The 8th Grade Children of Phoenix AZBN

April 29, 2016



On January 29, 2016 I was at the board of nursing , the staff sent my paperwork to Jennifer Durma in Tucson, (a CNA who lost her certification due to heroin addiction) I was standing at the desk waiting for the correct paperwork when I asked the employees behind the desk, who was the woman in the board room with long brown hair sitting next to Tammy.    As a member of the public I have a right to know the name of who is involved ;   with that a blond walked behind me, interupted a conversation that she was not involved in leaned into my ear and  in a nasty tone, said “why do YOU want to know?” With that she flipently went through the door.   I asked who she was, the staff didnt seem to know her.  It was obvious she had a strong hatred towards me, and felt free to talk in a curt manner, as if she ran the place.   I remembered her face, it was quit chilling the hatred she displayed.


ON April 29, 2016, I went to the board of nursing, to view a file, several people sitting in the lobby, I asked anyone nurses and if they heard about the upcoming rally which was mainly to bring attention to safe staffing ratios.  A few took interest and were excited to hear, and took the information.

KristI, opened the door, told Atty Chelle, and client , it would be a minute looked at me, first a look of surprise then immediate scoul.  She went back in the door but then immediately came around the back side and talked to the security guard, Kristy told the atty and client to go to a room, and then got in my face, and said, “we have complaint that you gave your information to someone who DOESNT EVEN KNOW YOU .    It was like being in the middle of a ‘set up ” . who cares if she didnt know me, she took the info.  I was outside during the lunch break of EC<ELIZABETH CAMBPELL >  and TS<secretary for the board> . TWO employees paid to ‘watch me review a file ” . One on attorney wages , with a security guard standing at the door , who stated he is not always there during non board meeting days. A female ,  came up to me while I was on the phone outside, and demanded to know my name. She came outside from the nursing board office  and then went back in .This whole incident was very strange she would follow me outside almost as if she was sent on a ‘mission” .  I recognized a set up and didnt respond. I saw her inside later talking with Janeen Dahn, who does not doing ‘licensing ” .   J D ,  Im sure has a desk but was at the front desk pretending to be working on the computer, but had her eyes on me everytime I looked up. Bizarre.


WOW ,  a second nasty encourter with someone who is representing the board of nursing? unprofessional conduct to say the least.   She was in close encounter, too close to me for someone who appears to be this unstable, and instant dislike for someone she has never spoke to or knows. , but felt she had some authority to come out and publicly try to repromand me?

Her conduct was abrasive , condesending , she  had a evil cold  look in her eye.   That , no soul,  look.

No one can tell me that the board members have not been talking to each other when nurses are not there.   This behavior , on two occasions was disturbing to say the least. At that point I felt, what is next with this staff?  I had a recorder and left it on , waiting for the next episode to occur. at that point Elizabeth Campbell , who was ‘watching “me view my file.

I said with behavior like this you cannot insist I come alone, or not have a camera going.   It is one or the other. I have the camera going, or I bring my own security guard.

This is pretty sad for a agency that is suppose to protect the public.   Gang up on a nurse that was wrongly accused and play games at the board office?

This is a complaint , unprofessional conduct, KRISTI   MICHELLE HUNTER

I swear this is true, to the best of my ability .

This above post is merely a tiny fraction of this out of control behavior. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if a nurse set them-self on fire in the parking lot @ the 7th St AZBN office. Like the Tunisia event which initiated the Arab Spring.

The image of innocence of a public safety regulatory agency in view of the general population is managed by corruption. Lady Justice wears a blindfold defining ‘Justice is Blind’. The bitch has eyes here. On the street, injustice is a very lite sleeper, easily aroused.





8 thoughts on “The 8th Grade Children of Phoenix AZBN

  1. When I went through this process I was living in the 70s, or that point where old school managed their own nurses. The kids in charge of this nurse abuse will soon be over. Doug D. is well aware of these children in charge of this trashy unprofessional conduct, and costing tax payers a fortune to behave like children.


  2. Kristi Hunter has a “pattern” of ‘getting into ones face. She loves the intimidation. Like a Drill Sargent that sticks their face into the new recruits face . Only someone at the BON is suppose to set an example . this is unprofessional conduct. ! and the sad part is their are all doing it with Ridneours blessings , the head heifer in charge.


  3. The Board is trying to get Chelle to ‘witness to this . Lets see if this , atty will do what the board wants to get brownie points . OK Chelle did you do the DIRTY WORK or tell this out of control Board (your words ) that you are NOT going to bail them out. ???


  4. Kristi Hunter has been TOLD by the author, want NOTHING TO DO WITH HER , NOT friends , and stay away, do not talk to me , to do anything else is harrassment . A nasty witch hunter in GOOD standing. The BON , did not act on this complaint , which is evident , she had NO BUSINESS , ‘helping the group effort here ” Bullying . Yes Id like to know , what Robert Chelle did as well, it is very OBVIOUS that the BOARD members pointed me out to him . Yes you are on camera with your starring episode. To describe me to the investigator will make you a bigger fool, lets see if he takes the BAIT . !! Take a GOOD long look Chelle, you are witness to NOTHING. We will keep everyone updated , if he was willing to do anything differently !


  5. All of this is being done with Ridenour’s approval and knowledge . ARE employees and board members immune from having a nursing complaint on their license?
    They are all acting from someones words, isn’t that what the original gang members did . Just make up lies , and add to them . But that nurse is practicing and that is under this BON , who is aware of that as well. They heard gossip and spread it around and actually ACTED, involved themselves . Key point, INVOLVED themselves, so now they are INVOLVED . Irony Kristi “testifies” unreal what a liar she is . She had to bring in a second employee to testify what she said was true . HAHA , Like that makes what the first liar said was true. YEa spending how many hours, witch hunting on a NP in an effort to have her license removed for unprofessional conduct and then acts like this, and continues to act like this. A big joke in the back room . OH and taking pictures and sharing them with the AAG during the board meeting, is totally , telling .


  6. not only does Ridenour have no control over the staff members she encourages it by doing nothing. A real nasty unprofessional , who should never be allowed to be in the position she is in. Kristi Hunter should have charges of unprofessional conduct . But she is such a good ‘team player ” and will do it appears anything for the gang down there at AZBN .


  7. It doesn’t matter that every lie and felonious tampering with evidence is well scattered through out valley and so many know this. Its the perfect demonstration of corruption, like Arpaio, Adm doesnt care


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