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Health Professionals File Class Action Against HPRP

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Subject: Plaintiff’s filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Michigan health care professionals, alleging constitutional violations related to the forced medical treatment of health care professionals involved in the State’s substance abuse monitoring program (HPRP) and the callous and reckless termination of professional licenses without due process by HPRP and the Bureau of Healthcare Services.

Three Michigan health professionals filed a federal class action for due process violations arising out of execution of a State substance abuse monitoring program known as the Health Professionals Recovery Program. According to the class action lawsuit filed today in the Eastern District of Michigan, the State of Michigan and a private contractor (Ulliance, Inc. of Troy, Michigan) engaged in a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of Michigan health professionals by involuntarily subjecting them to excessive and unnecessary treatment for substance abuse and suspending their licenses if they do not comply.

HPRP, intended as a voluntary treatment program by the legislature, has become a highly punitive and involuntary tool designed to circumvent due process, the complaint states. However, according to the complaint, Carole Engle, the Former Director of the Bureau of Healthcare Services, implemented a policy that any person who does not voluntarily submit to this unnecessary treatment would be immediately suspended without a hearing and prevented from practicing as a health professional. Carole Engle recently resigned her position after Governor Snyder refused to renew her contract with the State of Michigan. It is unclear whether her recent resignation is related to the recently filed class action.

The controversial treatment program has generated a significant amount of criticism in recent years from Michigan health professionals who have called for a class action in an effort to stop HPRP’s abuse of their broad sweeping power. For years, HPRP subjected nurses to three years of intense addiction treatment sometimes on the basis of an anonymous tip.

“We turned to the courts for fairness because HPRP’s mandate of unnecessary treatment has ruined countless lives. My life has been ripped apart by HPRP despite the fact that two evaluators determined that I do not need treatment. I am only one of hundreds who have had to choose between suspension of my license and tens of thousands of dollars worth of treatment that was unnecessary – I just couldn’t afford it, and now I can no longer practice as a nurse” said Carol Lucas, a registered nurse and a Plaintiff in the class action.

Chapman Law Group, a Michigan health care law firm, filed the complaint on behalf of three named Plaintiffs, each of whom fell victim to HPRP’s demand that they submit to unnecessary treatment or have their license suspended. The class includes Michigan health professionals who are or were participants in the Health Professionals Recovery Program during the period from January 1, 2011 to present.

The complaint and amended complaint can be seen below:

Michigan Case 2-15-cv-10337


7 thoughts on “Come Together And Stop Power Gone Wild=Support Arizona Nurses

  1. And how is the any different than what the AZ Board of Nursing is doing ? They call the admin court due process, in a rigged system , that only the BON prevails with judges siding with the State every time. Forcing nurses to have psych evals, and ‘treatment ‘ whether they need it or not . Costing the nurse for the evals and the treatment . Acting on anonymous complaints. Ruined countless lives and families . Yes this is all present at the AZBN .


    1. Many are sorry but you can not back away and the many nurses who the community has lost carry the knowledge and wisedom of social failures created by a very corrupt system. The Az. state budget short fall will help show the costs of this over-regulated nightmare.


  2. As to be on the inside of any of this I myself doubt that civil litigation stands much of a chance when the entire judicial system is very suspect. The Dan Woods Supreme court filing reveals the connection between the AG and the governor and the law firm they both use.Woods account of his case and years with the AG’s office tells the story of back room dealing from the bottom if the deck. This adm tells the public what it wants to hear while the budget short fall gets worse and worse and worse. Doesn’t effect them at all. Truth and honesty is a long forgotten entity for the entire Arizona system. Follow the$$ and picture becomes very clear.


  3. some consent agreements are unfair just because there is nothing to their case. They make many mistakes , many, and they will just have to deal with what comes . Good job Watchdogs. If you weren’t doing such a good job they would not be reading this right now ! (hey smitty, lst name big V ! !! )


  4. ok legal eagles , anyone get the connection between one of the defendants, Susan Bushong of MI and the person of the same name (under investigations ) on staff at the AZBN??


  5. DO NOT sign the consent agreements , it will follow you . There is not end to what this board will order next , you are a slave to them . Contact us , take them to court !
    (We are not interested in assisting anyone who has stolen drugs , has broken the law , if you feel this was unfair then contact us ) We KNOW the board lies , and lies and lies and lies !


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