Gonzo Nursing Kevin Lee Jordan

Is The Board of Nursing Doing Its Job.?? Well We’re Not Here To Prove Otherwise. Nurses’ Arizona Stories. What Goes Around Comes Around.

I am a nurse , I need surgery , I go in well aware of what the staff is ‘suppose to do ” , do not tell them Im a nurse or they will ‘act differently ”  . Of course Im shocked at what they tell patients and the behavior .   I was quite shocked.

Wrote down , no males in OR , hey I worked there at one time, my request ignored.

I wake up to being swung around on a guerney , slammed against the wall by a male, and told “you can sleep at home”.    Dont they know no one wants to ‘take up a bed and sleep there?  I was insulted and not happy ,it made me nauseated immediately and dizzy.   I said I’m nauseated , medication pushed FAST in the iv and the IV pulled out AT THE SAME TIME ! No waiting to see if effective , or maybe needs those IV fluids you threw away. I am too drugged to fight for myself but I am aware.

I requested my records because I was charged alot for anesthsia  that insurance did not pay , because I was out of the OR .                                                                                                     Found he charged me for out of OR time. I called asked why he said, I was observing you. I know this is only due to concern on his end. Or scared I wasnt waking up.   I was over drugged , I had warned him i do not take alot of anything and huge effects. He didnt listen . I noticed I was given 4 of dilaudid, but the charting was so horrible, I still had an ORAL AIRWAY IN while he was giving me this . Could not protect my airway , or tell him the lies he charted pain 7 .     I told anesthsia, he said “you didnt get the dilaudid” . I KNEW that .

Under ‘dressing ” male nurse Kevin Lee Jordan charted n/a, so he did not even LOOK< I could have been hemorraging, under airway n’a . WHAT , ?       It got worse I was not happy, I took alot but I notified the theft of dilaudid to the BON,  NO COMPLAINT MADE IT TO INVESTIGATION, even though the charting and falsifying records and rude behavior.

A couple of years later this nurse was on the boards agenda, dating and involement with patients.  DISMISSED .

This was so upsetting to have a peer out there , doing those things and the BON thinks it is ALL ok.  Well his  name came up again, this time obiturary. He OVERDOSED , another nurse knew him, he got addicted at work , overdosed  and died.

This mans death could have been prevented if the BON had DONE SOMETHING.

but hey NO , they are too busy looking at everyones facebook, chasing around that lose canon, witch hunting, and plotting and planning how to find charges and make them “fit ” .

Shame on this BON for missing this one, a young man dead who got addicted on the job, AND the BON was notified!! and dropped the ball. Protecting the public , what a joke !! How many patients suffered that did not get the pain meds?

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  1. The blood is on the boards hand, you did what you could reporting it . Was this another case of the Board of Nursing protecting a hospital? They have more staff then most boards . They salivate when they think they can take a nurse down, who dropped the ball.? Hope you kept copies of the complaint. This is NOT protecting the public.


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