Javier Andrade MD

If there is a doubt that a nurse played a role in this painful death of another nurses’ loved one, then it all truly goes to the continuing horrors in our health care systems. Meaning, over and over again we hear regulatory agencies are protecting the public against bad nurses. Really?? We got news for you, they’re still out there whilst many of best nurses are being abused.


3 thoughts on “Javier Andrade MD

  1. The narrator of this video represents a fact of emotional pain that can not be hidden. The death of a documented attended patient that reads like an unattended death has nursing megligence written all over it; as curiously as any physician. Giving pain med and never checking on its effectiveness is pure negligence. Reviewing patient complaints in the nursing world of today defines the reasons for the third leading cause of dearh being the health care system itself.


  2. It is not what you do , it is who you are when you do it.

    The board of nursing, AZ is responsible for nurses who have taken their own lives, responsible to stealing their careers through their own incompetence .


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