Finding Transparancy @ The AZBON

Like most dinosaurs locked into the present day disasters of the nursing professions the group mentioned here is looking into the AZBON cases against nurses we consistently interview who’ve been charged by this Board with evidence inconsistent with reality.  The following opinions by the Arizona Attorneys Against Corrupt Professional Regulations defines the evil within our governmental agencies such as the AZBON. Read Shaming Justice before working your nurses’ license into the dirt. It is pervasive!


3 thoughts on “Finding Transparancy @ The AZBON

  1. Every once and a while attorneys do good things for the whole of the community. This is one of them. However, its true pervasive corruption that simply allows the truth to roll off of its back and continue destroying citizens for profit.


  2. This must be the ‘pattern” in AZ . Take them down with psych evals label them crazy, unstable, eyes were ‘drifting ” sleepy, must be on drugs too, so typical , so AZ . Call their bluff , make them pay, make them fools in the court room as they are . The BON is Shameful Justice . Yea a book is in the works on this board , many books .


  3. The AZBN like to dig into anyone who will give them ANY small grain of dirt on a nurse. I mean they will go into your past , the name of the game is SHame and Blame . Twist words , find liars to make statements then post the GARBAGE on the web site . Horrific . But when it comes to clinical these fools are trying to make their way in the dark. Stumbling every inch of the way. Hardly a case they have before them they do not screw up. It is like a bunch of housekeepers chatting nonsensical . And when that is published , OH they don’t like that . Well ya know what, what comes around goes around and this is where you are EXPOSED . How do you like it ? Apparently not too well. ! They seem to think they have the upper hand , and can control you in every aspect , and then eventually they are being looked at as complete fools. Just like the BAR , adding charges to a lawyers complaint after she spoke up . An AZ pattern . All corrupt.


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