Daily Prompt: Martyr

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Albert Einstein

One really has to think about the public image of this organization. Having a few disgruntled nurses would be normal. However, the idea that the hard evidence of much more than underhanded, back room activities is being reported and made public can easily bring to light criminal activities. Like Arpaio, it takes a federal look see to give answers to an image that isn’t really protecting the public. Damaging nurses in any way to pretend to show public safety is bad press.


Honesty is far removed: 

A board attorney in Phoenix has on his site , do not contact the board , the board of nursing will record and anything you say and speak they will record and use it against you.
Do not trust AZ Board of Nursing members , or the staff who will try to contact you by phone. As one nurse said they called me up and said “what do you think this is about???” wanting you to play a guessing game.
But sounded like you long lost “friend” beware. They are not trying to keep you working and work with you or level headed by any means. But when a complaint goes in unwarranted, they will do ANYTHING to take the nurse down. Because they are protecting one of their buddies in mgt at a hospital.


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  1. We’ve had our martyrs in a fashion unknown to themselves as such. The idea that one has to set themselves ablaze for reality to be seen is absurd. However, the Ray Krone case, as well as the Courtney Bisbee case define the evil of the Arizona administration which makes this concept an almost routine event.
    Crooked lawyers are at the top of the heap, as well as many more.


  2. the courts are stacked with corrupt ‘special under wear wearing judges ” who are the most evil , lying , corrupt bench warmers on the face of the planet. Of course we know how they were raised, by the devil himself.


  3. Wonder how they do it , think alike , like robots.
    1) 3 step indoctrination , parents commanded to indoctrinate their children
    2)given detailed instructions how to indoctrinate
    3)then carry it out
    Tell them gentiles wrongly misguided by satan .


  4. “the sin be upon the hands of the parents”
    1)start young
    2)tell them the church is true
    3)get them to say it
    If you were raised from infancy hearing this how would you think as an adult?

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  5. Well Well well did you get the Merry Christmas message from Ducey? he recognized first responders , not nurses, who work every holiday, grave yard shifts, and military. and thanks those that have had a significant meaningful impact on peoples lives.
    I think many here can attest to that, significant impact : did the AZ BON / Attorney General’s office, / the ADMIN LAW court / crooked judges/ appellate court/ all have significant impact on your life this past year or YEARS?
    Let me see, car repossessed, house in foreclosure, no money for food or gifts, no money for gas, loss of identity , career, family destroyed , friends lost they hate hearing the negative of the BON, gone from working productive , caring for sick and surgical patients to homelessness and wondering when a job will come along as it affects so much. Food stamps denied, electric shut off , threatening letters and foreclosure, had dog put down couldn’t afford the vet bill. Credit cards maxed . Selling anything of value to survive. Unemployment ran out. Yea we can say the AZ BON had an impact , meaningful., well we are such better people, all around, none of us could do the evil work that these people did . I would rather be in a pine box than to do something unworthy as they did . So Merry Christmas Ducey , we can take the high road, knowing that you are attempting to bring in ‘business ” to AZ , but ignoring the negative aspects of the state, things you have control over but choose not to . Lets hope that 2017 brings some justice once and for all and that people start to do their job and actually do some over sight .


  6. A nurse goes off script , charged with unprofessional conduct Hospital administration getting the AZBON to do work of instittionalized violence and intimidation to RNS.


  7. AN argument could be made that prosecutorial misconduct is for more eregious unforgivable , than police officers deadly error, because police officers must react in an instant to a potentially deadly threat to themselves or the public . A prosecutors misdeed comes with ample time to reflect.


  8. The creation of the mind of a criminal is created not neccessarily by themselves. Whomever wrote the Martyr definition is wise, but two wrongs never make a right. A comment usually heard after the crime is committed. “God will give me justice” Edmund Dantes the Count of Monte Cristo.


  9. The way this Board is hearing cases , is criminal in itself !
    What the hell nurses telling me they have been waiting over 2 years for court date ?
    THAT IS CRAZY???? Trying psychology to get them to break . A waiting game. All tricks and playing games it what its about to them . Then when they cant hold off any longer they use the taxpayers money to send out mailing daily harrassment . Should never be the state defending the state !!
    Then a judge who is working for the state . Stacked against the nurse. Then Ducey putting short stops in the higher courts.


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