Steve Gonos Ex-Cop Turned Nurse

We are not fully sure of what makes an inexperienced nurse think they can become a noteworthy person by bringing down another much more experienced nurse. Whomever would testify against a nurse for online threats because a failed relationship has additionally tainted their already pompous life, divorced abused wives,  tampering with evidence, forced out of police career and stalking a weaker individual for self serving pleasures becomes a concern for local Rangers. As one Ranger said, “Just can not believe a State Nursing Board would support this coward.”  As a former cop my guess is he’ll be carrying, however, when you meet a Ranger it is always too late. The epilogue is generally highlighted by an Ungodly Scream. Nagging doubts? Bring Sherri forward. 

After the rude little prick testified against the colleague who rejected him he stood outside the law court and leered at the now victim of his back stabbing ways. 

We the people wish to create a more perfect union. 


AZBON Deregulation


Recently the White House chief strategist Steve Bannon came out with the concept that the present Administrative State, or in layman’s terms, Regulatory Dictator State, account for half of budgets that are now consistently in the red.  When an Az. nurse of many years is disciplined for non-nursing events that happened 15-20 years ago in another state and then not considered disqualifying, we must consider civil defamation litigation to highlight the need for deregulation. We can not count, we really can not, the number of nurses who’ve been investigated by the AZBON and had out dated minor issues brought forward to shore up an existing complaint. If a minor violation wasn’t considered disqualifying 5-10-15-20 yrs ago, then why is it now? Its what the new White House administration calls an ‘Administrative State’, that employs thousands of people at the cost of thousands of people. The AZBON thinks nothing of publishing these antiquated events, collaborated or not.     

If I Won The Lottery I’d Open A Shelter For Abused Nurses Next Door To The AZBON On 7Th St. It Would Never Be Empty.

Another unnecessary revocation recently of a nurse defiled because she took a stance against a cowardly excop who stalked her. Ex-cop gets fired from police force for perjury then testifys  against a nurse for online threats. What a bunch of Kristie Hunter Crap. Crooked cops, crooked nurse investigators, blind judges, crooked assistant A.G.s, puppet guards, crooked doctors, and last, and treated like rubbish, one honest nurse. We now have the truth that Satan is very real, and is alive and well at AZBON.

There is sentiment throughout the national nursing community that working in Arizona would not be considered a goal. Thanks Gang for getting this info out.


In The Wake Of AZBON Blind Ambition

The on going stories of long time nurses who’ve ended up in the shipping lane of probably one of the most corrupted and bizarre health regulatory agencies in the country, are brought to the public eye for many to read. The following is part of an on going saga that 25 years ago would have been settled in a 5 minute hallway consult. For all you students reading this, the future belongs to your change.

