AZBON The Bermuda Triangle of Nurses

Having inside connections with many nurses whom have gone through the disciplinary process of the AZBON this group is well aware of, and knowledgeable that the public is loosing good experienced nurses to a biased system; as well as legal mishaps that are founded upon a system structure not for public safety as it so powerfully highlights, but frequently out of administrative cronyism. Thankfully the AZ legislature and the tireless dedication like that of Nancy Barto, a new bill reducing this behavior by next year will be implemented. In the mean time if you are a nurse thinking of cruising through the nursing Bermuda triangle of Arizona, be aware of the horrors of those great nurses now residing in Davey Jones’ locker. Be advised.


Letters From The Inside

When Lapcholes are routinely costing 60,000.00 and moron surgeons are discharging patients to the street after driving scopes through their esophaguses and telling them to drink fluids and people are being recommended for bowel resections when 10 days of antibiotic therapy cures the problem, and psychologists are scamming 300,000.00 a year by psychologically assessing nurses in a one time session from a template cut out of greenbacks and every puppet in the Attorney Generals Office could not say ‘shit’ if they had a mouthful of it,  is when travel nurses speak up. It is all true, every word of it. Captured from travel nurse web page. Read This; Not Hemmingway, but you get it.


Capturing emails is not as complicated as breaking passwords. The DNC found that out the hard way. All it takes is some knowledge, some tinkering, and about 18.00. So be moral when your out here. This is an email that says soo much about the state of Arizona nursing; 

Well, a similar issue arose for me in Maine where Az violations weren’t Maine violations, but I’d have to be single state resident to apply. As you say, substantial, I was also tuned to old school training where you either did something clinically foolish, stole narcs or stabbed somebody to run afoul of nursing Bds. Little did I know cases were bought and sold in the back room. I was actually dumb enough to think regulatory agencies in Az were made up of honest people and good nurses. That’s funny. Stay healthy and thanks for your life of dedication to real nursing.
Some of the antics with this adm law ct is bound to collapse with a horrific reality of public awareness. Another email. Like the Cosby girls, ‘they all can’t be lying’,
There is no doubt Tinas’ world of disbelief and her indecision is complicated by shock which effects us all in that early period of defrocking by AZBON. When I had my Adm Law Hearing I was out of jail just 10 days and sat there in shock listening to their lies. I swear to God above and on my mothers grave they lied, both witnesses and Beth Campbell. I am still not over it, it’s been three years. The only ad I have is knowing that they lied under oath and my behavior was needed to save not only my wifes’ life but make the community aware of their illegal and incompetent surgeon. Her case? That is such an embarrassment to it all. A man like Steve Gonos, pathetic. Later.
More accuracy in the field of Arizona Nursing. Good Luck Newbies. Take it from the experienced ones. If there is notice about your regulatory agency, then what you’re about to read is the reality.
Nurses are so beat up when the BON steals their career in areas they are not suppose to stick their nose in. Lying to get in on the transcript , and then printing those lies because a corrupt judge , signed what Valerie Smith wrote out for them to sign. One big cozy corrupt cast of characters. Nurses shocked beat up , while the BON members the aag knows the routine, its like taking a dump to them while eating a sandwich. Unfazed , work like a machine, no emotions , no anything just a big cold nobody. Oh they can act tough as a gang sitting in the horseshoe setting , set up for intimidation, and they they are “ABOVE ‘ you. randy playing Bishop , just like Warren Jeffs, the women all subserviant. DO NOT WORK AS A NURSE IN ARIZONA !!! You think your doing a good job and take care of a sick person they thank you up and down, 30 years working holidays and going in on your day off , because you care , then none of it matters , none of that is looked at . Only the lies someone came up with to do you it and the BON , the AG, the Dir how can anyone be that stupid to believe such tall tales??
Do not be too alarmed it is biblical prophecy for these horrors to be fulfilled.
Another letter from the edge.
A hiking friend of mine had lost his wife of 40 yrs through a routine procedure at a local Bullhead City hospital. She was transferred to Las Vegas where she died during surgery trying to repair the damages created by what he was convinced was pure neglect. He was very angry and wanted to write the newspaper so people would not be subjected to the same neglect. He raged on for a while and finally allowed me to speak. He was irate as nobody told him what happened.

I Said, “This is Arizona, and you’ve only been here since retirement for about three years. You are no longer in New York. If you write the newspaper they’ll inform the ceo who’ll contact the physician who’ll doctor & shred parts of the record, if not already done so, then they’ll give it to their ‘bag man’.”
Rob, a well built and alert man in his 70s, “Bag man? What are you talking about?”
“All the hospitals in this area have a ‘bag man’, generally one attached to law enforcement, who coordinates protection for the big businesses in this town. Your lawyer will refer you to a medical mal attorney who has a foot in both camps and will placate you until just about the statute of limitations runs out. You pay him and he also gets a cut from the medical mafia lawyer team of the hospital. If you get too close you’ll be harassed in ways that make the Khe Sahn experience look honest.”
“I find that very hard to believe.” Rob sternly replied.
“Keep it up, and you’ll find out precisely why long term residents here only use the local facilities when they can’t get to Las Vegas. Keep it up and you’ll be harassed daily.”
“How do you know all this?” Rob asked inquisitively.
There a many stories about this town, this is just one of them. I am one of those stories. The only thing they care about in this town is money. They will do and say anything to have it. Forget it.