A Real Nurse Talks To You[R.N.]

Nightingale, if she can be remembered in the present day nurse folly, would look for women that could work. Having maturity and the physical strength and the desire to help the afflicted were the requirements to be a nurse. The following is the definition of how far present day nursing has gone to avoid that requirement. The nursing shortage doesn’t exist in the jobs that don’t require real nurses!! As complicated as this is to read, the key,’The defendant hardly recognizes the printed investigation.’ 

 Instead of being so defensive maybe if they just listen with an open mind . You say “we are professional org “and no connection with the BON. Why is Robin S in bed with them ? Why isn’t their TERM limits on her position ? Why is she giving the BON ‘what the nurses want ” ? Why is she going to BON meetings and giving input and speaking for all nurses if its all so separate? Why is the former BON member a lobbyist for the BON , one month later. Anyone look up her criminal records, or just assume their are none? Why hasn’t this AZNA supported safe staffing ratios and are against it ? Professional Organization or political?
What org is their for the nurse? When asked a NP is she believes what is on the BON web site , she responds , ‘absolutely” . News flash folks, what is printed the defendant hardly recognizes , and very little truth to it . The ‘investigation ” is basically a witch hunt. “we are glad when fellow nurse who stole drugs gets caught and reprimanded ” SO ARE WE . No druggie/ law breaker/ thief nurse gets our support . Not making the big bucks that Robin and Ridenour are, in fact all volunteers , just in case you need to discuss your complaint we are here , well, no not you., a member of AZNA . Believe me , when it comes down to the wire they will all turn their backs on YOU.


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    1. Administrative types have no clue what “floor nurses” do, day in, day out. None. Case in point: An ICU nurse was pulled to a med/surg floor one day and flipped out. She could not handle the ratio of 6-7 patients on day shift, with call lights going on, doctors making their rounds at the same time, meds scheduled, IV pumps going off, etc. She lasted on the floor less than 30 minutes and rang up the house supervisor telling her if she was not removed from her assignment, she was going to have a cardiac arrest and go to the ER. Yep, have seen this happen to an ER nurse who was pulled on to a med/surg floor too. The difference in different areas is the difference in how patient care is administered. Both nurses were excellent and functioned brilliantly in their specialty area. Which goes to show, administrative types see nurses as numbers to fill in the slots, but do not take into consideration other factors needed to deliver patient care in a safe and efficient manner. Many years ago, the nurses in NYC had a strike. I do not recall what their demands were, but it caused all of them to not show up to work one day. What I recall from the newspaper article was, all hospital administrative staff, including doctors, residents and everyone who showed up were doing patient care. Guess what? Their demands were met in less than 24 hours. Finally, administration, nurse managers who sat in their offices and on their ass all the time, including doctors, got it. Maybe nurses need to follow the footsteps of these nurses and do the same thing.


      1. The patient safety issue is now getting attention as the general pop. Is finally seeing our health care system is failing on many fronts and destroying lives at many different levels. The nurses stress level creates many problems.


  1. There is no doubt to many experienced nurses that this post, as confusing as it may seem, really gets to a point many are well aware of. The AZBON is heavily burdened with issues that show very poor connections with the reality of what the working floor nurses face. I’m actually surprised that somebody hasn’t tried a citizens’ arrest as the law violations are so blatant.


  2. The nurses in the AZNA are taught to day “we are a professional organization” and have nothing to do with the BON . except , your director has been to the BON many times. And ‘protecting ” them by reporting . And what about those double doors flung upon and snapping the photos, what was THAT about Robin, part of YOUR professionalism? It s not like you were alone and needed “proof” . And lurking over shoulders spying to see what is being said and who is saying it . Contacting the board that nite , and ‘reporting ‘ . So predictable. AZNA , long term members are so defensive , the new ones who work the floors begging for collective help , not aware yet that AZNA is POLITICAL . And help i will never be there. Raises questions , how much influence the hospitals are putting into this worthless organization.

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    1. Oh yea that worthless director of the AZNA who does NOTHING for nurses , goes to the board meetings and tells them “this is what the nurses want “. REALLY ROBIN and when was THIS VOTE ???
      who are you speaking FOR?
      Not everyone is a follower of your little game , do not act like you have nothing to do with the BON.
      Your new lobbyist was ON the BON like 2 months ago . cozy.


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