 I am living very miserably in the southwest US.  My story is below, as well as, my plea to the Governor of NV to give me back my llfe and career.  Also to make as many people aware about the punitive AZ board of nursing and all the nurse’s lives that have and continue to destroy just because they can!  see also the  page ‘Arizona Board of Nursing Watchdogs’ for more nurse’s horror stories !
> If the public is enraged about teachers who have
> > molested school children and are still teaching….see how I
> > am being treated as a nurse NOT being allowed to nurse
> > MEDICAL CANNABIS !  Oh, by the way, in case you were
> > not aware, there is a nursing shortage and NV taxpayers have
> > had to pay thousands already over this !
> >
> > Below is my letter to Gov Sandoval asking him to help me:
> >
> > Below is my story.  I am asking PLEASE Governor, PLEASE
> > help me get my license here in NEVADA so that I can help
> > your nursing shortage here in Las Vegas !  I am a good
> > person, a Christian, and NOT a freak or addict!  Please
> > ask the board to grant me a license.  I will reapply
> > again, BUT only after you have spoken to them and I hear
> > back from you !
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > May I please ask for your assistance and guidance?
> >
> > I do not have any active RN license in any state.  I
> > have a revoked RN and NP license in AZ (the last state I
> > practiced in).
> >
> > I was attacked in my garage by a woman who said she would do
> > or say anything to destroy my career.  I had my own
> > medical practice with over 2000 patients.
> >
> > She told the board in AZ I was handing out medical cannabis
> > to patients at my practice which was not true and never
> > found to be true.  However, in the investigation that
> > followed, I was ordered to take a hair follicle drug test
> > which showed + for THC.  I had a valid/ legal AZ
> > medical cannabis card for the treatment of my diabetic
> > neuropathy.
> >
> > April 2015-My attacker made false allegations to the board
> >
> > May 2015-I gave my medical practice back to the MD I had
> > been making payments to for the purchase of the practice, I
> > lost $25,000+
> >
> > June 2015-I asked the board if I was ok to take another NP
> > job in the other corner of the state to avoid my
> > attacker.  I was assured my license was free and clear
> > (OK to move)
> >
> > June 2015-Hair follicle drug test June 2015 revealing THC, I
> > informed the board of why I used medical cannabis
> >
> > July 7, 2015- I took a neurology NP position in the other
> > corner of the state and started working and seeing
> > patients.
> >
> > July 15, 2015 -I received a
> > letter from the board that on July
> > 24, 2015 when the board met, it was going to be
> > decided if they needed to suspend my license emergently in
> > the name of public safety.
> >
> > July 24, 2015-Despite my explanation and plea, the board
> > suspended my licenses in the name of public safety
> >
> > (yes, 90 days after the allegations, yes after allowing me
> > to move and see patients, yes with a perfect 32 year
> > healthcare career history)
> >
> > My mistake, I did not get a lawyer.  I felt 32 perfect
> > years, my excellent reputation, my 3 degrees (RN,
> > respiratory therapist and adult NP) all my satisfied
> > patients, no legal history, no nursing issues, no history
> > of  EVER harming a single patient, and plenty of
> > excellent references, why would I need a lawyer?
> >
> > I was left unemployed, no income, lost my home, had to
> > scramble to find someone to help me instantly so I did not
> > lose everything I had owned, including my car.
> >
> > I was ordered a psych and substance abuse eval.  The
> > provider who evaluated me submitted a very slanted report to
> > the board.  Her report never mentioned the results of
> > my hair follicle test, never mentioned legal cannabis card,
> > never mentioned my 32 year healthcare career, 3 degrees, no
> > previous trouble ever, no drug abuse/ misuse/ abuse EVER,
> > instead recommended me for intensive substance abuse rehab,
> > 500 narcotic anonymous classes, a narcotic sponsor, random
> > drug testing, and more.  To this day I do not
> > understand how this provider could and would say and do such
> > a thing.
> >
> > I was told I could go in front of an administrative law
> > judge or sign a consent agreement as the NEXT step in
> > attempts to get my license back. The board felt and believed
> > if THC was in my hair follicle, then I must have been
> > treating patients while impaired.
> >
> > I said I would go to a judge, I had done nothing wrong, and
> > verified this with the governor of AZ, Doug Ducey.  In
> > preparing for court, I learned that no matter what the judge
> > said, thought, or ruled, the board had the final
> > call.   The same board that had suspended my
> > licenses…I knew I had no chance, so decided to NOT waste
> > the taxpayers money or go down a trail leading to no closer
> > to getting my licenses back.
> >
> > So, the ONLY chance I had to get my licenses back was to
> > sign their agreement.  I had to sign agreeing to
> > ‘their facts and recipe’ to get my licenses back.
> > I signed, again without any legal counsel or advisement.
> >
> > I went to the first NA meeting, and came home and cried for
> > ADDICT.  Additionally, I could not find a single drug
> > rehab facility in PHX willing to rehab me off medical
> > cannabis for which I had not ingested in over 4 months, and
> > for which I had a legal AZ cannabis card and qualifying
> > medical condition to use.  Also with no job, I could
> > not afford 150/month random drug testing, psych counseling,
> > support groups, nursing ethical legal
> > education.
> > So…….I ended up being ‘noncompliant’ with the
> > agreement and my licenses were revoked for 5 years.
> >
> > I moved to NV, was labeled a dislocated worker, and was
> > granted a 10K job/education retraining in information
> > technology (only after having to report racial
> > discrimination).  I earned 3 national computer
> > certifications in 6 months.  I got my first IT job and
> > experienced DAILY sexual harassment. My sexual harassment
> > documentation was discovered and I was fired !  I have
> > a current EEOC claim.
> >
> > NV Board of Nursing was willing to give me the same
> > agreement as AZ.  Again, I told them I am NOT a drug
> > addict.  I have not used cannabis now for over 18
> > months, so I declined.
> >
> >
> > Would you please advise me?  I really want to be a
> > nurse, what I was meant to be, what I had done PERFECTLY for
> > years prior to this issue in Arizona.
> >
> > Is it not ENOUGH what I have been through?  Is it NOT
> > enough that in order for me to be a nurse again, work again,
> > to be what God put me on this earth to be, I would have to
> > assume the label addict and have to be subjected to practice
> > limitations for 5 years at age 52?  Not to mention the
> > racial discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation by
> > a NV employer I have endured.  And now on unemployment
> > and a vocational rehab client over the post traumatic stress
> > of ALL of this as a barrier to successful employment.
> >
> > Please Governor,  tell me there is a way and a process
> > that you can talk with the NV Board, asking them to license
> > me without 5 years of drug rehab, psychiatric counseling/
> > evaluations, narcotic meetings, monitoring, assuming the
> > label of addict and restricted practice.  Not to
> > mention the passing of recent cannabis regulation!
> >
> > How much more can I, should I have to endure, be expected to
> > endure? How much more should the NV taxpayers have to put
> > out in regards to this?
> >
> > People are appalled at the teachers molesting children and
> > still being allowed to teach.
> >
> > How would they feel, think, and react to a nurse being
> > treated like an addict over medical cannabis in light of the
> > current nursing shortage???

> > ME?
> >
> > And
> > I had patients in my AZ medical practice that were judges,
> > policemen, sheriff, college instructors, doctors, and even a
> > surgeon who ALL had cannabis cards, were NEVER labeled
> > addicts, nor impaired, nor lost any privileges to practice
> > or work!
> >
> > You have my information if you would like any further
> > info.

Name deleted for security reasons.