A.A.G. Beth A. Campbell Regrind

Most experienced nurses now active in pursing truth and justice know that the Attorney Generals Office is not on that path which is easily confirmed by the evidence that has been severely politically tainted by profit corporations and neurologically compromised witnesses with a revengeful agenda.  A witness can garble on and on with uncollaborative  testimonies and nobody with authority does anything but support it. There is no Statute of Limitations on Karma, but many nurses wonder which deck of marked cards the Karma will come from. Heed not from this note, continue to do your worst so we at least won’t be robbed of our hate, it is all we have. Trouble in Mudville WILL start at the top.

There are 8 million nurses stories about the AZBON, this is just one of them 

http://katie-unethicalbehaviorazboard.blogspot.com/2007/09/board-unethical-at-least.html?m=120160316_124435-1-1 (2)

The Before Picture @ The Adm Law Court For The AZBON

“I Swear,  On My Mothers Grave, I Didn’t Do It!” Doesn’t matter, the constitution only belongs to those with the money. Revelations 6,8 I looked and saw a pale horse, those that rode upon him were named Death, and hell followed with them. 

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Javier Andrade MD

If there is a doubt that a nurse played a role in this painful death of another nurses’ loved one, then it all truly goes to the continuing horrors in our health care systems. Meaning, over and over again we hear regulatory agencies are protecting the public against bad nurses. Really?? We got news for you, they’re still out there whilst many of best nurses are being abused.