Nurse Psyche Evals

Experienced nurses know that psyche evals aren’t really the gold standard in defining patient safety. Somebody had a bad day and its not a stretch to be considered for the UNA Bomber potential. Protect yourself. Word to the wise:

beware those of you who are ordered a psych evaluation. If you feel unwarranted do not do it . Yes it is rigged all the way. If you had dui or other problems , and do a psych evaluation . DO NOT sign that the board of nursing can CALL THE PSYCH , or release information to them !!!! the board has NO BUSINESS calling them and discussing your case. If you do not sign they cannot do this. !!! It has become a common practice , and is not part of what they bon ‘investigator needs to be doing ! A written report is sent to the board. THIS is a problem for the BON , but it was them who decided the nurses would pay for psych evals . WHen the board was paying they can get what ever they want but NOT when the nurse is footing the bill. They want it both ways though, too bad , stick to your rights !!

Lynch Mob Regulation

With the signing of SB 1452 a message is being sent that the abuse of nurses is being monitored and new rules will regulate the AZBON, AKA Lynch Mob, from enjoying what has unnecessarily destroyed the careers of many qualified and experienced nurses.  Its a lengthy bill and amendments which can be turned into a positive event for nurses which can also have an indirect results on quality patient care. This new bill should help stem the tide on expensive and ridiculous complaints that the Board seemed to get high on. The term limits portion has a message for us all to get a present day standard of view and get away from a tainted cultist cronyism judgement.  Congratulations to R Nancy Barto of Dist. 15 for her continuous dedication to assist nurses and their work promoting quality patient care.