Finding Transparancy @ The AZBON

Like most dinosaurs locked into the present day disasters of the nursing professions the group mentioned here is looking into the AZBON cases against nurses we consistently interview who’ve been charged by this Board with evidence inconsistent with reality.  The following opinions by the Arizona Attorneys Against Corrupt Professional Regulations defines the evil within our governmental agencies such as the AZBON. Read Shaming Justice before working your nurses’ license into the dirt. It is pervasive!


A Real Nurse Talks To You[R.N.]

Nightingale, if she can be remembered in the present day nurse folly, would look for women that could work. Having maturity and the physical strength and the desire to help the afflicted were the requirements to be a nurse. The following is the definition of how far present day nursing has gone to avoid that requirement. The nursing shortage doesn’t exist in the jobs that don’t require real nurses!! As complicated as this is to read, the key,’The defendant hardly recognizes the printed investigation.’ 

 Instead of being so defensive maybe if they just listen with an open mind . You say “we are professional org “and no connection with the BON. Why is Robin S in bed with them ? Why isn’t their TERM limits on her position ? Why is she giving the BON ‘what the nurses want ” ? Why is she going to BON meetings and giving input and speaking for all nurses if its all so separate? Why is the former BON member a lobbyist for the BON , one month later. Anyone look up her criminal records, or just assume their are none? Why hasn’t this AZNA supported safe staffing ratios and are against it ? Professional Organization or political?
What org is their for the nurse? When asked a NP is she believes what is on the BON web site , she responds , ‘absolutely” . News flash folks, what is printed the defendant hardly recognizes , and very little truth to it . The ‘investigation ” is basically a witch hunt. “we are glad when fellow nurse who stole drugs gets caught and reprimanded ” SO ARE WE . No druggie/ law breaker/ thief nurse gets our support . Not making the big bucks that Robin and Ridenour are, in fact all volunteers , just in case you need to discuss your complaint we are here , well, no not you., a member of AZNA . Believe me , when it comes down to the wire they will all turn their backs on YOU.

Innocent State of Mind


When Governor Ducey of Arizona would answer a nurses’ complaint about being railroaded by the AZBON that they needed to get a civil attorney, the question that pops into mind: why would an innocent nurse need an attorney? Its not like its a rare event. The evidence is overwhelming of criminal behavior and the governors’ office says, “You need an attorney”.  It is highly recommended that if you have a complaint pending DO NOT GO TO THE THE AZBON ON 7TH ST ALONE. Bring support and smart phone with recorder on. Contact if you need support.

Read This, one of many. Edited of names for safety.

I am sorry T, it was NOT my intent, nor do I feel as if I was ‘accusing’ Ms Barto of anything.
Instead providing my opinions, thoughts, feelings and feedback to her request for discrimination information….The least of her fish to fry or issues needing addressed…and if those so called 50 other bills do not address immediately dismantling this vindictive board that is busy destroying nurse’s lives in an utmost unjust manner OR reopening, reevaluating the cases by a  3rd party unbiased panel and providing justice for us . then AGAIN…she is not going to be addressing the REAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES facing AZ nurses…which could have a HUGE impact on the future of nurses wanting to practice in AZ.. Especially in the time of nursing shortage or on people willing or wanting to re elect her.
Again, no accusations, just imparting MY PERCEPTIONs and sharing them with the group.Kindest Regards,


Gonzo Nursing Kevin Lee Jordan

Is The Board of Nursing Doing Its Job.?? Well We’re Not Here To Prove Otherwise. Nurses’ Arizona Stories. What Goes Around Comes Around.

I am a nurse , I need surgery , I go in well aware of what the staff is ‘suppose to do ” , do not tell them Im a nurse or they will ‘act differently ”  . Of course Im shocked at what they tell patients and the behavior .   I was quite shocked.

Wrote down , no males in OR , hey I worked there at one time, my request ignored.

I wake up to being swung around on a guerney , slammed against the wall by a male, and told “you can sleep at home”.    Dont they know no one wants to ‘take up a bed and sleep there?  I was insulted and not happy ,it made me nauseated immediately and dizzy.   I said I’m nauseated , medication pushed FAST in the iv and the IV pulled out AT THE SAME TIME ! No waiting to see if effective , or maybe needs those IV fluids you threw away. I am too drugged to fight for myself but I am aware.

I requested my records because I was charged alot for anesthsia  that insurance did not pay , because I was out of the OR .                                                                                                     Found he charged me for out of OR time. I called asked why he said, I was observing you. I know this is only due to concern on his end. Or scared I wasnt waking up.   I was over drugged , I had warned him i do not take alot of anything and huge effects. He didnt listen . I noticed I was given 4 of dilaudid, but the charting was so horrible, I still had an ORAL AIRWAY IN while he was giving me this . Could not protect my airway , or tell him the lies he charted pain 7 .     I told anesthsia, he said “you didnt get the dilaudid” . I KNEW that .

Under ‘dressing ” male nurse Kevin Lee Jordan charted n/a, so he did not even LOOK< I could have been hemorraging, under airway n’a . WHAT , ?       It got worse I was not happy, I took alot but I notified the theft of dilaudid to the BON,  NO COMPLAINT MADE IT TO INVESTIGATION, even though the charting and falsifying records and rude behavior.

A couple of years later this nurse was on the boards agenda, dating and involement with patients.  DISMISSED .

This was so upsetting to have a peer out there , doing those things and the BON thinks it is ALL ok.  Well his  name came up again, this time obiturary. He OVERDOSED , another nurse knew him, he got addicted at work , overdosed  and died.

This mans death could have been prevented if the BON had DONE SOMETHING.

but hey NO , they are too busy looking at everyones facebook, chasing around that lose canon, witch hunting, and plotting and planning how to find charges and make them “fit ” .

Shame on this BON for missing this one, a young man dead who got addicted on the job, AND the BON was notified!! and dropped the ball. Protecting the public , what a joke !! How many patients suffered that did not get the pain meds?

last shift RN094997.