Alicia Cardone

The nurse who left the profession shortly after completing at least a 7 year ride through the AZBON is worth publishing.

Alicia was initially from Calif. and moved to Az. in 1990. Attractive and ambitious she got her 2 yr R.N. AD from a local community college and began working at Western Arizona Regional Medical Ctr as a staff nurse in 1995. She was stable and diligent and wasn’t long before circulating the cardiac cath lab; a premier nursing position with good opportunity for learning and advancement. I first met Alicia there as I would often circulate and then having extra hands was common to have codes especially when the physician requested and or anticipated it. Seemed at that time there was quite a rash of resuscitation events, to which I was a very seasoned nurse at the time. Although Alicia was not a nurse for very long her emergent abilities were excellent. 

Alicia soon began working on her advanced practice degree and graduated to working in a clinic not far from where I first met her. Although I seldom worked with her I would sometimes see her visiting patients as an NP for a well known local physician, whom I personally knew as a womanizer. 

Early in 2004 Alicia was embroiled with the Nursing Board for a complaint allegedly improper narcotic prescribing to her husband to which the womanizing physician would not cover, although he had previously done so several times before. Alicia herself had pain management issues but had a legal prescription. Although fessing up to being an active alcoholic she had no impairment complaints, or any patient care issues. Oddly Alicias’ affair with the physician, yes that same physician, ended shortly before his complaint of which the Board revoked her licenses and certifications for 5 years. Her psychological testing results, as she told me was mislabeled and not recovered for six months. She went through all the rehab hoops, got back to a probationary status, and miraculously worked through it to get off probation and make it to good standing eight years later. She left the profession soon after claiming lies and stupidity and creeps through-out the entire system. The physician had long since left Bullhead City after destroying several other marriages and careers and nobody ever questioned his behavior.  The Alicia I knew was a fine nurse we lost because of a greedy physician. So never be sick in bed with a doctor. A career doomsday.

Alicia Cardone is not her real name as she requested her real name not be used as to avoid destroying her currant career.


7 thoughts on “Alicia Cardone

  1. IT seems no matter what the issue is , what the truth is , who was at fault. when it comes between a Dr and a nurse the nurse will be taken down every time.
    Just like the BON protects hospitals, hospitals protect Drs, “power of the pen ” . Nothing happens until a Drs writes the admission order. They bring patients to the hospital and that is where the money is .


  2. When ever it is between a nurse or a Dr , the Dr always wins out. The Dr. brings patients into the hospital. Just like the hospital , protect the docs , crush a nurse in an instant !. Nurses will also be chastised by this corrupt BON. One nurse who went before them, was a tatoo model. To show tatoos you must show skin . Old OLD fashion aging Harrell, over the hill small thinker , made the comment that she was unprofessional and her picture wearing a bathing suit was not something a “professional ” nurse would wear. Really , show me a nurse who was ever treated AS A PROFESSIONAL . Especially at the BON . ! Only when they want to persecute you do they bring up “professional nurse” . While we all know males docs who have the fastest zipper in the west and known to “meet in the supply room, linen closets for quickies.” Happens all the time. Having an affair with the head nurse . (always nurse in charge, so he can get his way with any problems with other nurses ) It is the nurse who is made out to be whorish. NOT the male it is expected. Your comment “no one ever questioned his behavior “. too common !


  3. This site is so overdue. I see the comments for Elizabeth Campbell, aka Elizabeth A Campbell aka beth Campbell , Aka Beth A Campbell, well there are a few more names I’ve heard her called. Headed to the Board of Nursing from the Pharmacy Board who about through her a celebration when she left. A very unpricipled , do the unthinkable for the gaudiest purposes. Campbell can float lies with no consience so brazenly that she undermines the entire legal system and the laws that she pledged to insure . It would not take a Harvard graduate to run her over very easily .


  4. The disciplinary actions, in this case of the AZBON, has little connection with what the Bds’ assigned mission is defined as. Certainly the nurse in this case made a bad choice, but the lack of patient connection, and or incompetence doesn’t exist. However, the advancement of the new bill gives the Bd an opportunity for a different route which is long overdue. The Bd will get its satisfaction of ‘Regulation’ and the nurses will have a better chance at saving their careers as opposed to be killed for sleeping with the wrong doctor. This case didn’t allow the physician to be free of fallout. He was actually boycotted out of Bullhead City.


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