AZBON Deregulation


Recently the White House chief strategist Steve Bannon came out with the concept that the present Administrative State, or in layman’s terms, Regulatory Dictator State, account for half of budgets that are now consistently in the red.  When an Az. nurse of many years is disciplined for non-nursing events that happened 15-20 years ago in another state and then not considered disqualifying, we must consider civil defamation litigation to highlight the need for deregulation. We can not count, we really can not, the number of nurses who’ve been investigated by the AZBON and had out dated minor issues brought forward to shore up an existing complaint. If a minor violation wasn’t considered disqualifying 5-10-15-20 yrs ago, then why is it now? Its what the new White House administration calls an ‘Administrative State’, that employs thousands of people at the cost of thousands of people. The AZBON thinks nothing of publishing these antiquated events, collaborated or not.     

If I Won The Lottery I’d Open A Shelter For Abused Nurses Next Door To The AZBON On 7Th St. It Would Never Be Empty.

Another unnecessary revocation recently of a nurse defiled because she took a stance against a cowardly excop who stalked her. Ex-cop gets fired from police force for perjury then testifys  against a nurse for online threats. What a bunch of Kristie Hunter Crap. Crooked cops, crooked nurse investigators, blind judges, crooked assistant A.G.s, puppet guards, crooked doctors, and last, and treated like rubbish, one honest nurse. We now have the truth that Satan is very real, and is alive and well at AZBON.

There is sentiment throughout the national nursing community that working in Arizona would not be considered a goal. Thanks Gang for getting this info out.