A Seeing Eye Dog

healthcare-rightThis post becomes important to many of us who remain dismantled in the shadows of political monsters. The AZBON is not an agency that protects the public. It is a public threat and this post, as anonymous as it seemingly is, focuses on speaking up but from the shadows. This Real Nurse wanders around Phoenix waiting to strike out at the monsters who dismantled her, or him. It speaks to a now crumbling profession, and perhaps a crumbling industry itself. The general public, that can read and think is scared to death to use the health care system. 


To those who think “it wont happen to me ” or “there must be more to this story” or “i haven’t had a problem ” and think you will take a chance and go ahead and work in AZ as staff or traveler, after reading this site . All I can say is good luck. You are gambling with your career . In some cases with your life. Nurses have taken their lives after being stripped of their identity by this board. Anyone of us would never have chosen nursing as a career knowing what we know now. It is easy to sign up and take a job and not notice anything in plain site , and wonder , what were they talking about? everything appears normal. Behind the scene is another story. You may be working with one of the victims of this AZBON, and never know they have an issue . Most nurses will never tell you about it, because most nurse “think” if a nurse has a board complaint and the “prof bon ” took it as a investigation, certainly they would not if nothing to it, so they blame the victim the nurse who is wrongly accused. This is human nature, if you have a bad experience in any store or consumer, you will tell 7, if you have a good experience you will tell about 1/2 that. Spreading the bad word is _________________you tell me . As if the AZBON using their demeaning, humiliating, and criticized constantly isn’t enough for a caring nurse , the peers jump on board the badgering ship and shoot holes in it . Everyone taking care of themselves, but when it happens to them , who is there for them? Oh no , wont happen to me , think again. When we spend out volunteer time trying to warn others , we have watched and observed for years, please consider it , unless you don’t care about the endless hours of studying, the money spent, the sacrifice you made to get your license . The AZBON is wicked , and can cut off your livelihood without so much as hint of dismay. It is decided before you get there, they will side with a hospital over a nurse any day. You are disposable and they have heard all of the anguish nurses are in but they do not care. In fact I think they thrive on it .