Nurse Psyche Evals

Experienced nurses know that psyche evals aren’t really the gold standard in defining patient safety. Somebody had a bad day and its not a stretch to be considered for the UNA Bomber potential. Protect yourself. Word to the wise:

beware those of you who are ordered a psych evaluation. If you feel unwarranted do not do it . Yes it is rigged all the way. If you had dui or other problems , and do a psych evaluation . DO NOT sign that the board of nursing can CALL THE PSYCH , or release information to them !!!! the board has NO BUSINESS calling them and discussing your case. If you do not sign they cannot do this. !!! It has become a common practice , and is not part of what they bon ‘investigator needs to be doing ! A written report is sent to the board. THIS is a problem for the BON , but it was them who decided the nurses would pay for psych evals . WHen the board was paying they can get what ever they want but NOT when the nurse is footing the bill. They want it both ways though, too bad , stick to your rights !!