Will Judge Patricia Starr Be Biased For The State of Az. In Adm Law Court??

The one issue that many posters here will have to come to terms with is that this organization doesn’t fear the public. This sense of arrogance and lack of fear and concern toward the public is truly a symptom of tyranny.

I’ve actually got nurse shoes older than this person, at least the one this picture represents.  I don’t know, but if I were a judge and was having my works and decisions determined before I even heard the case I’d feel ridiculously useless. The fix is always in?? Actually, sweetie, the paperwork is even done and completed before you even show up.Today, when a Pandora’s box full of vulgarity, obstructionism, and authoritarianism has been let loose upon the political landscape, when spin has tucked tail in the face of bald-face lies, when people from every walk of life and every political persuasion feel like the deck has been stacked against them and the dealer is cutting cards to boot, the fight for justice is more important than ever”. Clara Jeffery Mother Jones. I assure you it brings us no joy or raise our gloat factors to have so many view and be aware of the AZBON civil rights violations. Welcome to our nightmare. 


Shaming Justice Az State Bar

New read coming defining the horrors in the Az regulating committee. The Az way of justice. There really isn’t any. Remembering the phrase, “Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong, Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, And A Wrong Is No Mans’ Right”. Feel safe In Az.?? Better Read This Site, And Think Again!!


Daily Prompt: Martyr

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Albert Einstein

One really has to think about the public image of this organization. Having a few disgruntled nurses would be normal. However, the idea that the hard evidence of much more than underhanded, back room activities is being reported and made public can easily bring to light criminal activities. Like Arpaio, it takes a federal look see to give answers to an image that isn’t really protecting the public. Damaging nurses in any way to pretend to show public safety is bad press.


Honesty is far removed: 

A board attorney in Phoenix has on his site , do not contact the board , the board of nursing will record and anything you say and speak they will record and use it against you.
Do not trust AZ Board of Nursing members , or the staff who will try to contact you by phone. As one nurse said they called me up and said “what do you think this is about???” wanting you to play a guessing game.
But sounded like you long lost “friend” beware. They are not trying to keep you working and work with you or level headed by any means. But when a complaint goes in unwarranted, they will do ANYTHING to take the nurse down. Because they are protecting one of their buddies in mgt at a hospital.

The Fall of Arizona Justice AZBN

In recent times there has been noted in many judicial situations that the well established injustices dumped upon the Arizona population has needed to be relieved by federal authorities. We’ve seen Joe Arpaio finally get heaved out of office with a possible jail term pending. Many would deem this event long over due; most honest medically knowledgeable individuals could easily accept the recent federal judgement against broadway Joe for allowing a non violent offender to be cuffed during the delivery of her baby, plus post partum. This type of abuse has a long history. The Courtney Bisbee case will soon be another devastating tragedy to the corruption pervasive through out Arizona. The Ducey adm and other leaders,  have sat by and let these events go their own way, which happens to be the next tier waiting to expose Arizona, again, as the leader of U.S. corrupted states. 

If fingerprint checks are done,  don’t be surprised to find Lyle Jeffs, with a different wig, as a board member on one of the regulartory agencies.

Welcome to Arizona, and you’re not standing on a corner in Winslow waiting for a girl driving a flat bed Ford truck. You could be, more than likely, waiting to go to jail for being a human being.