The Medical Mafia Tentacles Reach AZBN.

Back in the the mid nineties there were  huge medical medicare fraud indictments that delved into the billions of dollars lost in Florida through what the U.S. D.O.J. labeled the “Medical Mafia” later clarifying as groups that defraud the health care system.  

If a similar term makes you think of drug dealers and criminals its only because the “Medical Cartel” phrase may easily be associated with a very bad social word. “Cartel”. And there is a reason for that.

Who is the medical cartel? They are the Guardians of the Dollar Flow. They decide which supply and demand system will generate the most money. They turn over slam dunk cases, they destroy anything that touches their money. They own Washington. So when a Banner Facility decides to defile a nurse through the AZBN it is a gorgeous display of the Cartels’ tentacles enormous over reach. Falsifying evidence and childish testimony in the Boards’ most recent green mile event. No clinical events, just gender related trash. Pull this shit in Boston you’d have a nurses’ riot, ASAP 

When operating the managed reviews there at many regulatory agencies that are far and away from the real field of nursing. Who do you trust? Be that as it may, with the power house AZBN helping protecting the  public safety, why is the health care system itself  noteworthy for being the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.? The volume of complaints the Board reviews in accompanying responsibilities of educational standards has easily cracked the integrity of agencies’ veneer. As well as the AG and Adm Law Court.


8 thoughts on “The Medical Mafia Tentacles Reach AZBN.

  1. The AMA has been in the shadows with a cash register for many years, the green back evolution could care less about patient success, physically or economically. Thks for posting.


  2. Generally the public is unaware of the back room activity of many potent unions such as the AMA. Theyre in the house theyre in the judiciary and they own Washington. Nurses who expose or hinder their cash flows will be dealt with. Like what?? Adm Law Court is Filled With Suspect Cartel Cases. Big Phoenix law firm runs the show there.


  3. THE DIR OF THE AZ NA , (Nurse assoc but seems it should be Narcotics anonymous. has been there as long a Rid of her, has sat her dinasour rear in the AZBON . SO many things in AZ that are going on that do not happen in a civilized society. You dont have to look to far to find the rules for other boards,
    “must have 8 years experience in the last 10 years , and employed in NURSING ” well , the latest addition to the AZBN , Banner Blondie, is basically a new grad , and would NOT qualifiy to be on other boards.
    The members in many other states can serve THREE YEARS , for 6 years TOTAL. WHile az you look back and see the same retreads , that hand their corrupt hands in things decades ago.Just in another position, old BUDDIES , they know they can trust not to roll over on them . BUT CAN THEY ???? IF corrupt in one area, you are corrupt in all areas of your crooked life. !


    1. I believe corruption in one area of one’s life can easily infect other parts of life. I feel that once corruption is known, like Arpaio, it gets removed. The lobbyist who about a year ago informedd the Bd of a plan to revise all regulatory agencies, made it clear that change is coming. The new bill of term limits, plus some more new laws, sends a message. It all started with Trujillo. Beth Campbell is a social mystery.


  4. Great article, yea for sure take someone lively hood , away through rediculousness and a riot for sure.
    Hey get loud Phoenix dont take this crap ! The cult is into medical heavy, and the women not allowed to do a “mans’ type of work so the BON is full of them , around the country, using the ‘faith ‘ to F’k nurses over . Just nasty and pure wicked .


  5. I think this Banner connection would easily be disputed by Banner, of course done so by a big time lawyer at in big group there in Phoenix. Amazing what these crooked pricks waste the states’ budget upon childish power trips and political flip flops and the victims are ‘no good deed goes unpunished.


  6. A nurse or CNA would have to worry about retaliation with a NORMAL board of nursing that doesnt retaliate like this over bearing, do anything to keep the upper hand . No one should ever have to worry about posting the truth about ANYTHING. But this BON , thinks they are the ones who control nurses everyday lives and are the ‘judge and jury ‘ of the moral police. All they have to do is look in the mirror , and see who the game players and trouble makers are . They have just been ‘getting away with it, like Arpaio, but eventually all bad things are exposed and come to an end. Just takes time.


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