Shaming Justice Az State Bar

New read coming defining the horrors in the Az regulating committee. The Az way of justice. There really isn’t any. Remembering the phrase, “Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong, Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, And A Wrong Is No Mans’ Right”. Feel safe In Az.?? Better Read This Site, And Think Again!!


2 thoughts on “Shaming Justice Az State Bar

  1. Oh yea read things like FOLLOW THE MONEY : the State Bar of AZ and its Allies.
    Avarice and Lack of Accountablity
    Lack of transparency
    Cheating in BAR disciplinary proceedings
    Dishonesty in staff bar counsel prosecutorial tactics.
    AZ BAR abuses its crediblity with the public

    GEEZ did the AZBON learn these tactics from the BAR or did the BAR learn them from the AZBON?
    OR is this the way business is as usual for AZ?

    Maybe Elizabeth Campbell , Tellier, and Mumalay can get into the MAP (mental assistance program ) for lawyers, find out what makes them do what they do . Such odd behavior when so many other choices .


  2. SHAMING JUSTICE at the az board of nursing.
    The Business of the court is to try the case, not the man, and a very bad man may have a very righteous case. Thompson v Church , 1 Root, 312


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