Columbia University Study On Unjust Nurse Discipline; Is The AZBON Doing It Right??

If you have been unjustly disciplined as a nurse, authority to calculate this abusive trend is being documented and studied. Add your interview. You need to be a Registered Nurse least Ten Yrs. Have been wrongfully disciplined. Please help the future of nurses and tell the truth.

Kim Paradisis tel # 914-562-0952 Columbia University Teachers College, N.Y.



8 thoughts on “Columbia University Study On Unjust Nurse Discipline; Is The AZBON Doing It Right??

  1. Notice they include a suicide hotline. What these boards of nursing do to nurses is the most devastating thing that ever happened in their life . ANd ditzy board members like Carolyn McCormies, (UH how we’ll miss that scratchy voice !!) , her mouthing VULNERABLE patients, (drama queen ) how about the way the board members treat VULNERABLE nurses ! A nurse going though a board complaint is experiencing the worst nightmare of their life and the board ruthless. Most of the cases is human error, like they never make mistakes . ANd other cases are the board doing the litigation for the hospital !


  2. another cluck F for arizona board meeting . a real amateur hour . From Elizabeth A Campbell , pretending to be having “fun ” fake laughing , while looking over her shoulder all the time , to Boyer , NEW GIRl MIA, bored or just not up to it, and of course once written how many times DANE has missed , (he shouldnt even BE on the Bd , he shows up , guilted him, to one case taking 1/2 hour going from ‘dismiss ” to 36 months probation ! ! WOW all over the place the board , just ALL OVER THE PLACE. they had NO evidence a white mountains , ‘complaintant ” showed up so we know what they are like, Flake terrritory. The Complainer, NEVER answered the question put to her by the board never answered!! , she was very untrustworthy, as a “witness to anything. But the bd tends to side with mgt anywhere, no matter what or how they got their position, if it was flatbacking or just old fashioned brown nosing. Like Phil Donahue show when he didnt know what to say , “is the caller there?” that was Unqualified moron randy Quinn, asking John Tellier (remember the hyena ) “is this legal ” “are we doing it it legal ” whats the matter randy dandy , found out you may have some skeltons coming to bite ya ? and please STOp , “public safety ” you really make a HUGe fool of yourself. Oh and dont forget the Sunita , bouncing up there like miss important , so excited she prevailed in court. (THE BD NEVER LOSES , well at least not LEGALLY ), isnt that amazing , a bd this stupid , never makes mistakes !!!! raises questions judges bought off, how much went into the judge retirement coffers fund? taking advantage of nurses who do not do legal work, and first time to be confronted so unfair while the loser AAg , have the backing of the name of the agency, but that is all and may not last. Some really big mistakes took place but we dont want to spoil the surprise , we’ll let those who are in position to do something inform them , officially. And then if the stupid remarks , flying, in discussions, I d have to say, that Gueterrezz takes the ribbon for second runner up , (preston is first ! ) LORI , in case no one told you , poor thing , YES these law suits do cost money so when you blurt out “arent these law suits expensive ?” the taxpayers are paying for your mistakes. ANd YOU are ruining the budget not the ones who choose to use the courts . Try thinking it through next time , not listening to your peers on the board. ANd this goes for Logue as well, study up yourself , before voting, instead of listening to lies behind closed doors, from those who never “got it ” , and still dont get it . To harell who for the first time said something (im sure by mistake ) ‘we have NO evidence ” dont worry , just keep working , and when you get sued your retirement will fit nicely into her bank account. its called abuse of descretion, no matter how you voted, it will still get you served , work alot of hours save lots of bucks we need the money.


    1. The Bd is a HUGE bureaucratic dept. whose own bad politics is widely known as these past two years have seen much attention by law makers sending mess. to this agency, as well as others, that time is running out. Planning and implementing an entire single regulatory unit will take time. In the mean time the new bill will move your favorites out. The dedication you demonstrate shows a zeal nobody can buy.A nurse who spends decades @ the bedside and in constant assessment mode, so PhD to you on your assessment.


  3. Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slow, but they are turning, you are right. Just the fact so many changes in the work, shows how wrong they are. Went way over board , in their dictatorship. Any Nurse who thinks that a board of nursing would have professionals on it that can ‘see through ” the false complaints, the retaliation is in for a BIG surprise. I sure hope those new grads are buying LOTS of malpractice if they intend to ignore the advice by many who have been victims, get out of AZ and do not travel to AZ for assignment. Too Risky ! As one traveler said, ‘my only mistake is coming to AZ to work ” Yea , that is a mistake , and now your in front of the nazi board. Another observer “they act like a dictatorship” OH yea, given way too much rope ,and we know how that ends up.


  4. “Randy acted a little school boy, at the meeting , constant “mother may I ,? to John Tellier ” observed by students !! but some of the questions were just plain incompetence on his part. “i cant remember is Degree of Censure …………..really asking THOSE type of questions. ? Some people like the title like to THINK they have it like to think they are capable of holding a position like that , but prove every time they are not. They like to throw there weight around , and take licenses without a thought about it, and with malice , knowing the nurse / cna is out of work and this is what they do . ANd flippant fake “beth ” Campbells comments, “she can work somewhere else” so can you , honey. or can you??? ONce you really start looking at this board , you realize they are not competent to judge anyone, skills wise or common sense and please stop the public safety , it is all obeying the board , with what ever crazy notions they come up with !!


  5. So glad I found this page for my niece who had no idea this was going on in any state but is certainly a key factor of corruption of the board in az. ! Anyone thinking of working as A a nurse, cna, either as traveler or on staff needs to rethink the the mind set of the board . But heading toward involvement with the feds, will turn heads in SLC and once it becomes bigger news, they can and will deep six them . Check out how that happens, September Six . Just embarrass them publicly they will separate.


  6. OH yea, that is right former sister, and one of the September six is D. Quinn. That ought to make the garment wearer squirm. Looking forward to D. QUinns latest book to hit the stands AUg lst. , love it when a turn coat spills it all.


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