Finding Transparancy @ The AZBON

Like most dinosaurs locked into the present day disasters of the nursing professions the group mentioned here is looking into the AZBON cases against nurses we consistently interview who’ve been charged by this Board with evidence inconsistent with reality.  The following opinions by the Arizona Attorneys Against Corrupt Professional Regulations defines the evil within our governmental agencies such as the AZBON. Read Shaming Justice before working your nurses’ license into the dirt. It is pervasive!


Innocent State of Mind


When Governor Ducey of Arizona would answer a nurses’ complaint about being railroaded by the AZBON that they needed to get a civil attorney, the question that pops into mind: why would an innocent nurse need an attorney? Its not like its a rare event. The evidence is overwhelming of criminal behavior and the governors’ office says, “You need an attorney”.  It is highly recommended that if you have a complaint pending DO NOT GO TO THE THE AZBON ON 7TH ST ALONE. Bring support and smart phone with recorder on. Contact if you need support.

Read This, one of many. Edited of names for safety.

I am sorry T, it was NOT my intent, nor do I feel as if I was ‘accusing’ Ms Barto of anything.
Instead providing my opinions, thoughts, feelings and feedback to her request for discrimination information….The least of her fish to fry or issues needing addressed…and if those so called 50 other bills do not address immediately dismantling this vindictive board that is busy destroying nurse’s lives in an utmost unjust manner OR reopening, reevaluating the cases by a  3rd party unbiased panel and providing justice for us . then AGAIN…she is not going to be addressing the REAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES facing AZ nurses…which could have a HUGE impact on the future of nurses wanting to practice in AZ.. Especially in the time of nursing shortage or on people willing or wanting to re elect her.
Again, no accusations, just imparting MY PERCEPTIONs and sharing them with the group.Kindest Regards,