whose mgmt. are mostly Mormons.

4)The concept that ‘Whistleblowers maybe immune to prosecution frequently runs parallel with the racist sentiment at the time.


This post is not for the fresh grad whose soul rises and sets on the AZBN. 


16 thoughts on “The Hard Evidence

  1. The casting couch frequently is more about under the table cash and cronyism than public concern. Trade offs all making the nurse the real victim. Sad.


  2. Don’t forget to warn the new nurses , that the AZNA is NO HELP, in fact they do not respond to any nurse who is being taken to the cleaners. Both the BON and AZNA are behind the hospitals, prisons, any state agency . No matter what it takes , lying criminal behavior. They have gotten away with it and there fore, continue to do so . Do not write the AZNA , they will turn over what you write to their buddies at the board.


  3. Anyone who is a part of this corruption and can do this to an innocent person is the lowest form of life I can imagine . While people are dying of opiods, the BON is killing just as many poor souls , who until this point had no clue the nasty workings of the AZ Board of Nursing. My friend was a victim , i know that , but like you said, the GARBAGE they write and put on their web site , KNOWING it is lies, is unfathomable to most kind, caring nurses !


  4. What a horrible agency , run by the head of distrust . When we find out what REALLY happened to the Senator , the timely and the sudden removal from office, it appears to have Ridenours unclean hands all over it. So many things in the works , the stinky onion is unpeeling . OH and we got out eyes on Valerie Smith, at the NCSBN as well. You are really going over time trying to ‘save this boards reputation there, but your only making a fool of yourself.


  5. The word is spreading, with the nurse from UTAH , being taken down by males (which is normal in that state) a woman who spoke up and told them NO, a woman who was not obedient , how dare she ., woman are to be silent , obedient . The mormon male is the final word, (look at the BON a male in the middle who thinks he’s a ruler of women., talks down to them, )
    She hired a lawyer but is NOT suing , a slam dunk , HMM oh , well you can bet it had to do with $$$$ and the temple worshipers , the males who can tackle a woman. bullies . Sue anyways ALEX and donate to nurses who have been screwed over by corrupt BON!!


  6. Oh you are so right about “the male in the middle” . notice very very few nurse anesthesia are before the board? Is that a bonding thing’ee ?


  7. Due process equal protection age discrimination sexism prosecutorial misconduct conspiracy to violate civil rights under the color of law. I wonder which one’s going to stick. Federal courts here we come.


  8. To the nurses that are put on probation . Do not sign the consent agreement. When you apply for a nursing job. qualifications include: You must have a current RN license in good standing in the state of Arizona, So if you are put on probation you are not a nurse in good standing. If you already have a job good chances are you will get fired. When you let the nursing board know you cannot find nursing job. The head of the board members will tell you. You are not looking hard enough for a job. This not something I read. It happened to me,


  9. The nurse in Utah that was arrested. I do not believe anything would have been done about it by the police or hospital if the nurse had not gone to the media. If she lived in the state of Arizona. the Arizona State Board of nursing would have revoked her license for going to the media and state patient privacy. That’s what they more or less did to Amanda Trujillo. This is my opinion. I have not talked to Amanda about it.


  10. Yes , this is all true Carol , that is how it goes. the Board of Nursing members are not qualified at all to juggle with peoples lives. If NO ONE will hire you on probation, (and they KNOW that ) then why are they dumping it on the nurse again. Kicking someone when there down , horrible evil brainwashed think they are better than other nurses absolutely the most wicked bunch of thugs in the state !


  11. these are cases a board should look at , but instead these cases happen because the bon and the prosecutor are busy chasing down good nurses who are the victim of a gang of thug liars. , retaliation


  12. any nurse with a bogus complaint put it on here, or contact us we are not defending the type of nurse above . the BON is all over the place on cases, like a big ‘ ‘if your in the click ” . Thanks for posting this important message those poor patients


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