Arizona Reality of The Ducey Adm

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I’ve got little knowledge of the following person who wrote this, except that it is electronically and socially spot on. Think twice about coming to Arizona and working as nurse. Especially think twice if you are a patient safety care advocate. Read this.

Well Well well did you get the Merry Christmas message from Ducey? he recognized first responders , not nurses, who work every holiday, grave yard shifts, and military. and thanks those that have had a significant meaningful impact on peoples lives.
I think many here can attest to that, significant impact : did the AZ BON / Attorney General’s office, / the ADMIN LAW court / crooked judges/ appellate court/ all have significant impact on your life this past year or YEARS?
Let me see, car repossessed, house in foreclosure, no money for food or gifts, no money for gas, loss of identity , career, family destroyed , friends lost they hate hearing the negative of the BON, gone from working productive , caring for sick and surgical patients to homelessness and wondering when a job will come along as it affects so much. Food stamps denied, electric shut off , threatening letters and foreclosure, had dog put down couldn’t afford the vet bill. Credit cards maxed . Selling anything of value to survive. Unemployment ran out. Yea we can say the AZ BON had an impact , meaningful., well we are such better people, all around, none of us could do the evil work that these people did . I would rather be in a pine box than to do something unworthy as they did . So Merry Christmas Ducey , we can take the high road, knowing that you are attempting to bring in ‘business ” to AZ , but ignoring the negative aspects of the state, things you have control over but choose not to . Lets hope that 2017 brings some justice once and for all and that people start to do their job and actually do some over sight .

Thank You R Parkman  Or whomever you are!!


3 thoughts on “Arizona Reality of The Ducey Adm

  1. Its too bad the system is rocked by such administrative fascism which is truly not unique in the working class. The administrative dictatorship is in fact creating havoc even today with the new presidency. Power that is monitored by the good ole boy network and goes unchecked. However, social media is rapidly taking an active role in letting the general public know about the abuse defined in this post.


  2. A Bill that would put them behind bars for a very long time , would deter this kind of sick justice . Prosecutors would start worrying about , getting it right instead of a “win “. Who wins???????


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