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We Write The Orders That Kill Real Nurses’ Careers

The general consensus in America is that justice is available, not when you are a nurse. The Administrative Law Court on Washington St. in Phoenix, Az. is one of many corporate captured agencies through out the state. A mild way of saying corrupted.

If you are a nurse and have been scheduled to have a hearing by the Adm Law Court chances are you refused any deals the AZBON has offered against your license from a complaint filed. Chances are you refused because its BS and false. Your case moves up the line to the Adm Court AKA ‘The Green Mile’. Its street name is basically because whatever the outcome, and only less than 1 % are dismissed, your nursing career is dead. Electrocuted, and chances are you are there because you probably were human and did the right thing.

Experiencing the Green Mile will be an extension of what you’ve already experienced during your settlement. So you already know about the intimidation, bullying, lying, and unprofessional control. When you enter the Green Mile you enter at an office managed by a constipated cougar secretary sitting in a room filled with stuffed heads of nurses hanging on the wall. If somebody shot this woman upon first meeting they should only be fined for delay.  Being directed to a chamber which will frequently be decorated with an armed guard, that is if youre a real nurse who stepped on a quacks’ money train, a queer psychologist, Banner Health Care, or simply reported poor patient safety concerns. The guard will often approach you with evidence in your case in a manner to let you know he has your number. So you better not step out of line. I say ‘he’ as we don’t know of any female guards; bad for the Mormon image. You’ll sit through an unusually long period, which we assume defines the AZBON reason for getting paid, describing your case and the presentation of witnesses and prosecutor statements that you may in fact have never heard before. The witnesses could be anybody from a defunct cop who beats his wife, a quack surgeon wearing a lopsided wig, a crooked wife,  an antiquated sibling who if she had as many needles sticking out of her as in her, she’d be a porcupine, a convicted felon speaking on a cell phone that nobody can understand. The parade makes gay pride day look like a Hollywood script.  The judge will over rule every objection you have, after he is shaken awake. The prosecutor will advise the judge with either revoked or probation with stipulations specifically over regulated and unrelated to any nurse practice act violation. Welcome to the Green Mile, you are about to be executed, and chances are you are a very good nurse. Why else would you be here?




If Lying Was An Olympian Sport The AZBON Would Be A Gold Medalist

Sunlight: Does Arizona Use Mental Health Providers to Abuse Nurses?

 This Was Composed A While Ago But Really And Truly Is So Valuable
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Sunlight Project- Post Cards

It’s a serious allegation, yes.

Yet I’ve received such reports from multiple sources. I’ve posted some of them on the Sunlight Project: Post Cards page. Others may be forthcoming later, depending on source wishes.

Two reports are consistent with others I cannot post at this time:

“… reports that AZBON demands nurses get a Psychiatric Evaluation from a BON-approved psychiatrist who will bill their insurance, which requires entering a diagnosis for the nurse in question. ‘Psych evals come in handy when there is not a Nurse Practice Act Violation. While the Az Nurses association allowed the BON to pass a law, that nurses/cnas that are ordered psych evals will receive unprofessional conduct if they refuse… they can fit it under, POTENTIAL to be mentally unfit,’ ” with loss of licensure, without any allegation of misconduct. Orwellian stuff.

“Maria Theresa Shaikh AZBON ordered psych eval by Dr Phillip Lett, who wrote: overall performance significantly below expectations given age, education & occupation – P. Lett writes this on all nurses he evaluates if sent by BON AZ. License revoked. They wrote “Respondent fully aware of legal rights.” How could that be if [above] were true?”

These allegations disturb me, given strong evidence of pervasive corruption throughout Arizona nursing regulation:

– Numerous allegations that Arizona Hospitals routinely seek loss of licensure for all nurses they fire regardless of the merit of their complaints,

– Numerous AZ BON members also work for the same employers filing complaints for their consideration, and/or work for the AZ Nursing Association,

– AZ BON provides anonymity to those who file complaints, while making public the identities of all nurses with active cases before the board,

– AZ BON commonly takes the better part of a year to process a case, leaving affected nurses unemployable during that time,

– Much other evidence suggests that Arizona nursing and other regulatory boards are remarkably corrupt and unaccountable.

As a result, in effect if not design, AZ BON apparently provides local employers a reliable and effective tool to harass, oppress, suppress, and bully nurses away from their ethical and legal responsibilities to advocate for patients and protect them from abuse and malpractice. Although I lack data to show who the worst abusers might be, the vast majority of complaints sent me have come from Yuma Regional Medical Center. I await their comment.

These new allegations, on top of all that already available, depict a safe and powerful means to smear nurses’ good names and end their careers without the need to show any misconduct. It allows employers to anonymously retaliate at will against any nurse at any time for any reason.

Take my advice, nurses.

At the least, consider it before you accept any work in Arizona – don’t do it. It’s not a safe or ethical work environment. Good work and a clean prior work record will not protect you there. Many nurses regret their choice to work there, even on a travel assignment. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Take my advice, patients of Arizona.

If at all possible, seek your health care out of state. Given such corruption and a nursing workforce so bullied into fearful silence, I cannot see how it can possibly be a safe place to receive care. Nurses are essential to edit and double-check physicians’ work and advocate for patients’ interests and wishes. They catch and prevent countless errors every day across America, many of them lethal. Even with such protection, hundreds of thousands of Americans die in hospitals every year. Without such protection, the possible results are terrifying. If at all possible, don’t take such a serious risk for your health and survival.

If any of you good folks have any information or comment to offer, I’m all ears.