Degree of Censure For Largest Nursing School in Az Grand Canyon University

Although the dean of the GCU belittled the complaints of a parent of a nursing student, Melanie Logue (who has another name tag for all her degrees), the end results are that 25 out of 100 nursing students at GGU failed the national exam required before being registered in the state as a nurse. Melanie Logue hears the complaints and openly brushes it off as she, of course, is a AZBON member. No big deal, we want to discipline nurses like nurse Trujillo as no good deed goes unpunished. There are many more. The for profit university claims $1,300.00 annual lose per nursing student? AS Dean and Board member how much does Melanie Logue make? So when your sitting watching your wife drink water, not long after surgery, and you notice the water pouring out of her neck, later to develop a septic infection you’ll then get the connection on just where the money is counted. Or how about uncle Bernie treated for a fem;pop bypass and spends 10 extra days on life support for etoh withdrawal. Bernie doesn’t drink. You think these are made up? 30 years ago the U.S. was in the top ten rated health care systems in the world. In the industrialized world we are now not quite at the bottom, yet. Its called greed, and name tags addressing degrees with zero working knowledge. Its all about the money.

Melanies’ Delight Check this out.


7 thoughts on “Degree of Censure For Largest Nursing School in Az Grand Canyon University

  1. The fact that the Dean @ THE university is also answering complaints filed with the Board defines conflict of interest. Let’s face it, it exists through out the system and many of us a well aware of the flucations in regulations, all depending upon the origin. Melanie Logue belittles the parent who complains about poor guidance from her supported school? Great exposure to the underhanded politics. Thks watchdogs.


  2. It is odd that the Board would simply allow such a biased person for the GCU promote a ‘minimal harm’ atmosphere at an open meeting. But for those of us who know it really is merely the continuation of arrogance that leads to the poor educational evaluation to begin with. No Harm?? So if 25 out of 100 out and out fail the exam then how many barely pass?? Pass by one point!! You be the judge.


  3. Grand Canyon could not get out of this , the ones complaining with facts were not letting up. They gave them the ‘lowest punishment ‘ they could have , ridenour trying to soft step it , and quoting quinn , is a bigger joke. no we dont need to wonder who is going to take mccormies stupid repeated comment “i see a pattern” . Well per R Q , he is “seeing a pattern ” .


  4. Mueller GCU “the university loses $1300 on each pre licensure nursing student each year” But Mueller, with his big heart and love of nurses “”Runs the program to give thousands of Arizona students the chance to become nurses ” If you believe that then we got a chuck of ocean front property in AZ to sell you. Spitting them out , lying about how many full time staff, and how many instructor to student ratio. (prepare them for the real world in nursing when their buds who run the hospitals lie them about nurse : patient ratios. )


  5. Didn’t they get a big grant to increase the nursing instructors and nurses awhile back , when the falsely advertise ‘shortage of nurses ” . There is NO shortage of nurses , in fact most facilities were not hiring at all . They want an over abundance so they do not have hire registry or travelers. But the conditions for nurses in AZ is so bad they spend all this time and money and get out . And most do not know they have been saved by doing so and avoided losing it all to this corrupt board . !


  6. Isn’t this the college most of the board of nursing members are on staff ? Karma hit them hard. like a voodoo, like to hear their riposte on this .
    a Ricochet for sure . Putting the dean logue, on the bon did not help matters just delayed it so the infection is widespread , and well known .


  7. What will someday be the real poetic justice will be when sanctions are put on the board members, every one of them and the director . Just as in Opedipus , when rex went to the new kingdom, “Thebes” ., quite an ironic twist.

    No reason that Melanie Logue should not have as well . This took a year and one half? Seems like a real drag out , except when you look at the nurses cases , all 3-4 -5 years old. OH, and geez , they must have “inadvertently ” missed the college , in Sanford , you know the one the board member McCormies is on staff! (eastern arizona ) . Nurses forging documents, committing fraud because the BON was doing on site ‘investigating ” . And this is OK?


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