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In appreciation to the admin of word press for allowing nurses to vent their frustrations as well as get what they believe the truth to their community. Thanks again for the use of a super software program and if there is a way to be ahead of any curves please give us a call. tytyhub@gmail.com

Having personal knowledge of the following case has created the concept in many that those who continue to pursue justice and integrity in nursing, via this case, are crazy and obsessed. The author has OKed its republishing and informs us it has circulated throughout Australia and Great Britain for many views.


A Rainy Day In Bullhead City/Senate Evidentuary Committee
Peary Brown·Saturday, April 9, 2016

The vetoing of SB1443 confirms what many health care workers have known for a long time, there are criminals, of all types, in our system. If you, as a young governor live long enough to use the Az health care system, as is now in place, you too, will eventually get harmed; or perhaps someone very close to you. Had you passed the SB1443 it would have, at least, reduced the horrible display of cronyism that simply harms & kills people. All you guys look good in your fancy clothes surrounded by the sweet looking assistants. I wonder how you’d look in a body bag lying in a cold hospital morgue. Its not a stretch. But I am sure that is what it will take before you get it.
There isn’t a lot of authorities, in this state of Az, that get information about what is happening to people in the field. You being one of the well respected law makers would be privy to things that happen in your Dept, State. So you’ve heard, “Just So You Know” before as it means that the information coming to you has little anticipation that justice, as we openly know it, will be served. The following is a post, on social media and I am sorry to say it is true.
Red; I did like your story. Alcohol & Drugs can destroy lives. Did you hear the one where the girl was told to drink water after being discharged from WARMC, in Bullhead City, Az. when the Dr put a 1X2″ hole in her esophsgus.? She now has a Tattoo near the massive scars from repair surgeries that says,”Welcome To Bullhead”. True Story.
I think the importance of this post defines what health care has become.

I am a retired R.N. of 40 yrs, started my nursing care in 1966 and served as a hospital corpsman for the marine corps. I was also a special forces diver. I served eight yrs. I spent 10 years, in Boston, getting my nursing education and was mentored by nurses who had shaken the hand of the great one. Back when nurses wrote social services consult orders and it was honored. If I come to a decision that something isn’t quite right, chances are I am right.
I came to Bullhead City, Az., in 1999, with a clean record and worked at the area hospitals of WARMC & Valley View Medical Ctr, both in Mohave Cty, Az.
My wife,had spinal surgery @ WARMC by Dr Isaac M. Thapedi. She was scheduled for her third redo in Oct of 09 for two previous failures. An upper endoscopy showed a 1X2″ perforation of her esophagus, although that finding was never mentioned. The case was cancelled and she was scheduled for an ENT consult, Dr Robert Wang, in Las Vegas in about ten days. Dr Wang requested a G-Tube with supplemental replacements. The patient, Karla Lee Davis was discharged home. At that time the mentioning of the perforation was a never event. Her discharge orders allowed her to drink clear fluids.
On, or about, the third day I began to notice changes in respiratory efficiency, skin color, mentation with an elevated core temperature. I called Dr Wangs’ office who said to either call 911 or bring her to his location ASAP. On the way to Las Vegas I needed to stop several times to help Karla breath. She was admitted to UMC Las Vegas and spent 3 Mos in ICU. To this day she has zero remembrance of the ride to Las Vehas. She survived after spending about three years in and out of surgeries, totaling 13 general anesthesia surgeries. Countless endoscopic procedures..
When Dr Wang made the perforation discovery he was not made aware of that until he initially did surgery to essentially place drains to reduce the swelling from the infection. The idea that the pt. was drinking fluids that carried oral microbes, the worst in the world, down the esophagus and ending up in the chest cavity was appalling. Although he only expressed that to the pt when he wanted to know why she was drinking fluids? “Because Dr Thapedi told me to” , was the answer he got.
Review of the medical record from WARMC made no mention, other than esophageal excoriation, of any perforation. Eventually a radiology report of the endoscopy performed that day by Dr Leroy Smith made the perforation clear by photos, as well as the notation that Dr Thapedi was aware of the perforation. Obtaining that evidence was done by James Bond.
Complaints to Barry Schneider, the then CEO of WARMC were ignored. Complaints to the medical board were dismissed. I was served with injunction orders after being fired for, they said, “Threatening the life of a physician”.
I was arrested for violation of that injunction order after allegedly contacting the hospital by USPS. I spent 40 days in Kingman jail and they found some marijuana after a search of my home. I’ve had prescriptions many times over, never tested positive and never accused of impairment.
The physician testified at an ADM Law Ct hearing, as did his much younger, well lacquered, very big breasted girl friend that I stalked them and threatened them. Beth A. Campbell was the prosecutor who changed evidence more times than a rattle snake sheds skin.
His testimony was never corroborated and I was never prosecuted by the police for any complaint he filed. He was awarded by Judge Jantzen of Kingman, Az., 85,000.00 for defame. If it walks like a duck. I surrendered my nursing license and you know what they can do with their probation. This is your system. Just So You Know. The documentation we talked about is in Trudys’ possession, and her anonymous location you already know about.


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  1. I think many new nurses have thought that nursing boards carried the weight of justice and truth. The view of nursing boards has changed drastically, reminding new grads that the system may have other underhanded connections that have very little to do with what their mission is suppose to be.


  2. I agree WORD PRESS is the best part of the net for many different reasons, more importantly the community around Phoenix, AZ. is so much more informed about the government that has an enormous red ink financial stats and the ridiculous management of the agencies causing that red ink. Strong work goes to WORD PRESS!!


  3. The Board of Nursing for years has intimidated nurses from speaking up or challenging them. the board loves the “kissy butts ” who bow down, “and spill out their guts” . when the board is sticking their noses into areas that are NONE of their concern. ! Be careful nurses , one nurse I worked with said the board of nursing looked at her application , took the ’emergency contact name and CONTACTED THIS INDIVIDUAL !! to try to get dirt ! Unreal. Please do not put down anyone for emergency contact , that you do not want contacting them !! They witch hunt on nurses like murder cases, what a waste !! And how many nurses out their knew THIS when they thought of being a nurse?

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  4. When the GAllup poll gets wind of what this corrupt board of nursing is up to , nurses will be at the bottom of the list when it comes to scoring. Which is honesty , integrity. If one of these board members/ hosp mgrs were ever to proletarianisation and actually put on their tennis shoes , do you think things would be different?
    Instead they are holding back the hard working , who keep up on the practice through actual experience and are in the front lines , and the entire profession from ever reaching professionalisation. They embarrass the nurses who try to do their job and handle a patient load and actual CARE about patients .. I hope anyone thinking of going into nursing takes the comments and does something else with their lives, so you do not end up with 20-40 years in a profession and lose it all to these manical , wacked out crew over an anonymous complaint , due to life events it will be worth it !


  5. One thing for sure , you do not have to worry about waking up in a hospital bed and seeing the unhinged schizo acting board members at your bed side. Those days are LONG and faraway for them.


  6. I won’t have to be reminded to steer clear of Arizona. Whose worse Joe Arpaio or those that allow him and these quacks to injure citizens??


  7. Beth A Campbell , changing evidence , that snake will do any slimy trick to destroy a nurses future . AKA Elizabeth A Campbell. a real slime ball . Not that she is good at what she does, she has all the resources and the AG to back her disgustingly immoral and dishonest ways. Any truth is ignored, judges sign what ever her and her BON buddies want , (to save their sleazy corrupt case. ) . Anything you ever thought of in a trial, that is proper or just is thrown out the window. Fraud, conspiracy . In the majority of the cases it is hard pressed to find anything that the accused has done wrong. After watching out of state attorney argue Federal cases, “Beth” would not make a pimple on her *ss.


  8. It wont be long and those who ignore , turn a blind eye to their job, they have the power to correct the abuses of power it will come back full force. No standards of fairness, no rules of the courts followed , hearsay, due process is ignored. Just because someone sits in a court room , this is due process? the judge biased from the get go, any and all objections over ruled. Any human rights ignored. A manifested incapacity to avoid harm to the nursing profession and public. This corruption by this board cannot wait for DOH to take over .


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